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Horny Inquisitive Girls Inspect Beefy Extra-Hung Former Student Shane

by on Jan.11, 2018, under CFNM

The regular physical examinations at CFNM Academy are well under way and the girls have taken upon themselves the task and responsibility of examining their former male students. These girls are totally on the seventh Heaven since they started examining Shane’s magnificent beefy naked body. And while all the other guys at the CFNM Academy are quite pasty white, Shane’s body is pleasantly tanned, so the girls conclude that he must have spent some time under the Sun.

Miss Twitch provides expert guidance for the other girls and explains how a man’s body should be properly examined. Shane felt somewhat awkward in the beginning, but now he almost begins to like these inquisitive women and their horny hands on his powerful muscular body.

And all those female hands touching him have a distinct effect upon his cock – suddenly and without any warning it starts growing uncontrollably while the women stare at it with their eyes wide open: these girls had never seen such a beautiful huge fat cock in their lives and they’re totally fascinated by it.

And the more the girls express their excitement and amazement at the beauty of his cock, the more his cock gets harder and even begins to twitch and throb.

Miss Twitch is convinced that Shane has grown into a very potent and strong man and she wants to prove this to her female students. So she instructs them to start stroking his dick until he cums. And after some time he indeed shoots a big load all over himself to the utter amazement and excitement of the inquisitive horny girls.

Click here to watch their whole video in HD quality at CFNM (Clothed Female/Nude Male)!

Clothed Female Naked Male (CFNM) is a very hot site for lovers of truly straight guys. It definitely has “a tongue in cheek” quality to itself, and both the men and women are really hot!


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Straight Italian Hottie Tony & His Hung Buddy Vinnie Exchange Blowjobs

by on Jan.08, 2018, under Str8boyzseduced

Our old friend, hot Italian jock Tony, drops by at Vinnie’s place to have his big dick sucked. But Vinnie also gets a boner and shows it to Tony. Men are susceptible to seeing another guy’s erect penis and this causes a kind of chain reaction, so your cock is unlikely to stay soft when you have another guy with a raging boner beside you.

Tony feels that Vinnie needs a bit of a help and without much thinking he swallows Vinnie’s huge dick and starts sucking on it. Tony’s dick is fully hard, he got really turned on by Vinnie’s massive fuck stick and not long after that we can see Tony shooting his cum all over Vinnie’s hand.

Preview video:

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STR8BOYZSEDUCED is a great amateur site that features real straight guys taken from the streets! These guys agree to have their cock professionally serviced by hot stud Vinnie Russo and in return they get paid. So it’s a win-win situation for everyone!


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Cute Handsome Military Dude Brent Gets a Helping Hand & Cums Big

by on Jan.04, 2018, under Straight Off Base

Navy Corpsman “Doc” Brent is a cute young military dude who wanted to try his luck in porn, and his first stop after a lengthy deployment in Iraq is Major Wood’s headquarters. Brent is only 23 years old, his height is about 5’6” (168 cm) and he weighs about 135 lbs (61 kg). His cock is of decent size and measures about 6.5 inches of uncut manmeat. He also has a piercing on his cock which he calls jokingly “Prince Albert”.

Brent has had his fair share of sex experiences already, including 3-ways, group sex and even some first time guy-on-guy fun action that lasted for a few hours! Thanks to Major Wood’s always “eager to help” helping hand, Brent’s cock soon finds itself in capable hands and after some cock stroking Brent unloads a massive load of thick jizz onto his thighs and even all over the couch.

Preview video:

Click here to watch his entire video in perfect HD quality at Straight Off Base.

sob_8_300x250 sob_5_300x250


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Ripped & Very Hairy Sportsman Tom Lawson Gets His First Massage & Cums Buckets

by on Jan.01, 2018, under English Lads

Let’s kick off the New Year with a bang! Super hot straight hunk from England Tom Lawson is back for his very first massage and manhandling by another guy –  and boy oh boy, does he cum a lot!

We’ve already met Tom on several occasions in the past (e.g. here and here), but this time round this hairy sportsman is going to get his first professional massage from another guy. And the outcome is quite shocking, to say the least – his whole hairy body is drenched in his own cum, even though he didn’t use his hands!

So Tom takes off his clothes until he’s wearing only his boxers, kicks back on the table and the male masseur starts doing his magic. Not too long after that we can see his hot hairy ass in the tiniest details as the camera focuses on it. He turns over and his cock is now the primary focus of the male masseur.

Tom’s cock is uncut and very BIG indeed –  and after only a few seconds of getting the attention from the masseur, it gets so hard that it’s throbbing like mad. Tom is relaxed and his mood is cheerful – he is totally enjoying the experience, even if he didn’t expect it to be so pleasant.

And his cock definitely loved the manhandling and soon enough Tom shot a huge load all over his hairy chest, and then the next load followed, and the next, and then the next load and then then ext load! Actually, this straight dude should apply for a world record challenge for big cumshots, he’s defo a natural talent!

Click here to download his entire video in perfect HD quality at EnglishLads!

English Lads is a fantastic site with loads of very manly, straight lads from England who love to show off and jerk off for the camera.  The guys that appear here are usually not found on any other site, so the content is quite exclusive. All movies are in HD quality.

englishlads1 englishlads2
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Three Hot Straight Jacks Jack Off & Get a Helping Hand

by on Dec.25, 2017, under English Lads

Here we have three hot straight guys (all three of them have the same first name – Jack) who wanted to try their luck in porn. First off, let’s see hot boxer Jack Appleton. He is a tall dude (6’2” or 188 cm) and weighs about 90 kg. Jack is all man, and all of his inadvertent gestures show that you have a real tough guy in front of yourself: a firm handshake, deep voice and strong muscular body. But Jack is a very down-to-earth guy and has a cheeky, lively streak.

As soon as he drops his underwear his big cock spring to action and will probably leave an indelible impression: long even when not erect, and when it gets hard it grows to over 8 inches (20 cm) and points right into to sky!

So Jack takes off his trackies and shows off his hot body for the camera – flexing his muscles and posing naked. He teases us a little bit, then he lies back and strokes his big fuck stick until he shoots a nice big load that splatters all over himself and the floor!


Then we have young straight footballer Jack Ashton. This hot straight boy had some issues and doubts about another man touching his big uncut dick, and after some hard thinking (pun intended) he came to the conclusion that he could treat the whole thing as a job instead of a sexual encounter and thus still draw benefits from it.

Sure enough, he was nervous in the beginning, like so many other straight guys, but as nervous as he can be, his cock doesn’t seem to care and starts growing fast! Finally, Jack gets more relaxed and lets the male masseur stroke his nice uncut cock, and we think he actually enjoyed it quite a bit. His cock is wildly throbbing and you can see the guy is totally turned on! He even shows us his virgin straight asshole a little bit.

Finally, he takes the matter into his own hands and finishes himself off with a nice load of jizz that lands onto his abs.


And finally we have straight pup Jack Montague. He is a very good-looking young lad: always smiling, masculine and easy-going dude. His body is fit and lean: mostly muscular but not too much, a kind of natural look that one gets not from gym but just from playing lots of sport.

While he didn’t appear to be nervous, he said he was a little concerned in his mind about having sexual contact with another guy, but he figured that a massage couldn’t hurt. So the masseur starts with applying lots of baby oil on his body and slowly massaging his legs and back. Soon enough his pants are gone, and we can appreciate his little pert butt. His cock responds to the massage quickly and grows rock hard. And it’s a really nice cock – thick and meaty!

He also takes the camera and shoots himself from his POV. He lets the other guy stroke his cock for some more time, and then he shoots a big cumshot that lands all over his hot chest! Another straight guy breaks the ice!

Jack Ashton

Jack Montague

Preview video:

Click here to download their entire video in perfect HD quality at EnglishLads!

English Lads is a fantastic site with loads of very manly, straight lads from England who love to show off and jerk off for the camera.  The guys that appear here are usually not found on any other site, so the content is quite exclusive. All movies are in HD quality.

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Nervous, Hung & Beefy Straight Guy Donnie Gets A Happy-Ending Massage

by on Dec.08, 2017, under SpunkWorthy

Many straight guys are quite nervous during their first-ever happy-ending massage shoot. Donnie belongs to that group of “irrationally nervous” guys, who had to overcome his personal stage freight and timidness, and he admitted he was “pretty nervous” during this shoot.

Donnie had not had any experience with another guy before, so he knew that some exciting things would be happening, and that he would set some new boundaries for himself. Donnie says he is comfortable with his body and wouldn’t want to keep his male assets only for himself, but would like to share the treasure he keeps in his pants with the rest of the world.

Even though he’s straight, Donnie’s cock loved the massage and attention he got from the masseur and remained rock hard. Speaking of his dick, it’s a very nice beauty, and Donnie has to use both his hands to stroke it.

Soon enough Donnie can’t hold it anymore and shoots his load silently. His cumshot hits his furry stomach.

Preview video:

Click here to watch and download his entire video in HD quality at SpunkWorthy!

SpunkWorthy is a great porn site that features younger straight amateur dudes. Lots of truly straight military guys doing gay for pay only once or a few times! This site is usually the first and only place where you’ll see these bad boys, so don’t miss out!


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Hairy Straight Boy Paulie & Hung Stud Vinnie Exchange Blowjobs

by on Nov.28, 2017, under Str8boyzseduced

Hairy straight boy Paulie came over to Vinnie’s place for another blowjob, thinking that he would get head from Vinnie only. Just before Vinnie arrives to take care of Paulie’s hardon, Paulie’s girlfriend calls him on his cell phone, and while they’re talking Vinnie starts sucking Paulie’s dick.

Vinnie couldn’t resist showing Paulie his own hard dick and this brought a smile on Paulie’s face. Paulie takes Vinnie’s dick into his hand and strokes it a bit. He even takes Vinnie’s cock into his mouth to see how it feels like. Guys are curious beings. Then the twi men have a little cock fight, and after a few moments Paulie’s girlfriend calls him again. Not put off by this, Paulie soon shoots a nice load of warm jizz straight into Vinnie’s mouth.

Preview video:

Click here to download their entire blowjob video at Str8BoyzSeduced!

STR8BOYZSEDUCED is a great amateur site that features real straight guys taken from the streets! These guys agree to have their cock professionally serviced by hot stud Vinnie Russo and in return they get paid. So it’s a win-win situation for everyone!


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Sexy Aussie Straight Hunk James Nowak Is Back To Stroke His Big Thick Cock

by on Nov.27, 2017, under Bentley Race

We’ve seen young tradie James Nowak several times during the past year or so, and since the first time he appeared on Bentleyrace he became one of the favorite guys among the site members. The site owner Ben had thought that James would do only a couple of shoots, but as you see, one never knows!

Since James is straight he prefers to do solo shoots, although he did make a few shoots with Romain and Matias (check them out here and here). He is a laid-back dude and likes to work with other guys.

James says that he had a shoulder injury in the first part of this year, and this had taken a toll on his ability to work out in the gym, so he thinks that he’s out of shape. But now he’s started to get back into his normal working out schedule. Despite his misgivings about his looks, we think his jerkoff video is very hot. James even lets Ben give him a quick helping hand. And after having personally inspected James’ goodies, Ben said that if you ever had an impression that James’ cock is huge and very thick – you were totally correct!

Click here to watch their entire video in HD quality at Bentley Race!

Bentley Race is a very cool site from a cool guy from Down Under. He manages to find some really interesting and hot amateur men that often cannot be seen anywhere else. These guys are real amateurs and rarely become high profile porn stars. They’re all natural and many of them are truly straight. Do check out BentleyRace!


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Hot Straight Dude Ty Tucker Gets A Helping Hand

by on Nov.19, 2017, under Straight Fraternity

Here we have a little gem from the past with Spencer (aka Ty Tucker), who was very popular as a gay-for-pay porn star. The Straightfraternity director had heard that Ty was in the town and offered him some cash for a helping hand and blowjob session.

In the beginning we get to hear a short interview with Ty, where he talks about the girls he hooked up with lately, and he also talked about a straight sex club which he used to frequent at the time. The director insisted that Ty show him his hot big feet and makes some photos of them. Then he gets blindfolded and the director starts playing with Ty’s nipples, which quickly makes his cock hard. The director had an innovative masturbation sleeve, so-called “The Tight Pussy”, which Spence definitely liked a lot.

So Ty’s cock gets a royal treatment and gets stroked by director’s masterful hand. He also uses his mouth a little and gives Ty a preview of what a blowjob would be like. Ty begs him not to stop and soon enough he shoots a nice messy load all over himself, and even onto the floor and onto the surprised director!

Preview video:

Click here to watch their entire video in perfect HD quality at Straight Fraternity!

Straight Fraternity is a great site that features hot and horny straight amateur guys. The guys here are funny, cool, and entertaining… and of course hot as hell… I’m sure you’ll enjoy watching their antics! The site authors really love to show cumshots and if you’re a cum lover, you will like this site.

SF-250x250c SF-250x250d
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Ripped Corporal Kodie Gets A Helping Hand For His Stiff Cock

by on Nov.12, 2017, under Straight Off Base

We’ve already met young ripped Corporal Kodie on several occasions, and this time round this 21-year-old Marine hunk who hails from New York will let Major Wood take care of his hard cock!

Corporal Kodie is 5’7” tall and weighs around 145 lbs of pure military muscle. As you can imagine, Kodie’s cock is pretty much always in the mood for play and it didn’t take it too long to get hard and ready for this occasion either. Besides, that way Kodie can earn some easy cash for the weekend.

Kodie’s cock is a stiff and hard 7-incher that has a mind of its own. Major Wood offers his helping hand to this Marine in Need and before you know it Kodie is already rolling his eyes while Major Wood strokes his hard cock. The end result was sticky and messy, as you can clearly see in this preview video… Kodie’s six pack got splattered with a nice huge amount of his yummy jizz.

Preview video:

Click here to watch their entire video in perfect HD quality at Straight Off Base.

sob_8_300x250 sob_5_300x250
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