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Pervy Patriarch Smith Delivers Corporal Punishment On Elder Roberts’ Bare Ass

by on Feb.20, 2015, under MormonBoyz

Elder Roberts has been in the Mormons for quite some time now. He was transferred to a separate branch about a year ago, and was proclaimed as the president of the branch. Since it’s not a busy branch there are not too many people around and things finally got a little more laid-back and easygoing for him. Needless to say, Elder Roberts has had a lot of spare time to devote to his favorite pastime – building friendly relations with his brethren. As it usually happens with young men of his age, many of these relationships evolved into something more than mere religious study. Although still pretty young (19), Elder Roberts already looks like a man. He’s got a fit body, square jaw and a nice big dick that is very easy to wake up and make hard. Like all boys of his age the main things in his life revolve around the insatiable urge to have lots of sex and fool around with his mates. It’s easy to understand why his behavior soon attracted attention of his superior religious leaders.

Patriarch Smith thinks that Elder Roberts needs some guidance. The sexual urges must be checked and directed towards spiritual growth, but even Patriarch Smith finds it a bit too hard not to enjoy meting out the punishment for this naughty boy.

Patriarch Smith solemnly says to Elder Roberts that he was called into his office because of "a disciplinary action". Elder Roberts says "I know", and indeed he knows what’s about to happen. And indeed Elder Roberts knows that he’s broken the vow of chastity and as time goes by he becomes embarrassed of his former actions. However, the sexy mature patriarch excites him and the whole situation with the corporal punishment makes him exceedingly horny. Things get even hotter when the patriarch orders the boy to take off his shirt and removes the sacred underwear, thereby exposing the boy’s buttocks. Patriarch plays a bit with the boy’s nipples, then starts spanking his bare ass. Contrary to what the intended effects of the punishment, Elder Roberts can’t help but getting sexually aroused by the kinkiness of the situation. Things become even harder to control when the patriarch grabs the boy’s half-erect cock and plays with it through the boy’s garments. Various thoughts quickly rush through the boy’s head, such as "Does he patriarch like his big erect dick? Is the patriarch turned on by his fit shredded body?"

However, the patriarch remains wisely silent, but you can tell that the mature fucker enjoys this as much as we suspect. The patriarch’s cock quickly gets fully hard and is fighting for space in his pants. The pervy patriarch bends over the boy over his knees and starts exploring the boy’s ass. The mature man explores the boy’s erect dick, his hairy balls, and then probes his asshole, too. The patriarch spanks the boy’s ass cheeks from time to time, but not using great force. Whenever the patriarch delivers a blow onto that firm ass, he watches the boy’s reactions. Elder Roberts makes funny faces and doesn’t want to cry or show any kind of weakness. However, the patriarch now strikes him much harder and every next blow hurts much more than the previous. After a round of smacks, the patriarch explores the boy’s hole again, trying to see if it got relaxed somewhat more. The only thing that is now running through Elder Roberts’ head is the image of the patriarch’s cock plowing his tight ass…


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Brother Jensen Services His Teacher’s Huge Throbbing Cock

by on Dec.01, 2014, under MormonBoyz

Elder Roberts certainly doesn’t miss responsibilities. He has so many duties to perform in his little congregation. First of all, he must do all the missionary work, then he’s a branch president of his congregation and he’s taken up on himself many other responsibilities as well.

Last Sunday he gave lecture about Gospel Principles to his class, but his audience consisted of only one man – sexy and handsome Brother Jansen. Brother Jansen is relatively new, he was baptized only a few months ago and is still new to all this. Elder Robers had no time to prepare for the lesson and Brother Jansen can see that his colleague is not relaxed and all tense.

Elder Roberts starts with the lesson and Brother Jensen suddenly remembers the time when the other missionaries used to come to his place to have dinner. Now, Elder Roberts immediately remembers his many fantasies about going to Brother Jensen’s place to show him a thing or two about brotherly love among the missionaries. He utters as if out of the blue, "The best part of having the missionaries over is desert," and makes a cheeky smile.

"Oh yeah?" Elder Roberts suddenly realizes that things are getting hot and out of control. His cock begins to grow spontaneously in his pants while Brother Jensen still smiles cheekily. "What kind of desert?" asks Elder Roberts. Brother Jensen replies that he’s willing to show him, and that he should just take it easy.

Elder Roberts kicks back and lets Brother Jensen take care of his raging hardon. As soon as Brother Jensen grabs Elder Robert’s cock through his pants, he realizes that Elder Roberts is a very hung young man and that he’ll have to use all his skills to properly take care of that huge man meat. Brother Jensen removes his t-shirt and then the pants disappear as well. His teacher is now almost nude, his cock throbbing in his pants. Brother Jensen can hardly wait to wrap his lips around that juicy cock. Brother Jensen also massages his colleague’s firm chest and plays with his nipples. Finally, he whips out Elder Roberts’ cock and we can see that there’s already quite a bit of clear precum oozing out of his cockhead.

Brother Jensen finally releases Elder Robert’s cock from the confines of his underwear and it slaps onto his stomach with a loud thump. Brother Jensen is already fully hard, and his dick begs to be released as well, but he decides to remain fully clothed while servicing his colleague. Brother Jensen proceeds to suck and lick the missionary dick and Elder Robert’s balls start moving, signaling that there’s a lot of accumulated jizz in them that aches to be released.

There is something thoroughly intoxicating in the feeling of Brother Jensen’s warm mouth around his stiff shaft. Elder Roberts can feel the jizz boiling in his balls and he’s quickly approaching the point of no return. He grabs Brother Jensen’s head and directs it onto his cock, explaining him how a man’s cock should be sucked properly. Brother Jensen tries to deepthroat that huge dick and succeeds to some extent.

It’s now crystal clear that Elder Roberts is close to busting his nut, so Brother Jensen backs off a little and continues to rub Elder Roberts’ cock with his hand. Occasionally he swallows it again expecting the torrent of jizz any second now. Elder Roberts then pushes his head back and after a few seconds he starts shooting his jizz straight into Brother Jensen’s wide open mouth! Brother Jensen gladly receives this load and swallows it to the last drop.


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Elder Roberts Wakes Up With Raging Boner & Has To Do Something About It

by on Nov.05, 2014, under MormonBoyz

We’ve all experienced it – the glorious morning wood. Elder Roberts just woke up with a raging boner and is not sure what to do with it. He’s now officially on his mission and it doesn’t sound right that he should jerk off. Before he joined the Mormons he would jack off like a madman, sometimes all day long. But things have changed now, and he’s not sure what to do. He figures it’s something that can’t possibly harm anyone… so why not? But there’s one more problem – he’s not entirely alone in the room. As all missionaries Elder Roberts sleeps with his brethren and they might catch him in action. But on the other hand, he hasn’t busted his nut in a very long time and he can feel his balls swelling and begging to release the hot load as soon as possible. Also, long abstention from masturbation has made him prone to spontaneous erections that tend to happen just when it’s the most awkward and undesirable time. So once for instance, he got hard while he was at zone conference and also once when he was at church – so embarrassing!

So he finally decides that something really has to be done with the raging boner and he touches his dick through the shorts. His cock is now so hard that it’s pulsating and he can feel it throbbing against the underwear. His missionary colleague is still sleeping soundly so it seems that he can do it without anyone noticing anything. He takes an iPad that was given to all the missionaries by the Church, and which is supposed to be used only for educational purposes. He has seen his missionary colleagues watching some completely different stuff on their iPads so he figures it’s not a big deal. He puts on some porn to watch as he whips it out and starts stroking it slowly. His cock is quite sizeable and looks pretty awesome. Elder Roberts thinks that his colleague is still soundly asleep, but that may not be the case…

Could he be secretly peeking at what he’s doing right now and just pretending to be asleep? But then this thought that his colleague might be actually watching him made him even more horny and he knew he had to continue. Namely, ever since he went to high school, his male friends told him while they were in the locker room that his dick ranks among the biggest and most impressive. So he knows that when he strokes his cock the whole sight looks pretty awesome, whether you’re a guy or a girl. So even if his colleague is watching him, he is proud of what he’s got. The porno on his computer is turning him on so quickly that he thinks he might nut too soon.

His colleague changes the sleeping position, and Elder Roberts quickly hides his erect cock into the sheets. He knows that masturbation is frowned upon in this church and that other missionaries won’t approve of it. But it turns out that his colleague is still soundly asleep and so he can continue. His dick didn’t even register this short break and still throbs like crazy. He’s sick and tired of this game of hiding and so he removes his underwear and fully releases the dick. He also plays with his nips, which he feels is maybe enough to push him over the edge…

We can see now that he’s got a really nice, fit body. His legs are muscular and he’s got some hairs on his chest and six pack. He quickly approaches the point where it’s very hard to resist the temptation to jizz, so he raises one of his legs in the air and aims to shoot at his chest. A weird thought appears in his head – what if he could squirt that big load that is about to be released straight into his missionary’s face? Within a few moments he can feel the torrent of jizz and pleasure being released and his cock starts spewing squirts of hot jizz all over his chest and abs.

The boy realizes he is in trouble now – totally covered with cum and without anything to remove it. As it usually happens in life, his colleague stirs in his bed just at that moment and Elder Roberts had to cover himself with his sheet. It was an instinctive move, but now his sheet is soiled with his cum! What happened with Elder Roberts? Was he caught or punished? The penalties for such behavior are severe, and if his colleague reported him, he would be severely punished.

Elder Roberts is full of distress but one part of his mind is secretly hoping that his missionary colleague did see him but liked what he saw and so wouldn’t tell anybody.


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