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CFNM – Two Aggressive Ladies Capture Hot Manly Mechanic

by on Mar.24, 2011, under CFNM

Two horny and mysterious ladies stopped mechanic Callum while he was on his way to work. The aggressive women captured this dumb mechanic in an abandoned warehouse and tie him up so that they can do whatever crosses their dirty minds. However, thick-skinned Callum realized these ladies were up to no good only when it was already too late.

The ladies cut the clothes from his body so that they could enjoy it in its full masculine power and glory. And especially his sizeable cock and balls that hang now out in the open. And that’s where the main party begins for this lad who may be dim-witted but is defo hot as hell and manly stud.


Click here to see the video of The Mechanic at Clothed Female, Naked Male (CFNM).

Clothed Female Naked Male (CFNM) is a very hot site for lovers of truly straight guys. It’s a little tongue in cheek but the men are fuckingly hot!

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Studly Vander Serviced & Spunked

by on Jul.15, 2010, under Chaosmen

For the first time ever, Ransom got shy with a model, and I think it was ‘cuz he really thought Vander was hot. Ransom is mostly straight, but every now and then a dude attracts him, and Vander was it!

There is just something about Vander anyway. He’s calm, confident, nicely built, big cock, and as I said, just smells great. But something that says raw sex.

Ransom keyed into all of these things the minute he walked into the room that Vander was waiting for him in. I left in some of his nervousness at the beginning of the film.
But once his clothes are off, all bets were off and this seriously turns into a feeding frenzy.

Vander is very verbal, and I don’t think I have ever seen Ransom suck a cock so eagerly…or eat ass! And watch Vander, his eyes never leave Ransom’s body, totally drinking him in and worshiping his body. Though Vander was a bit wobbly at times, we finally got what he needed, a cock in his face, compliments of a very turned on Ransom.

Knowing that Vander likes to fuck ass, Ransom then sits practically right on Vander’s face, toying with him. Vander gets even harder having a hole to play with! As I said, Ransom really went to town rimming Vander, rubbing his scent all over himself.

Vander from the get go said he doesn’t usually cum from blow jobs, and when a gay guy says that, I tend to believe it. So I knew we were gonna skip out on having Ransom try.
We get Ransom to feed  him his cock and that gets him to blow his load easily.  Ransom didn’t take to long to play catch-up and adds his load to Vander’s hairy pecs.


Short preview video:

I gotta say, this is one of the best Serviced videos! Finally some competition! ;-) Maybe I can retire my kneepads?! This video is just plain old-fashioned hot chemistry!

Click here to watch their entire video on Chaosmen now!

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Hot Straight Dude Mason Cums For Handjob

by on May.22, 2010, under SpunkWorthy

When Mason heard about the Helping Hand videos, it was actually him who asked if it was something he could get in on. He has an adventurous side to him that borders on bi-curious. There are definitely some blurry boundaries in his sexuality.

Once the cameras started rolling he was ready to go before his shorts even came off, with a big hard-on waiting just behind the zipper. He had mentioned wanting to try a FleshJack so I made sure to have one handy. His dick swelled up even more when I slid it inside.

Mason started out fairly quiet and kept his eyes locked on the porn playing in the background, occasionally glancing down to watch his cock getting worked over. As things went on, though, he started letting go and getting into the moment. Once he flipped back over after having his ass played with, all the barriers were gone.

He started playing with his nipples and telling me to "go faster" until he unleashed a blast of cum all over his stomach while moaning and writhing all over the bed!



Short preview video:

Why not join Spunkworthy now and watch this video in DVD quality PLUS enjoy pics and videos of hundreds of other real amateur straight boys?

Spunk Worthy is an interesting amateur site that features truly straight guys (99% of them are genuinely straight). If you want to see the next-door types – the frat boys, the military men, the skaters and surfers that you see all over the streets every day – this is the site for you. Got some tats, a hairy chest, or a little beer belly? Fuck ya! Sign ‘em up!

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Hot Red-Headed Italian on Audition

by on May.10, 2010, under TheCastingRoom

Marcello is a hot red-headed Italian over at First Auditions. The common fear for any straight guy is that if they allow anything to penetrate their bum or enjoy any kind of anal play it will call their sexuality into question. But Marcello is so keen to broaden his sexual horizons and try something new, that he is prepared to answer all the casting director’s questions and display every inch of his manly naked body for his probing camera.


Download and save the full video at

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Furry and Extra Hot Stud Bo Busts a Nut

by on May.01, 2010, under Buzz West

Our Cowboy Country Line Dancin Bo is back! Fresh out of the Marines and enjoying civilian life, Bo has been a busy guy. With his busy work schedule, he still finds time to teach country line dancing at several local bars. He called me up the other day and said he was going to be passing through and wanted to stop in, so of course I said YES! I’m still amazed every time I get the pleasure of seeing Bo’s HUGE dick. He hangs about 5 inches soft, and it nearly doubles in size when he gets hard! Not only that, but he has big ole bull nuts to match, and they hang between his legs all the way to the bed when he lies down. Wait till you see the way they slap on his hairy ass when he’s jerking off! Bo is a furry favorite for sure, and we loved his lunch time quickie stop over! Bo isn’t much of a moaner, but there’s something about him that will really get you off.  


I think you’ll agree with me that this man is just getting hotter and sexier as time passes. We had the opportunity to see him as Rocko from Spunk Worthy here and here.

Click here to enjoy his whole newest video available at Buzz West!

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Handsome New Stud On The Block

by on Apr.10, 2010, under Manavenue

Conte applied some time ago through our on-line application. We were waiting for the right time to film him since he wanted to let his body hair grow back in.

This handsome guy showed up for the shoot and immediately dropped his pants for us to see his new pubes and body hair and boy were we pleased that he had waited.

While he was standing there with his pants around his ankles, his dick started getting hard, so we knew it was going to be a successful shoot.  Handsome, hairy and sporting a hard dick !!!

Thanks, Conte, for putting up with all our requests. Hope to see you again, soon.


What a yummu hottie!

Click here to watch his whole video at Manavenue, as well as hundreds of other hot & rough straight males!

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Releasing the Load

by on Mar.20, 2010, under New York Straight Men

Jimmy admits that he is becoming addicted to the feeling of a guy’s mouth on his cock. He came to us after a long day in the stables our straight guy and he was tired, sweaty and horny. He was in need of some pampering from our Resident Cocksucker, Ben.
He took a long steamy shower and Ben eagerly dried him off so he he could start blowing him as quickly as possible. Jimmy was in need of servicing but Ben was in need of Jimmy!
Ben gave Jimmy the blowjob of his life! Ben wanted to be Jimmy’s personal cocksucker, when ever Jimmy comes by. In addition to sucking Jimmy’s cock like no girl could ever do, Ben also licked and slurped Jimmy’s nipples, which was all new to him.
When Jimmy couldn’t hold back his load anymore, Ben positioned right under Jimmy’s balls, where is got sprayed in the face with Jimmy’s thick, gooey seed!


Click here to check out this entire movie with Jimmy taking a shower and then getting a good ole blowjob from Ben, our hungry and horny cocksucker!

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Hot Straight Cop Jimmy Gets Blow Job

by on Feb.26, 2010, under New York Straight Men

Meet Jimmy! He is a 30 year old guy originally from Wyoming’s big sky country. Out there he was an equestrian rider and trainer and after moving to NYC almost 10 years ago he still does that. He got a job with NYPD training their horses which is what initially brought him to the big city. These days you can find him either working in Central Park or riding upstate or out in NJ.

We have been in contact with Jimmy for months trying to get him to appear on camera. He was never been filmed naked before much less having sex in front of a camera, until now…hmmm

We will confess, that he is a really, really HOT guy and he did amazingly well for his first time! He was a little nervous during the interview portion, he was afraid to reveal too much personal info, but we got out all the important stuff.

Unlike some first timers, Jimmy was hard from the get-go…..Sergio loved his big cock and Jimmy loved Sergio’s skilled mouth, which resulted in an explosion of straight-guy baby batter!



WOW, Jimmy is certainly one super hot straight dude!

You can watch his entire movie if you visit New York Straight Mena site devoted to hot straight men taken directly from the streets of NYC! 

Click here to check out hundreds of strictly straight men getting their first blowjob from a guy and loving it!

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Rough & Handsome Straight Stud Works His Huge Tool

by on Feb.24, 2010, under RandyBlue

Brenden Butler is our newest model. He’s got a handsome face with the sexiest cleft chin and eyes so green you feel like you’re looking into a wild rainforest when you gaze deep into them. He takes off his shirt to reveal a lean body, naturally smooth save for a well manicured treasure trail, aptly named for the massive treasure it leads you to. Lets just say when he’s wearing little more than a pair of designer briefs there is nothing left to the imagination. And when he’s hard, that little bit of fabric can hold it no better than a hankie can hold a python. He points it right at you and you don’t know whether to lunge or duck. And when he runs his hands up and down the shaft the look of stern concentration and pure pleasure that crosses his face is enough to make you lick your lips. I love the way his ass cheeks tense with every stroke and the way his mouth hangs open just enough to make you feel like he could kiss you at any s! econd. He works that huge tool with such skill, moving his body to the motion of his rising heat, until he can’t contain himself and shoots a huge load of warm sticky jizz all over that smooth chest of his.


What else can I say? Brenden is your typical straight hottie that enjoys attention from both men and women in the neighbourhood. He’s almost perfect in every sense and is aware of the impact  he has on people. In other words,

Thoroughly cum-inducing.

Click here to watch Brenden’s entire movie, it’s steaming hot!

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Army Stud Rocco

by on Feb.24, 2010, under English Lads

Former army stud Rocco strips off his t shirt, turns and faces the wall and looks like he has been slammed against the wall and is about to be searched by the police! Instead he turns back round and shows off an offensive bulge, drops his jeans and pulls down his little briefs revealing the evidence is not even semi! The great thing with Rocco is he has this big dangly cock when soft and large balls that push it up and on show! Once on show he cant resist tugging on his foreskin and starting as he means to go on he bends over and shows off in all his glory his perfectly hairless hole. Not shy today Rocco shows it off in many a position even pulling his cheeks apart for even better access! After a little more playing Rocco stands up and as he tenses up he squirts a nice big load on the kitchen stool and on the floor. Another happy recruit with drained balls!


For more hot English lads check out British Lads website!

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