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Handsome Straight Venezuelan Dude Cesar Rossi Fucks Jace Chambers Nice & Hard

by on Oct.18, 2016, under BaitBuddies

Jace Chambers was a little short on cash so he decided to drop by our studio. He also felt his ass was itching to get fucked, and since that would have been his first time he felt Baitbuddies was the right place.

Caruso found a brand new talent – Cesar Rossi, a hot and handsome straight dude. He introduces Cesar to Jace. Cesar hails from Venezuela and is currently single, but he’s always wanted to try his luck in porn so here he is now. He is 29, 5’8” and weighs about 160 lbs. He’s a proud owner of a thick 7,5” uncut cock. He says he’s a very sexual guy and loves to fuck often.

Both guys work up an erection and are ready to go. Then director Caruso comes and breaks in the "bad news" about the missing girl and so on. After Caruso tells them about the alternative offer, the guys are thinking about it for some time and then decide that the double amount of money is an offer not to be passed by. Of course, Cesar bites the bullet and starts fucking Jace nice and hard!


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Bait Buddies is a pretty hot straight guy site with plenty of updates and some very hot guys indeed. There is always a “bait” dude who is bi or gay, and a straight (or sometimes “straight”) dude who needs to be seduced into gay sex.


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Beefy Hung Straight Dude Marc Fucks Austin’s Cute Eager Ass Hard & Deep

by on Aug.16, 2016, under BaitBuddies

Austin is a very cute and charming boy from Kentucky. He volunteered to be our new bait boy. He is 30 years old, weighs 165 pounds, has brown eyes, brown hair and possesses that typical Southern charm that usually has disarming effects. Austin likes straight guys and prefers to be fucked by them than by gay guys, and today we found something special for him.

Our new straight guy’s name is Marc. We introduced Marc to Austin and you can tell that Austin was totally into Marc from the get go. It seems that Austin was determined to deliver a great performance for our straight boy so that he doesn’t miss his girlfriend so much (who is back home and has no clue were Marc went today).

Marc is a big and beefy dude. He is 5’9”, weighs 200 pounds and brags about his ability to throw a mean fuck for any girl that crosses his path! Well, Austin was certainly pleased when he heard that. Caruso then throws in his usual story about the missing girl, and then offers the guys the double amount of money if they agree to have sex with each other. After some nervous laughing and debating, Marc decides to give it a try. Austin, of course, concedes instantly and is happy as a little bunny.

Without wasting any more time, Austin grabs Marc’s cock and starts jacking it off. But, it’s pretty thick and he has to use both his hands all the way around! Marc stands up and suddenly Austin swallows his cock in one go! Austin gasps for air, but that cock is much more interesting and he just can’t take it out of his throat. Then the guys stand next to each other and we have a little sword fight while they’re rubbing their hard pulsating dicks together.

Marc becomes interested in Austin’s tight little ass and starts fingering it, getting it ready and relaxed for his big thick cock. Obviously, Marc loves to fuck ass! He pushes Austin down on the couch and rims his ass. Then he puts on the condom and some lube, and shoves his cock deep inside Austin’s hole. That’s when the pounding begins.


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Bait Buddies is a pretty hot straight guy site with plenty of updates and some very hot guys indeed. There is always a “bait” dude who is bi or gay, and a straight (or sometimes “straight”) dude who needs to be seduced into gay sex.


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Beefy Ripped Straight Dude Saxon Fucks Handsome Latin Boy Javier

by on Apr.16, 2016, under BaitBuddies

Javier is a hot, handsome gay boy who recently turned 21 and I think he looks better than ever. He’s got a nice, fit body and a very large 7-inch uncut cock to match. The casting director interviews Javier in the beginning and we learn from it that the main plan of the day is to seduce the main straight boy – Saxon – into having sex with Javier.

Saxon is a beefy, rough-looking straight dude who loves to strut his stuff. He’s very muscular, with big pecs, strong legs and a really strong bubble butt. He works out five days a week, so it’s no wonder he looks like a fucking tank. Saxon is a proud owner of a 8-inch hard cock, which we first see during the so-called "boner test" when both boys were instructed to whip it out and get hard. Javier’s cock was hard as soon as he took it out, and Saxon watched some pussy porn playing on the DVD and got rock hard not long after that.

As the usual story goes, the promised girl that these boys were supposed to fuck doesn’t show up, and then they’re offered double the money to have sex with each other. Saxon is very reluctant and says he could never have sex with another dude, so Caruso tries to explain that if girls can do it with girls all the time, it’s no big deal if guys try the same thing, if nothing else then for the sake of experiment. Saxon finally remembers that he has some bills to pay, so this easy cash will come in handy!

The guys start stroking each other’s hard cocks. It seems Saxon was just totally confused when he was confronted with Javier’s cock. It seems his whole experience was surreal to him, but eventually he manages to receive his first gay blowjob, hooray! Saxon is then instructed to return the favor and he sucks Javier’s dick in exchange for Javier’s skillful blowjob. Next, the guys stand up and start comparing each other’s cocks. There’s also a bit of frotting action here. The guys then kiss each other and make out a little bit.

Saxon is now intrigued by Javier’s tight little butt and starts inspecting it. Little by little it becomes evident that he wants to fuck that ass real bad! He puts on a rubber and shoves his 8 inches right inside in one push. Saxon fucks his newly found buddy pretty hard in several positions, and eventually he makes Javier shoot a big load all over himself. Saxon then pulls out and adds his load which splatters all over Javier’s chest and neck. The guys head to the shower and then we can listen to their impressions in the "After the Shoot" interview.


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Bait Buddies is a pretty hot straight guy site with plenty of updates and some very hot guys indeed. There is always a “bait” dude who is bi or gay, and a straight (or sometimes “straight”) dude who needs to be seduced into gay sex.


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Hot Hung Marine Carson Fucks His Long Time Buddy Austin Hard & Deep

by on Apr.01, 2016, under BaitBuddies

Austin is a former Marine who found director Caruso through the contact form on Caruso’s website. Austin claims to be straight, but he says he has experimented with other guys a few times, and that he has this crazy idea that involves his old buddy who is also straight. Austin says he loves to fuck pussy the most and that most of his sexual romps included pussy fucking, but that there were also a few times he sucked another guy’s cock, and that he got fucked. He tells Caruso about his longtime friend, Carson. The two guys met in the marines during basic training and they used to spend their time together in a real bromance-type way: cruising the bars and looking for hot chicks to fuck. These two guys had some threesomes where they would find some free bar slut and fuck her hard until she couldn’t even walk without staggering anymore.

However, they had never had sex with each other, or anything sexual for that matter. The "gayest" thing that they participated in was a certain circle jerk contest that they often did in the Marines, with other marines of course. Caruso wanted to know if they would be fine with a circlejerk now, to which Austin replied "it is what it is".

In any case, Austin says he’s always been eager to know how it feels to have sex with another dude, and what better choice than his longtime buddy Carson. So Caruso instructed Austin to sign his buddy up on the site and that they would be ready to go.

In order for Carson to fully understand what is expected of them to do today Caruso explains about the circlejerk action, as a kind of introduction to man to man action. Carson was a little reluctant but since Austin said that it doesn’t really matter anything he decided to go with it anyway. After all, it will bring in a lot more money than the movie with a girl. So the guys are told to get naked and get their cocks hard. Nice view of these two hot ex-soldiers sitting next to each other with hard cocks in their hands. Carson’s got a very nice muscled chest, strong legs and a nice ass too. His cock is quite nice and big. Austin is, on the other hand, beefier and also has great legs and a really big dick. After doing the measurements with the tape it turned out that Carson’s cock is 7 inches long, and Austin’s no less than 9 inches!

The guys are standing next to each other face to face and they keep taking off each other’s clothes until they’re both naked. "This is weird" says Carson. "Awkward" replies Austin. They stroke each other’s cocks and then Austin gets on his knees and starts servicing his friend’s hard dick. Austin is still a newbie about this, you can tell that by his sucking only the cockhead of his buddy’s dick, but he’s really enthusiastic about it, which is a definite plus. The guys then kiss each other and that felt also "pretty awkward" but also pretty hot, if you ask us. Knowing that they are long time friends makes the scene look much hotter and sexier.

Now it’s Carson’s turn to reciprocate and he half-enthusiastically gets on his knees and sucks Austin’s cock, going a few inches deeper than what Austin could. These straight guys seem to be obsessed by what their mates might think about them doing this, so they keep repeating the "it’s weird" and "awkward" as if they need to explain themselves. Well, anyway. Sooner or later the cultural conditioning has to give way to the call of mother nature and the guys usually realize it’s not so bad after all. That’s how even straight guys realize that guys can give better blowjobs!

Caruso intercepts their little heavenly blowjob exchange by saying abruptly, "Somebody has to get fucked", and Austin promptly submits his application because he says that when his girlfriends finger his ass it usually feels good. "I gotta fuck you" agrees Carson. Carson starts treating Austin’s ass as an ass of some cheap whore and slaps it with his hand. He adds, "it’s a football" ass that he’s seen so many times over the years while he played football with Austin. Carson says Austin’s ass is "big and muscular" and hence the name. He puts a rubber on his erect cock and puts on some lube. Austin wants to ride it like a cowboy first and sits on it. This position proved to be too painful for Austin and he had to put more lube on it. After all, Carson’s cock is pretty huge. Caruso made a suggestion that maybe it would be better if he just lied down on the bed and let Carson fuck him missionary style which is supposed to be less painful. And this proved to be a wise move because Austin’s painful worries soon gave way to feelings of intense pleasure as his buddy Carson plowed his tight straight ass.

The guys soon come close to the edge and we can see Austin stroking his cock while Carson is plowing his ass. Austin shoots his load, and Carson continues to fuck him until he can’t contain the seed eruption. He pulls out and shoots a nice load as well. In the "After the Shoot" interview Caruso informs Carson that Austin has  little confession to make. Of course, this whole thing was a set up by Austin who wanted to make an experiment and see how it is to have sex with your long time friend. He already had had sex with other guys and the whole idea of having sex with his long time buddy just proved too attractive an idea to pass. Carson’s response was, as we would say, "priceless".


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Bait Buddies is a pretty hot straight guy site with plenty of updates and some very hot guys indeed. There is always a “bait” dude who is bi or gay, and a straight (or sometimes “straight”) dude who needs to be seduced into gay sex.


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Burly Beefy Straight Dude Luke Ewing Fucks A Guy (Scott Riley) For The First Time

by on Mar.20, 2016, under BaitBuddies

Scott Riley is an old friend of ours. This blue-eyed muscular jock never misses an opportunity to seduce a new straight guy and enjoy his cock. Well, this time the main director had a special surprise for Scott and paired him with big, burly Luke Ewing.

Luke is 36 years old, 5’10” tall and packs about 180 pounds of beefy muscles on his body. Let’s not forget his 7,5” (19 cm) thick cock, which complements his beefy physique perfectly.

After the mythical girl doesn’t show up, Scott decides to take care of our new straight noob and show him the ropes, so to speak. This was Luke’s first experience with another guy, but since he had such a great teacher, the effects were more than satisfactory, and we were treated to a great, passionate fuck session.


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Click here to watch their complete video in HD quality at Bait Buddies!

Bait Buddies is a pretty hot straight guy site with plenty of updates and some very hot guys indeed. There is always a “bait” dude who is bi or gay, and a straight (or sometimes “straight”) dude who needs to be seduced into gay sex.


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Straight Boy Scott’s First Time – Plows Gay Boy Owen’s Tight Ass Hard & Deep

by on Mar.07, 2016, under BaitBuddies

Owen is a newcomer in this porn business and this is his first time to be in front of the camera. He has some friends who previously participated on Baitbuddies, and that’s how he got interested for this whole thing. Owen’s big fantasy and fetish is to have sex with truly straight guys. He says there’s a level of uncertainty, challenge and mystery that makes the whole thing worthwhile, as opposed to just regular sex with gay dudes.

At 6 feet and with 175lbs of hard muscled and hairy body Owen looks pretty good, just as you’d expect your porn actor to look like actually. Luckily, casting director Caruso knew a perfect match for Owen – a certain straight jock who was all too eager to fuck some pussy and goes by the name of Scott. Scott is a total cutie – he’s got a well-built athletic body and his face oozes with cuteness. Scott’s dick is almost as big as Owen’s, to be more exact it’s about 7,5 inches of nice hard manmeat.

As you’d expect from a straight dude, Scott was totally obsessed with that promised pussy (that never arrived). After the initial interview, the boys are instructed to get their dicks hard, so as to ensure that they can maintain erection for the main part of the video with the girl.  Scott often brags about the fact that he used to be in a three way before, for instance once he fucked his slutty college roommate’s girlfriend together with that mate of his.

Owen is spellbound by Scott and his eyes seem to be glued to Scott’s hard cock. Once the boys are given the bad news about the girl that won’t be coming, they are told that they would get double the money if they agree to have sex with each other. Scott is very reluctant at first, and doesn’t like the idea at all… "I don’t know if I can do that… I’m not going to let a guy suck my dick". Well, so many straight guys have said the same thing and then loved the expert blowjobs given to them by gay guys. Although Scott is reluctant, he notices that Owen is up for it and the promised money sounds nice, too, so eventually he agrees. Soon enough we can watch Owen stroking Scott’s hard cock while Scott looks totally confused, but not in a bad way.

In the end Scott lets things go their own way and doesn’t impose a direction on events any more… he seems to like what Owen is doing to his cock. Owen grabs Scott’s cock and pulls it over and onto his own cock – now that’s a sight to behold: two really big, thick cocks one on top of another! Scott instinctively reaches for Owen’s cock and strokes it a bit. Now as we say here, there’s a first time for everything and Scott is learning the lesson about stroking his buddy’s cock.

Within minutes we can see Owen on his knees and sucking Scott’s hard meat like a sex obsessed maniac. Owen really likes Scott and his cock and soon enough the boys switch into a passionate and erotic blowjob session. Caruso tells the boys to stand up so they can compare their erect dicks. Scott is certainly bigger than Owen, and perhaps even bigger than what he told Caruso in the introductory email. His cock has to be at least 8 inches, and it’s really fat and of imposing size overall! Owen couldn’t resist to kiss Scott, which made Scott laugh a little, but then they both kind of liked it and proceeded to kiss passionately. Scott now strokes Owen’s leg without much thinking, and when he finally realizes what he’s doing he immediately stops. How funny!

Caruso then tells Scott to give cocksucking a try and practice on Owen’s dick a little bit. Scott is hesitant at first, but then says to himself, "what the hell I can do it"! He slowly swallows Owen’s big fuck stick and starts sucking. He managed to swallow at least a half of it, which isn’t bad for a beginner. Owen’s cock liked the attention and remained rock hard throughout the session.

Scott previously told Caruso that he likes butt play and likes to fuck his girlfriends in the ass. So it shouldn’t be such a big leap forward for Scott to take advantage of Owen’s super tight asshole. He bends Owen over, lubes his cock and after hearing Owen’s plea to be gentle ("go a little easy, it’s not like a pussy"), he finally shoves his dick into Owen’s eager ass. Owen could only say, "that’s a big dick!" and moan a lot. Scott fucks like a pro, without saying much, but after some time he starts fucking Owen’s ass really hard. That ass certainly got its fair share of hard fucking from Scott. Scott remains silent throughout the shoot.

Owen then turns on his back and Scott plows his ass in that position for a while. It’s hot to see how Scott always penetrates Owen easily, despite his huge cock. Again, Scott plows that ass pretty hard and Owen could only stroke his cock in the same rhythm as Scott’s relentless thrusts. Soon enough, though, Owen is close to cumming and says "I’m gonna cum" and shoots his load all over his stomach, the couch and even onto his hand. He moans and groans and looks at his straight lover with eager eyes. Scott continues to fuck him relentlessly for some more time, then he pulls out and strokes his dick. Owen wants to get a nice facial and tells his fuck buddy, "I want it all over my face". Owen positions his face in front of Scott’s cock and awaits to get plastered all over his face. Scott finally unleashes his torrent of jizz and shoots several big squirts of hot cum straight into Owen’s wide open mouth. Owen swallows most of it, as every cocksucker should do!


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Bait Buddies is a pretty hot straight guy site with plenty of updates and some very hot guys indeed. There is always a “bait” dude who is bi or gay, and a straight (or sometimes “straight”) dude who needs to be seduced into gay sex.


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Sexy Straight Kansas Boy Blake Plows Braxton’s Willing Tight Hole

by on Feb.12, 2016, under BaitBuddies

Blake is a hot and brand new straight newcomer who comes across as a typical redneck boy with plenty of attitude and great looks. This blue-eyed straight boy is fit but slender, and has one of the biggest cocks we’ve seen in a while. His tool measures no less than 9 inches of solid manmeat, and he loves to use it on sexy girls. His favorite type of girl is a slutty, easy-going chick that will give him her pussy any time he wants it. He prides himself as having lots of sex, with plenty of chicks. So he thought to himself, why not cash in on his ability to fuck chicks and try his luck in porn!

Speaking of slutty, our other dude for today Braxton certainly does fit into the description. He told us his usual day these days consists of sleeping, eating and having lots and lots of sex – every day. He’s especially fond of bathhouse orgies. He felt a little worn out today, but when he saw Blake’s massive, rock-hard dick that swayed to and fro in all its 9-inch glory, he knew he just had to have it in his ass.

As we hear the interview with the boys, we find out that Blake has had some financial difficulties with his car, he needs to get it out of the tow lot, and he needs money badly. As it usually happens with these boys, the conversation switches to sexual things pretty quickly and Blake has a chance to brag about his huge cock. Our casting director Caruso is curious to find out when it was exactly when Blake realized he had a really big dick. Blake tells us a story when he was in junior high school, his physical education teacher told his mom that her son really needed some different underwear because his cock was dangling and shaking all over the place, which made other kids feel uneasy. Luckily, Blake didn’t even hear about that story of his ex gym teacher until much later (when he was already 17) and thus it didn’t cause him any psychological issues or embarrassment. When he finally did hear about it, it didn’t cause embarrassment but quite the opposite – he felt proud that his gym teacher thought his endowment was much over the average.

Blake told us that he took a "blue pill" before this shoot just to make sure that he could stay hard, because after all he’s not a professional porn actor. So Blake’s cock really does stay rock-hard throughout the entire shoot, and it certainly had a significant effect on Braxton’s cock which remained equally hard. After the usual story with the missing girl, the guys are offered twice the cash to have sex with each other. Double the amount of money is something that’s not easily refused, and – even though Blake hoped to fuck some pussy today, one can’t have all! After all, money is good and he really needed it for his car.

In the next scene, the boys are stroking each other’s hard cocks, and you can tell that Braxton is eager to wrap his lips around that Blake’s monster. He gets down on his knees and worships Blake’s fantastic big erect cock as if it were some kind of deity. Blake seems to like what Braxton is doing to his cock. After all, no girl can ever approach a guy’s cock with such reverence and deep care as another dude. Blake then solemnly announces "I’m not getting fucked!". That’s not what Caruso had in mind in the first place, anyway… Blake is supposed to be the top. After he was assured his ass would never be penetrated by anyone’s cock, Blake agrees to return the favor to Braxton as far as the blowjob is concerned. He gets on his knees and gives Braxton a nice, albeit awkward blowjob. Considering it was his very first time to suck another guy’s hard cock, I’d say Blake did a good job, although Braxton thought he deserved only a "C" grade. Practice makes perfect, and we hope Blake will improve his cocksucking skills.

Next up, Braxton’s hole is oiled up and he gets on his back with his legs widely spread apart. Then our Kansas boy wants to show us what he’s made of, and he can finally use his cock. Blake plows Braxton’s tight little hole with wild abandon in several positions. Braxton is happy as a puppy with Blake’s 9 inches of hard man meat in his ass, and he moans and groans a lot. Braxton really enjoyed this wild fucking and later told us it was "awesome". Braxton plays with Blake’s nipples and strokes his cock until Blake rewards him with a big load that splatters all over his chest.


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Bait Buddies is a pretty hot straight guy site with plenty of updates and some very hot guys indeed. There is always a “bait” dude who is bi or gay, and a straight (or sometimes “straight”) dude who needs to be seduced into gay sex.


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Handsome Hung Stud Dylan Knight Plows Scott Riley’s Eager Ass Hard & Deep

by on Jan.12, 2016, under BaitBuddies

This particular video represents a little something different when it comes to Baitbuddies. Namely, their members often send messages and pictures of themselves, or with some straight guys which they either met in real life, or just fantasize about.

One such message was received relatively recently, its author said that he’s been fantasizing about Scott Riley for quite some time, lustfully of course, and was curious to see how Scott would handle a hottie such as Dylan Knight! Caruso was happy to help with that, because he had recently been involved in a casting job where he came across someone who knew Dylan. But there was a little problem. Namely, Dylan usually plays a top, and since a straight guy shouldn’t get fucked on his first scene anywhere (Dylan says he’s straight, but I’d say take it with a pinch of salt), we had to think about some other option.

So, when director Caruso asked Dylan if he would like to fuck Scott Riley’s ass, Dylan immediately agreed, adding "best ass I think I’ve ever seen."

So Dylan changed his travel plans here and there and soon arrived at Ft Lauderdale because fucking Scott Riley’s ass sounded much more interesting than any other travel destination. Scott was equally happy to hear that Dylan was eager to fuck his arse! He kept going through the whole fantasy, imagining Dylan’s 9-inch dick plowing his little tight and always insatiable ass… and that’s how it happened. Both guys are real hotties, and the sex is scorching hot!

There’s also an "After the shoot" interview where we get to hear the guys’ opinions and impressions while they’re taking a shower.


Preview video:

Click here to watch their complete video in HD quality at Bait Buddies!

Bait Buddies is a pretty hot straight guy site with plenty of updates and some very hot guys indeed. There is always a “bait” dude who is bi or gay, and a straight (or sometimes “straight”) dude who needs to be seduced into gay sex.


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Handsome Hung Straight Dude Jimmy Bangs Willing Bait Boy Scott Riley

by on Dec.13, 2015, under BaitBuddies

Scott Riley decided to try his luck as our new bait boy. He’s a cross fit trainer, very outgoing and physical. He plays a lot of sports, is always on the move and has had sex with many straight guys so far. He says that when he’s playing sports, it’s pretty easy to approach straight dudes and offer something "extra", something that they don’t get every day. Scott says that when he behaves manly, similar to the typical straight guy behavior, straight men don’t perceive him as "gay", but more like their equal, and when he proposes sex, they don’t take it as something "gay" but more like an invitation to experiment a bit.

Jimmy is our brand new straight dude for today! He is 5’11” tall, with toned slender body and very high sex drive. Our director Caruso was eager to know how Jimmy maintains his fit figure, and Jimmy responded that it is his "natural metabolism". He’s pretty lucky to have such an efficient metabolism, don’t you think. Jimmy is also a very lucky owner of a beautiful dick that measures at least eight and a half inches.

During the introductory interview, we find out that Jimmy actually hails from North Carolina, so he’s a total country boy! About a year ago Jimmy moved to Ft Lauderdale because he likes the warm weather and wonderful beaches here. As soon as he mentioned beaches to us, we pictured him almost naked, wearing only his swimming trunks and showing off his hot body for us.

Jimmy says that gay guys often stalk him and make advances at him in gym showers. He admits that he did look at some of these gay dudes with desire, but that nothing came out of it eventually. Well, it’s high time to change that! Caruso asked Jimmy if he would be in the mood to try something with another guy, and he said "maybe". Both guys quickly get their cocks hard, and then there’s the usual story about the girl who didn’t show up. The guys are offered double the amount if they agree to have sex with each other.

Scott notices that Jimmy’s cock got soft while they were talking about the missing girl, and quickly grabs it with his hand it in an attempt to wake it up. Jimmy is dismissive and rejects Scott’s helping hand… but after a few moments he changes his mind and lets Scott do his thing. Jimmy seems to be impressed by Scott’s sizeable cock and muscular body and begins to check out his hot chest, stomach and arms. This was actually the first time that Jimmy touched another guy’s body in sexual way, and I am pretty sure he enjoyed every second of it.

Scott is eager to finally swallow Jimmy’s sizeable dick and, damn, did it disappear in his mouth and throat! It seems as if Scott lived for this moment – to swallow that big cock and deliver the best blowjob that Jimmy had gotten in his entire life! Then it’s Jimmy’s turn to return the favor. Luckily for him, Scott’s cock is of average size, so he had the opportunity to practice easily. The guys also kiss each other, and it becomes obvious that Jimmy begins to like his first guy-on-guy encounter.

Scott finally offers his inviting bubble butt to Jimmy, and Jimmy shoves his 8,5-inch cock right into it. Jimmy is not very gentle and plows Scott’s ass without much mercy! Scott likes this aggressive attitude and yells "fuck me harder!" Jimmy’s fuck style is pretty hot, it’s quite aggressive and fiery. The guys continue to kiss each other while Jimmy is fucking that tight hole like a madman. Eventually, it’s time for the boys to shoot their loads. Jimmy pulls out and shoots a big load all over Scott’s stomach. Scott then follows suit and strokes his cock until he, too, dumps his load.


Preview video:

Click here to watch their complete video in HD quality at Bait Buddies!

Bait Buddies is a pretty hot straight guy site with plenty of updates and some very hot guys indeed. There is always a “bait” dude who is bi or gay, and a straight (or sometimes “straight”) dude who needs to be seduced into gay sex.


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Ripped, Hung Redneck Stud Darin Fucks Beefy Bodybuilder Brayden Hard & Deep

by on Nov.26, 2015, under BaitBuddies

Brayden is a beefy, muscular stud and this is his third appearance on this site. This time round, he comes as a more seasoned, experienced of the two guys and will play the bait. He is only 27 and just when he started out his porn career, his mind was filled with the desire to fuck some hot Latina pussy, thus putting his thick 8-inch monster cock to good use. My, my… how things have changed! Instead of hot Latina pussies, he’s more interested in fucking other guys these days, although pussy still remains in his sphere of interest. It turns out that Brayden really liked sex with guys, so much so in fact that he told the casting director he would like to repeat the experience. Brayden then brought Zaq, whom he described as "a gay training client", but it turned out that Zaq is actually straight as an arrow, despite his metrosexual looks. Zaq fucked Brayden very nice and hard, and I suspect Brayden liked that even more than topping guys. I suspect that Brayden and Zaq met each other at least once again after the shoot, to repeat the experience!

Brayden understands that he’s not a newbie anymore and that that has its perks, such as, he can be a bait and lure some new straight guy into giving gay sex a try. Unsurprisingly, Brayden is very much into this idea. Brayden is especially into having sex with other straight guys because, as he explains it, straight guys find gay sex so new, and the whole thing can be more exciting. Additionally, Brayden thinks that straight men are more masculine and tough, which is a further turn-on for him. Brayden’s perfect guy should have plenty of hard muscles and be tough and rough, emanating masculinity all around himself. Well, we knew that Darin would fit the bill perfectly!

Darin is a bodybuilder with beautiful, deep blue eyes and big fat 7,5-inch dick. Darin grew up in Kentucky, although he’s originally from Miami, but this combo does make him a bit of a redneck, which is just how we like ’em. His body is impeccably muscular and his muscles are hard and strong and ripped. However, his mindset leans more toward conservative views. So for instance, when the casting director asked him whether he had ever filmed himself fucking some girl (amateur video), he was flabbergasted to have even heard such a question… he would never do such a thing. Furthermore, it seems that Darin is not quite aware of how good he looks, he appears to be only partially conscious of his sexual appeal, which of course makes for a perfect amateur porn actor.

Darin himself thinks that he will make a good porn actor because his sex drive is always high and he would like to fuck women all day long, if he ever got that chance. So the casting director tells the boys to take off their clothes and soon enough they’re both butt naked and with a raging hard-on. When both boys are fully empowered and hard, the casting director brings the "sad news" about the missing girl. As the screenplay usually goes in these cases, a double amount of money is offered, and the boys can hardly refuse such a generous offer. After all, the erect dick looks inviting and strangely enticing, even if you’re a straight man. Dorin is still struggling with it, though, and says "Oh man! I don’t know about that one!". The casting director and Brayden work together to persuade him into giving it a try. His sexuality or straightness is not going to be put into question – it’s just for the money. And straight guys like money like anyone else, especially if they have a money-greedy girlfriend!

By this time, from all the philosophical (ha!) discussion in the room, Darin’s cock is already limp , so Brayden comes to its rescue and provides an instant handjob. Brayden takes Dorin’s hand and puts it onto his cock (sometimes you just have to show them step by step, wink wink). Brayden’s handjob doesn’t appear to do much for Darin’s cock, though. Brayden knows full well what is expected of him now, he must get on his knees and suck that man’s cock and bring it to life! Pay attention to Darin’s face expressions while he is getting his first gay blowjob, it’s priceless. In case you didn’t notice, Brayden is an inborn, talented cocksucker whose skills are far above the average. Then the two guys kiss each other, which is an especially interesting and crucial stage because, just as we expected, that’s the point where our big straight boy Darin literally melted into that kiss with Brayden. Something clicked in Darin’s mind and from that point onwards, there was a pure sexual passion between these two. Darin even starts to massage and caress Brayden’s ripped body, which I suspect is something that every man, regardless of sexual orientation, would like to check out: how another dude’s body feels like when touched and caressed sensually. And also probably there’s a question: how do girls experience a man’s ripped body when in bed. Nothing wrong with all those questions, the male sexuality is more fluid than what people usually think.

Darin is then instructed to give it a try and suck Brayden’s cock a little. Darin hesitates a little, but then gets on his knees and takes it in his mouth. Brayden’s cock is pretty big – more than 8 inches of thick hard male meat, and considering this size Darin did pretty well.

Now it’s time for Brayden’s asshole to get a well-deserved stretching! Darin didn’t think twice before shoving his cock deep into that ass. Darin penetrates it in one go and starts fucking Brayden mercilessly with his big rod pretty fast and deep. For Darin it was like fucking a cheap whore, pushing it harder and deeper inside. Brayden screamed and moaned like a madman getting his first big dick. The guys change position and now Darin takes Brayden’s legs and pushes them into air, then penetrates him from above.  Damn these country boys really know how to fuck an ass, don’t they!

Within minutes Brayden screams "you’re going to make me cum quick!" and that’s just how it happened. After a few moments Brayden can’t hold it any longer and shoots a rather copious load all over his body. Brayden encourages his buddy to finish the job and fuck him until he cums too. It seems Darin didn’t even need this suggestion, because he kept ramming his big cock into that ass without letting down. He removes the condom and shoots his load which hits Braden all over his body. Darin was so blown away by this orgasm that he told us "he almost came a second time". Well, who would have thought that! Another great straight boy experiences the joys of man-on-man sex, and it didn’t feel wrong either!


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Bait Buddies is a pretty hot straight guy site with plenty of updates and some very hot guys indeed. There is always a “bait” dude who is bi or gay, and a straight (or sometimes “straight”) dude who needs to be seduced into gay sex.


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