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Defiant Straight Thug Shamus Gets Punished By Cruel Master

by on Mar.18, 2013, under BreederFuckers

Some hetero men are slow learners, and on top of it some of them are so arrogant that they think they can avoid the lessons at the correctional facility where Shamus found himself about 3 months ago.

Shamus is one such slow learner and he defiantly refuses to become obedient and obey all the commands from the more masculine men who train him. His Master Dave tied him up so that his ass hangs in the air and is exposed for further punishments.

His ass gets spanked and whipped so many times until it is red sore. His precious cock and balls are tied to a heavy weight so that they feel immobilized, and his foreskin is clamped open.

Shamus realizes he can’t move anywhere. Master Dave pushes his fingers deep inside Shamus’ asscrack and then shoves his hard dick straight into Shamus’ mouth.

Shamus has no other choice but to withstand this punishment, and what’s more he begs to suck more cock so that he can avoid some even greater punishment along the line. Dave suddenly releases his load and spunks Shamus’ entire pretty face with his jizz.


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