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Lucas Entertainment – Lovers Damien & Will Helm Have Passionate Sex Near A Beach In Ibiza

by on Jan.31, 2012, under Lucas Entertainment

To be quite honest with you, these two guys are probably not straight (I know for a fact that Damien Crosse is openly gay), but they are really masculine and so hot that I just had to include them on this blog for ya.

And if you are anything like me, you’ve probably fantasized about being with a man of your dreams somewhere near the sea and have wild passionate sex while listening to the waves crashing into the shore.

Will Helm is a French pornstar. He is a power top and has a beautiful, masculine and hairy body and a big dick to match. The thing that turns him on the most is when he has a willing bottom to fuck mercilessly. He started to do this first out of pure fun and because he loves to pump tight asses so much, but later he found out he could actually pursue the career of a porn star.

Damien Crosse is our old friend whom we know from Staghomme films. He is a Cuban-American stud working in porn for several years now. He is in a relationship with Francesco D’Macho and they live in Spain.

Back to our scene from dreams: Will Helm and Damien Crosse are making love on a terrace against the beautiful backdrop of Ibiza beach. While the raging waves crash on the rugged rocks below them, Will is going to drill Damien’s asshole his way.

First they cuddle and kiss passionately and have a hot cockfight. They love to explore each other’s muscled bodies and sense each other’s manly scent. Damien moves along Will’s body worshipping his every muscle and playing with the foreskin of his uncut cock. Will is a bit impatient and tells Damien to position himself and prepare for some good fucking.

Will fucks Damien slowly and carefully. This was not an aggressive fuck session but one filled with love, passion and love. It just doesn’t get better than that.

Both guys cum copiously. First Damien shoots his load while being fucked, then Will pulls out, jerks off a bit and shoots his massive load (he’s know for his big loads) onto Damien’s face.


Short preview video:

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Lucas Entertainment is one of the oldest porn sites that features only the most exquisite porn with the most masculine men you can find. The director is gay porn legend Micheal Lucas. These men are not average, they are truly exceptional. There are more than 600 videos in the members area, all of them the hardest and most extreme hardcore anal sex!


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StagHomme – Adrian Toledo Pounds Ben Brown In "Tight Spaces"

by on Jan.25, 2012, under StagHomme

Ben Brown and Adrian Toledo demonstrate that being in a tight closed space such as bathroom doesn’t mean that two guys can’t have amazingly passionate hard sex!

After watching all this aggressive ass splitting and pounding action I only had to wank my cock twice-thrice and it shot a nice big load of my spunk. This movie is pure hotness and you will be remembering the hot moments for a long time, such as when Adrian fills Ben’s entire tongue with his cum, or when he fucks Ben in the ass so intensely that we can almost feel the thrusts on our asses!   


Short preview video:

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Staghomme is an amazingly fresh gay porn site from Spain with completely new and imaginative hardcore porn and hot, very masculine European men which you won’t find anywhere else. This is not bland forgettable porn – it’s something you will want to have on DVD and watch many times! They basically cover all the dirtiest fantasies you could ever come up with!


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Naked Marine – Private Aleco Services His Military Buddy Doyle

by on Jan.16, 2012, under Naked Marine

If you like to see two soldiers sucking each other off, then this will be a treat for you. We’ve invited our old friend Petty Officer Doyle, a navy vet of seven years and paired him with Private Aleco who has just joined the military.

Private Aleco keeps asking Doyle various questions regarding the military life and Doyle tells him about the time he spent together with his army buddies whom he considers to be his friends for life. There were some pretty wild stories about his leave in Hong Kong when they apparently had some hookers. Aleco’s attention markedly intensified after the word “hooker” and then they watched some straight porn I put especially for them.

Doyle starts to fondle his balls and cock through the pants. Doyle is obviously very attracted to the girl in the movie and says “She really likes it… Makes you wanna beat off!” Private Aleco, who has been staring into Doyle’s growing dick inside the pants, makes a sly remark, “Yeah, you should!”

Since Aleco obviously doesn’t mind if he jerks off, Doyle whips out his stiff cock from his uniform. He tugs it with strong jerking movements, while still emerged in the porn movie that plays on the screen.

Aleco is constantly drawn to Doyle’s cock. He tries to concentrate on the movie and rub one out himself, but his attention always slips to Doyle’s hard fuck stick. Doyle now notices that Aleco stares at his hard dick. He turns quickly and for a brief moment their eyes meet. In this instant they understood each other perfectly without anyone uttering a word.

Aleco takes Doyle’s already stiff cock and begins to squeeze it. Doyle utters a quiet moan and we can see that he thoroughly enjoys another man working on his dick. Aleco increases the speed and then takes Doyle’s hardened phallus into his mouth. Doyle is in ecstasy and mumbles “Faster” and “Oh shit! Oh fuck!”.

I love when two soldiers go down on each other, it’s always so full of masculine energy and explosive!

Aleco falls on his knees like every good cocksucker and continues to suck and slobber on Doyle’s beautiful hard cock. Aleco swallows entire Doyle’s cock and stuffs his nose into Doyle’s bush.

Suddenly Doyle realizes he’s on the verge of cumming and tries to pull back from Aleco’s passionate mouth but it was too late. He shoots his load and hits Aleco’s lips with his army semen.


Short preview video:

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Naked Marine is one of the best sites that are made especially for lovers of real masculine men in Military Uniform! This is the place to find your Military Straight Men in and out of their uniform as well as grunts having nasty gay sex!

Marines Exposed

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Straight Hell – Dog Training For Straight Nicholas

by on Jan.15, 2012, under BreederFuckers

Dave is proud of all the hard work he’s put into training straight Nicholas’ ass. It’s got very red from constant beating and whacking. But now it’s time to bind his legs and arms and teach him the ultimate form of submission: dog training.

Nick is angry because he’s restrained, and crawls across the floor wiggling his ass like a real slut. Obviously, he is like a strong, muscled beast who needs proper training.

Nick begs and barks while walking on all fours like a real dog. Dave and Adrian give him the orders and deliver strong whacks if he disobeys. Slowly but surely, it dawns upon this thick-headed sub that he is the property of his masters, and that he must obey their orders no matter how humiliating they might be.

Since he’s been a good boy today, Adrian gave him a special prize – his hard cock shoved into Nicholas’ mouth. As soon as Adrian has properly fucked Nick’s mouth he switches to Nick’s ass and continues to fuck him hard. In the meantime, Dave shoves his stiff dick down his throat. Both orifices must be fucked at the same time – that’s the only way for this hetero dude to understand his lowly position.

Eventually, both tormentors cum on Nick’s face completely covering him with cum. Cumsplattered, he lays flat out on the floor with sweat drops on his body and feeling completely humiliated.


Short preview video:

Watch new videos of arrogant straight men being turned into obedient cocksuckers at StraightHell.

If you prefer your porn to be on the kinkier side, you should definitely check out StraightHell, a site devoted to hot straight guys being tormented, humiliated and treated without mercy by big mean studs!


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Active Duty – Brian & Ethan Deflower Bentley In "Drafted 4"

by on Jan.13, 2012, under ActiveDuty

On Active Duty’s sister site, Amateur Straight Guys, Bentley was one of the most popular young newcomers and with his cute face and a really big dick it’s no wonder why. However, he has done about 30 scenes there and never bottomed!? That is an odd precedent, and as we’ll see today, it was easily corrected by our two regular guys Brian and Ethan.

Brian is a veteran sexy guy, while Ethan is openly gay and they were both very eager to pop Bentley’s cherry. I mean, how often do you get a chance to deflower a handsome, cute, young soldier!

The general chemistry in this scene was fantastic, and you could tell that after all that kissing, blowjobs and ass fingering there will be some kind of epic fucking and hard pounding which will mark the final loss of virginity for Bentley.

Both Brian and Ethan fuck Bentley, enjoying thoroughly in it in various positions. Finally they blow their loads into Bentley’s mouth. This way, the boy has been properly fucked, and deflowered, but also spunked in the face just as a sign of his entrance into adulthood. The haze and veil has been lifted now and Bentley knows how it feels to receive a hard man’s cock in his ass.

We also get to see lots of great shots of Bentley’s huge dick (dong?), how he’s playing with it, as well as his sexy underwear. Pay attention to the bulge in his underwear – it’s a monster to be reckoned with!


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Active Duty is a great porn site that specializes in younger military men and uniformed studs in general. These men are usually real amateurs and you will see them only here. Ripped, muscled studs in the army and their insatiable sexual hunger will leave you stunned!

Active Duty is one of the oldest gay porn sites – but it has been recently updated and overhauled and now it looks brand new! Also all the videos are from now on in 2000 bit HD quality – so you can watch them even on your big TV screen!


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FUCKOffGUYS – Moving Guy Walker Fucks House Owner Aaron

by on Jan.12, 2012, under FUCKoffGUYS

Ever had moving men in your apartment to move or take away some furniture? Those guys are usually strong, muscled motherfuckers and I often get naughty ideas whenever I call them. I mean, all those hard sweaty muscles and big biceps bursting from their tight T-shirts. Damn I’m hard as rock now. That is was happened to Aaron when he called Walker Micheals.

Namely, he called Walker Micheals to help him with moving some heavy furniture around the studio. However, Seth and Walker were very horny and before you could say Jack Robinson they were on the bed fucking like wild horny animals.

Aaron first had a short chit-chat with Walker and not long after we see him swallowing Walker’s hard cock, and enjoying every minute of it.

Walker goes on top of Aaron and they have some hot grinding, sucking , licking and ass hole play.

Walker now orders Aaron to lick and play with his hole. Aaron sticks his fingers in Walker’s ass. It was a bit surprising that Walker really liked this new feeling. Ah, the straight men and their preconceptions, it’s always fun to see them discovering something new and good about man sex.

Walker Micheals tells Aaron to bend over and prepare for some nasty fucking. Walker rams and butt fucks Aaron really hard. No matter how friendly he appears otherwise, when he fucks he really slams and is very aggressive. With every thrust, he pummels his dick deeper and deeper into Aaron’s tight and aching asshole.

Walker pulls out and feeds Aaron with his dick. Soon enough he shoots a big load of spunk directly on Aaron’s face. Aaron licks and swallows every drop of the precious man liquid and licks clean Walker’s throbbing cock.


Preview video:

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FUCK Off GUYS is a brand new porn site from the makers of SUCK Off GUYS. It features fresh and hot straight amateur men who get their first chance to fuck a guy. These guys are true amateurs, you won’t see them anywhere else. The guys are sexy and the action is sizzling hot so check them out!


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StagHomme – Man, I need Your Cum On My Face (30 Loads Of Facials Part 3)

by on Apr.14, 2011, under StagHomme

Damien Crosse proves once again what a hardcore cum sex pig he is! In this third part of “30 Loads of facials” we get to see him blowing straight men’s cocks, one after another. And all these guys cum directly onto or into his mouth.

If you like cumshots, then this is defo the episode not to miss. There are 30 anonymous straight guys who shoot their big load all over Francesco D’Macho and Damien Crosse’s faces!

So, buddy – head over to StagHomme – see ya there, where cum flies all over the place.


Short preview video:

Click here to watch their complete movie in HD quality at StagHomme!

Consider joining StagHomme, it’s a beautiful gay porn site with fresh and imaginative hardcore porn and hot, very masculine European men which you won’t find anywhere else.


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Chaosmen – "Rough Trade" Glory Hole Action With Johannes & Ransom

by on Mar.29, 2011, under Chaosmen

Johannes is a new guy who is of German decent but lives in the USA. He emailed us and said he’d like to come and play with some of our models.

Johannes is a very masculine, rough-looking dude. And if you know me by now, I am all for some “Rough Trade” action!

So I postponed his regular solo video and decided to first show him to my surfers in a gloryhole video. Yep, I am a total sucker for his rough and tough looks. And not to mention the sheer joy of watching that huge, veiny cock of his protruding from a glory hole – priceless.

Johannes has a “dirty boy” disposition, so trading blowjob with the ever horny, studly Ransom in restroom really made him horny as hell.

So they first exchange blowjobs through the gloryhole – pay attention to Johannes’ monster cock that pulsates and throbs through that hole. So they go back and forth, and I couldn’t help noticing that Johannes was mostly turned on when he was sucking on Ransom’s delicious cock.

Both guys were extremely horny and they didn’t need to use their hand and wank their dicks in order to cum. They brought each other to orgasm just by using their wet mouths and sucking each other’s dick.

Ransom is the first to nut on Johannes’ mouth, then Johannes feeds Ransom with his seed while still having Ransom’s spunk on his face. There is some cum eating too.

All in all, a very hot gloryhole video with two extremely hot and masculine guys!


Short preview video:

Click here to watch their entire video in perfect HD quality at Chaosmen!

Chaosmen is a great porn site that features hot straight and bi men getting serviced or fucking their mates bareback for some cash.

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