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Three Hot Fitness Trainers & Sportsmen Show Off Their Manly Assets

by on Feb.10, 2019, under English Lads

Today we’re going to take a closer look at three hot straight guys from the UK: Ryan Collins, Joe Fitzpatrick and Will Addison.

First, Ryan Collins is a tall and lean Personal Trainer. He also likes to play football (soccer) and so this combo of playing sports and working out in the gym has given him a very nice balance of muscle size and definition. There is also another hidden specialty that this bad boy likes to show for the camera, and that’s of course his big uncut dick!

Ryan seems to be a natural when it comes to putting on a nice show for his viewers. He flexes his muscles and shows us all the goodies on his body. His cumshot was really explosive – the squirts flew all over his chest and hit him on the shoulder, on the floor and all around himself!


Joe Fitzpatrick is a young straight lad who also works as a Fitness Trainer, but he also loves to train martial arts, especially boxing. It’s safe to assume that his current physique owes a lot to boxing and other martial arts. His entire body is covered with lots of dark blond hair. His legs are pretty muscular, and his shoulders are broad and impressive. Of course, we were eagerly awaiting to see his cock, and it was a really pleasant surprise: nice uncut dick, more than average size, and stands pointing straight into the sky like a rocket on a launchpad! He also shot a huge load of jizz all over himself and around himself!


And last, but certainly not least, we have hairy and hunky straight lad Will Addison. We’ve already seen him once in another photoshoot (check it out here), but today we also have a preview video for him and a different photoshoot. The members of Englishlads requested that Will grow more of his hair, and he was happy to do that. Will is not shy when it comes to flexing his muscles and playing with his cock until it gets aroused. He sticks to the rule: “Work hard, play hard” and he does work out a lot in the gym, so why not show off the results for the world to see?

Will’s cock is also uncut and when it gets hard it’s really stiff and hard as a rock. He also didn’t mind showing and flashing his arse for the camera, and we can also see his very hairy asshole. Then he takes his cock into his hand and starts stroking it seriously until he shoots his load. Will is straight, but he says he’s open-minded and ready to experiment a bit with guys as well. We’re eager to see how that pans out.

Ryan Collins

Joe Fitzpatrick

Will Addison

Preview video:

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