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Rough Ripped Soldier Forces An Innocent Dude Into Complete Submission

by on Sep.18, 2014, under GayWarGames

You probably know that I have a soft spot for ripped masculine soldiers, and when they are in full gear they look just perfect. Take this hot motherfucker for example. The scene begins with a young, ripped soldier running through the woods, which is his usual daily routine.

Now, having spent six long months in a boot camp this solider has super pumped muscles and his testosterone level is shooting through the roof. He hasn’t fucked a pussy in half a year at least and he really needs a suitable hole to fuck. So it’s no big surprise that when he saw this tender young guy wanking in his tent in the woods that the soldier got horny and wanted to use the boy’s hole to bust his nut.

But the solider wants to make sure that he’ll be fucking a fit boy. So he orders the boy to do some push ups first. While the boy exercises, the soldier is watching the boy’s muscles getting flexed and strained. The soldier is satisfied and gets hornier. He stomps on the boy’s testicles and soft cock with his combat boot and forces the boy into total submission. There’s some ass-fingering and there’s no doubt that in the next episode we’re going to watch how this manly soldier takes care of the boy’s ass.

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Preview video:

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GayWarGames is a Russian bareback porn site with a distinct military theme. It has been around for some time, but lately their soldiers are really hot so I wanted to give you guys a preview of what you can find there. The tops are really straight-looking, mean dudes in camo uniform, and I must admit they defo turn me on. I am a sucker for soldiers and military uniforms in general, and these motherfuckers certainly push all the right buttons for me. The action is set in a fictional country called Thukistan. Apparently, in this country young boys often get abducted by mean, sex-starved soldiers and get their ass brutally fucked raw. It’s a nice fantasy site with a military theme.

Muscled, manly soldiers punish and fuck their prisoners
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Brutal Tops – Sub Gets Tied Up, Feet Tortured & Spunk Fed

by on Oct.15, 2011, under Brutal Tops

Master Mike and Master Nick are notorious for their weird custom of having great cruel fun with their subs when they trussed them up like a turkey.

These mean sadistic men usually strip the sub naked, gag and hip him, use the dildo to fuck him senseless, play with his cock in the most devious ways, beat his bare feet with a cane and force him to suck and lick their big balls until they feel it’s time to spray him with their cum.

The tops are strong and masculine and actually they both have a girlfriend at home towards whom they are super nice and tender. But they are two faced bastards and this is the time when they’re showing their true, aggressive face and degrade and verbally put down the poor lowly subs.


Short preview video:

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Brutal Tops is a fantastic site for lovers of the most ferocious sexually aggressive doms in the world. These dominant men love to give orders which have to be obeyed!


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Big Texas Boy Matt

by on Nov.03, 2010, under Southern Strokes

Matt is a 25 year old dark haired beefy boy from Texas.  He is 6’1” tall and a thick 205 lbs with a thick 8 inch cock.

Matt kinda blew in and blew out of the house so quick that I almost forgot that he hung out with us for a while.  Matt walked in when we were in the middle of watching Haigan fuck Tanner. He immediately hit it off with Haigan and they started fucking with each other a bit.

Matt is a big solid Texas boy standing 6’1” tall and weighing 205 lbs.  He has a thick beefy build and a cocky attitude to match.  Matt loved being around all the guys but he seemed just a little unsure about getting naked for our cameras.

I finally cornered Matt out on the deck and just chatted with him for a while.  He finally just decided to take off his shirt and give us a little show.  Matt has dark tanned skin and a tattoo that covers most of his arm.  He has this bad boy Guido kinda look but a much more sensual attitude.  Matt didn’t stop there; he took off his pants and gave us a show right on the deck.
Matt stood naked with his foot up on the railing as he worked his cock into a full hardon.  Matt’s cock is a good 8 inches a full attention and he has a fair amount of pre-cum.  Matt stroked his cock as he probed his hot tight hole.  He then unloaded a huge stream of cum all over as he dripped with sweat. I want to see someone fuck his hot thick ass sometime.


Short preview video:

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