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Aggressive Fucker Sage Daniels Fucks Preston Hard & Raw

by on May.30, 2013, under Bareback That Hole

Sage Daniels is a hot, very masculine and very hung man. He is chilling on his bed one morning and thinking about how he could have some fun with his buddy Preston, who was sleeping next to him after yesterday’s drunken party.

Preston understands Sage’s call of lust and reaches for his huge, stiff cock. Sage enjoys his buddy’s warm mouth around his hard tool and gets hornier every second while he’s thinking about nailing his weapon deep inside Preston’s tight ass.

Sage gives some oral preparation to Preston’s ass crack to prepare it properly for his penetrating cock. Sage inserts his raw dick inside Preston’s ass and gives him a long, passionate ride, cowboy style. It’s becoming quite overwhelming for Preston because Sage is fucking him with such force that there is no way stopping him. Preston is fully opened to his man, though. Sage continues to pound him really hard and just nails that stiff dick of his deep inside Preston’s ass. With his every thrust Sage seems to become even more aggressive.

Evenutally, Sage fucks the cum out of Preston and we can see Preston shooting his milk all over himself. Sage wants to show appreciation for this epic cumshot and takes some of it to taste and swallow. However, Sage is not over with Preston, and he continues to fuck him raw until he shoots his load deep inside Preston’s ass. Sage breeds Preston really deep and shoves it in again and again.

The two men kiss each other after this amazing fucking, they are all sweaty and smell of cum and testosterone. Just pure mansex, what’s wrong with having it from time to time, even if you’re straight (or “straight”)?


Preview video:

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Rugged & Hung Stud Dirk Berger Nails Young Twink Lucas Davidson

by on Jan.09, 2013, under HardBritLads

This is a very passionate fuck scene with highly sexually charged and ruggedly handsome Dirk and horny, cute young twink Lucas Davidson.

Both men have exceptionally large uncut cocks and as soon as we put them together they started to feast on each other’s hard boner. Blowjobs come naturally with such a big endowment I guess, you just can’t resist getting it into your mouth.

Dirk’s cock is so stiff and straight that it always points straight into the sky, while Lucas’ dick is semi-hard and looks like a thick snake inside his pants. First the jerk each other off a bit, but then Lucas gets down on his knees and takes Dirk’s monster in his mouth.

Lucas began to suck it slowly, but Dirk is an aggressive dude and soon enough we see him shoving Lucas’ head onto his rod, essentially face-fucking him.

Dirk provided a very long, wet rimming to Lucas before sticking his weapon deep inside his ass. This helped Lucas relax and accommodate Dirk’s considerable fuck stick, but there were still some problems along the way. I mean, it’s so damn huge, who wouldn’t feel at least some pain?

Dirk fucked Lucas in three positions, each of which I found pretty hot. There was real chemistry between the two guys and you can feel it in the video. I particularly liked Dirk’s aggressiveness and almost crude "fuck-machine" attitude, it’s so macho and hot.

Lucas kept his white sport socks, so for you socks lovers there’s something interesting here for sure!

The scene in which Lucas is on his back with his legs wide apart, while Dirk is on his knees and fucks Lucas. Dirk takes Lucas’ foot (with the white sock) and sniffs it while still fucking Lucas’ ass. Dirk kept this position to the very end, and found the proper rhythm.

When he was close, Dirk pulled out, took off the condom and moved to Lucas’ mouth. Lucas got really horned-up from this and a few seconds later we see him shooting his load. Dirk gets inspired by the sight of Lucas’ erupting dick and shoots his load in several big and forceful squirts. It was a great cumshot, so I had to show it twice (second time in slow motion – in the full version only).


Preview video:

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Hard Brit Lads!

Hard Brit Lads is a relatively new porn site that features only the most masculine and well-built straight and bisexual guys showing off and fucking the shit out of each other. The videos are well-made and shot in HD. Don’t miss out lots of amazing, manly men!


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EricVideos – Dirty Aggressive Fucker Peto Coast Fills Enzo’s Ass With His Cum

by on Dec.24, 2012, under EricVideos

Peto was coming home from the downtown, it was an early morning and he was so damn horny. Peto’s big dick started getting hard even while he was walking down the street wearing his alpha trackies and manly spitfire jacket. Peto was looking forward to getting home and beating his dick so he could let off some steam.

While he was getting to his room, a new neighbor saw Peto stroking his big tool. Enzo got horny the same second he set his eyes upon that Peto’s huge fuck stick. However, soon enough Peto noticed Enzo and didn’t let him run away. The dirty voyeur had to pay for his inquisitiveness and for being a little dirty spy.

Peto fucked Enzo raw and extremely hard. He pounded that ass from many positions and stretched Enzo’s hole beyond recognition. Eventually Peto shot his big load straight in Enzo’s ass, filling him up to the brim. The cumshot was so copious that it started to come out and drip down. Enzo certainly got the breeding of his life.


Preview video:

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Ericvideos is a fantastic porn site for the lovers of extreme hardcore and bareback fucking! It features fresh, new and very masculine men from all over the world. This is no ordinary porn site, it is especially made for the real connoisseurs of masculinity and raw bareback sex. It has hundreds of high-quality videos in HD.


Warning about unprotected (bareback) sex!

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Chaosmen – Haigan Fucks Jet Extremely Hard & Raw

by on Dec.09, 2012, under Chaosmen

Haigan is a natural bossy top. He can get quite aggressive when unleashed on a bottom guy, so I had to keep a close eye on him.

On the other hand, Jet is a natual-born bottom and likes to be dominated in a rough fashion. I’m pretty sure he loved everything that Haigan did to him during the filming of this video, including gagging on Haigan’s big dick, getting fucked very aggressively and even some bondage action.

Haigan has a sort of strength that only the best tops have, such as relentless persistence. When he starts to fuck an ass, he just keeps on fucking harder and harder and manhandling the bottom guy as if he were a doll. Several times during earlier shoots Haigan got so aggressive that I actually had to stop filming the scene because I was worried how the bottoms would handle all that. But today it was a perfect balance of hard fucking and enjoyment. I think Jet got quite horny due to the bondage action as well.

I also loved watching Jet gagging on Haigan’s hard cock deep in his throat. The poor sod tried to put as much of that cock in his mouth until the tears started to run down his face. Priceless.

Haigan used the opportunity and did some pushups while he was fucking Jet’s ass. I think we can agree that Jet looks absolutely amazing and in top shape. His muscles are just about perfect. He works up a sweat from this workout.

Haigan also used a new toy which we called Ass Tunnel. Haigan fucked Jet until Jet came. Then Haigan puts the buttplug into Jet’s ass and shoots his own load. All the cum gets inserted properly into Jet’s ass, I think this buttplug is quite useful and will come in handy in future shoots!


Preview video:

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Chaosmen is a great porn site that features hot straight and bi men getting serviced or fucking their mates bareback for some cash. This site is exceptional and very unique because almost every single fucking is bareback and ends with gorgeous internal cumshot or creampie.


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Broke Straight Boys – Merciless Top Spencer Todd Nails Willing Anthony

by on Oct.08, 2012, under Broke Straight Boys

Anthony is a well-known fuck whore who can never get enough of man’s cock. Whenever you see him you can bet that his both holes will be stuffed by some hard cock.

Today we see him blowing someone’s cock (and we still can’t make out whose cock it is), but slowly as the camera pulls away we see that it’s Spencer aka "Red Rocket" Todd!

"Holy shit," Anthony murmurs while he’s choking on that huge ginger cock. Spencer oozes a lot of precum and it fills Anthony’s mouth and throat. However, Anthony doesn’t get distracted by this but continues to service his partner, who is also extremely horny and doesn’t even think about stopping.

Spencer puts a condom on his huge manhood and positions Anthony for butt fucking. There was no particular ceremony for breaking into Anthony’s ass, Spencer just shoved his dick deep inside with one swift push. Perhaps that was a bit too rough for Anthony who shows that the onslaught of Spencer’s dick is pretty painful.

But Spencer remains unconcerned and just fucks that hole. Anthony moans and squeals under the powerful thrusts of Spencer’s rod but Spencer just spanks Anthony’s ass and continues to bang him.

"Oh, shit bro! Damn," Anthony tries to let Spencer know that it’s pretty painful. Still, Spencer doesn’t pay attention and continues to fuck him hard. "Oh, damn. Oh, fuck!" Anthony says but there’s no mercy for his ass.

Soon enough Anthony finds the ultimate joy in being so aggressively impaled on a big dick and begins to beg "Don’t fucking stop". Spencer already knows that any real bottom would like his style of fucking, so why bother about the initial pleas to stop?

After some time Anthony gets close to cumming and shoots his load all over Spencer’s hip. Even before that sperm could evaporate and dry Anthony stands up above Anthony and forcefully opens his mouth, wide. Spencer is standing over Anthtony with his cock in his hand. Soon enough he shoots his wad and it hits Anthony’s tongue, nose, chin and cheek. Anthony’s face is totally spunked!


Preview video:
[jwplayer config=”firstplayer” file=”″ image=”” html5_file=”″]

Click here to watch their entire videos in perfect HD quality at Broke Straight Boys!

Broke Straight Boys is one of the classic straight boy sites that features hot straight and bisexual guys who are ready to sacrifice their hetero reputation and straight virgin ass and engage in some hot and nasty hardcore fucking. New movies have totally new guys which look awesome!


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Machofucker – Big Freaky Stud Kamrun Drills Lil Papi’s Ass

by on Sep.29, 2012, under MachoFucker

Lil Papi is a cute, handsome bottom who can never get enough of aggressive, big-dicked tops. Especially for him we called L.A. porn star Kamrun to properly drill Lil Papi’s hole.

Kamrun looks pretty rough, freaky and merciless but actually he is one funny stud who isn’t ashamed of rimming another man before shoving his huge fuck stick deep into his ass. Kamrun’s cock takes no hostages and just ravages any hole that it gets to fuck.

Kamrun did a great job and totally demolished Lil Papi’s little ass, and as a grand finale, he made Lil Papi eat his cum after spraying Lil Papi’s entire face with it.


Preview video:

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MachoFucker is a fantastic site that features only macho-masculine men with very big dicks, and extreme bareback hardcore fucking. Lots of creampies too. Machofucker tops are very aggressive fuckers and you’ll be able to feel the energy and stamina coming from them.


WARNING: This post contains descriptions and footage of bareback (unprotected) sex. Please be advised that this site does not encourage or condone bareback sex unless the participants are tested, live in a monogamous relationship and/or are fully aware of the dangers of acquiring HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases through practicing sex without condoms.

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Drill My Hole – Aggressive Stud Ricky Sinz Fucks Jacob Durham ("Fantasy Fuck")

by on Aug.23, 2012, under Drill My Hole

Jacob Durham is watching some very hot porn on his big plasma screen and is pondering about how great it would be to have somebody so big and studly (like the main porn actor in the movie) to fuck him aggressively as if he was his little bitch.

The big studly and mean looking Ricky Sinz gets a call from Jacob’s brother who tells him to go to his house and take a wallet for him. But he finds Jacob Durham there jerking off like a madman! Jacob tells him that he’s been watching that super hot porn where a dude gets anally violated by an aggressive stud. Then he adds that he wishes someone roughed him up in the same manner. Damn! What a coincidence, because it just so happens that Ricky Sinz is horny too, and hasn’t fucked any bitches in a long time, so fucking this little submissive gay dude Jacob would come just in handy.

Ricky treats Jacob like a true worthless bitch and treats him extremely roughly, beating him and fucking him from all positions. Jacob could only tuck his head in the pillow and keep silent, hoping that Ricky won’t split his ass apart.

Ricky was very loud and vocal, and didn’t allow Jacob to say a word. Ricky is one domineering, muscled motherfucker with whom you don’t want to fuck around or he’s gonna fuck you up, literally.


Short preview video:

Click here to download their entire video in perfect HD quality at Drill My Hole!

Drill My Hole is a brand new porn site from the owners of MEN.COM and it features rough men who like to fuck their bottoms hard and very aggressively. These usually straight bad ass dudes can really drill holes in a virgin man ass. Lots of high quality HD videos inside!


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Peto and Jorge on Berlin Male

by on Aug.05, 2009, under Berlin Male

Ok, these two are not strictly straight but their rough looks and hot action made my cock rock hard in no time… so I thought it would be pity not to share them with you!

Peto Coast (the guy with the beard) is bisexual, active, is 6’ 4’’ tall, weighs 187 lbs, and his cock is 8 inches long. His hobbies include boxing and performing as DJ. Woof!

Jorge Ballantinos (the bald muscled guy) is gay, passive, 5’ 7’’ tall, weighs 178 lbs, and his cock is healthy 7 inches long. His hobbies are skiing, dancing, music, clubbing and sex!

Click here to watch their whole video and tons of other hot guys in action!

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