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Extremely Hot Police Officer in Full Gear

by on Mar.27, 2013, under Uncategorized

Extremely hot police officer in full gear.

Would you like to be searched by him? Me, too.

Just found it on the net and wanted to share with ya.


Would you like more of these porn unrelated, virtually unknown men or famous actors, sportsmen, singers, martial arts practitioners on this blog? Please write your answer in the comments section of this post.

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Mark Chokes On Lucas’ Huge Fat Cock

by on Oct.29, 2010, under New York Straight Men

Lucas needed some no strings service and knew where he could get it….in the NYSM service lair!

He arrived with a 3 day load and was itching to get his big fat uncut cock slurped on. He also wanted his nuts and asshole licked as well.

We let Lucas know that Mark understood that he was there for one purpose, to fulfill the needs of our guys! With that understanding out in the open, the service session went down exactly the way Lucas wanted it to. Mark was nothing more than a mouth with a warm tongue to Lucas.

He took full advantage of the mouth at hand and had his cock sucked, licked and deep throated. He gave Mark’s tongue a workout too, it spent a good amount of time up Lucas’ asshole.

When the time was right, Lucas exploded with a load of spuge that made Mark proud of the job he did.


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Denver Cums Twice

by on Oct.23, 2010, under Straight Fraternity

Denver is tall, lean and muscular. He’s 19 and horny as hell. He tells me about jacking off with his buddies. I love his chest and his nice big rod. He gets naked and starts getting hard for me. He doesn’t know I’m going to make a move on him, but I am.

I didn’t know I’d get to go there twice. Once he is horny I jump in and start stroking him until he shoots a load for me. Twenty minutes later, he’s back at it, and I find out he likes his balls worked on. So I give Denver a lesson in tea-bagging and he cums yet again.


Short preview video:

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Straight Fraternity is a great site that features amateur straight guys. Most of the guys here are funny, cool, and entertaining… and of course hot as hell! The site authors really love to show cumshots in all their glory, and if you’re a cum lover, you will like this site.

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Straight Dude Kevin Crows Baptizes His New Motorbike With Cum

by on Oct.12, 2010, under SG4GE

It’s like marking your territory. Every new bike must be christened. Kevin Crows pulls up to the Jake Cruise Ranch on his new cruiser, so horny that he doesn’t make it off the bike before he’s shirtless and playing with his MASSIVE dick.

Kevin looks like he lives in a gym with his rock-hard and chiseled body. Kevin finds a spot in the cool grass to lie down and continue. He spits on and strokes his cock, squirming about on the ground. Getting back up and walking up to his bike, Kevin drenches the seat and tank with a huge load of cum.


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Stone – Hot, Hairy, Masculine, Straight Dude With Killer Smile

by on Oct.05, 2010, under Chaosmen

You might think that a guy who is called Stone would be rigid and inanimate like a stone, but Stone is super-friendly and likes to smile a lot.

Stone is very straight and has a girlfriend who is a stripper (he loves strippers). He’s been dating her for about 5 months already and they are getting along just fine. She’s a smart girl and she’s been telling him he should go where the money is – gay for pay.

So he listened to her advice and came to us to shoot a solo scene as an experiment. He liked it a lot at our place and he said he would like to do a blowjob video the next day… but his flight was scheduled for the next day so there wouldn’t be enough time. However he might do an Edge or a Serviced video… hopefully!

Stone was keen on pleasing us so we waited for quite some time for his fur to grow back. And what a sight it is now – just take a look at that beautiful hairy chest! Jummy! His girlfriend also loves it, so the fur is here to stay.

Stone has a decent sized cock and he had to watch some straight porn to get it up. Stone likes girls with exotic looks, and he says he doesn’t jerk off too often. I’d say I believe him because his looks are very charming and his personality shines. He looks innocent, but naughty at the same time, which is what ladies fall for in just a few seconds.

I hope Stone will be back for more shoots for Chaosmen, a blowjob perhaps? And with his girlfriend’s assistance his tight hole might be probed too, who knows?


Short preview video:

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Chaosmen is a great amateur site that features super hot straight and bisexual guys in solo or raw hardcore scenes. Be sure to check it out!

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Hagan Fucks Ransom Hard and Raw

by on Oct.04, 2010, under Chaosmen

Hagan has that perfect body, face, and a huge dick, but I am still trying to get him to really ramp-up and use that giant stick of his like a jack rabbit.

Ransom was next up to take his huge tool, and like a good bottom, he could have taken a pounding. But Hagan slowly fucks him, tentative about hurting his scene partner. It did keep hitting Ransom’s spot and we had to cut while we waited for him to NOT cum.

Ransom, a seasoned professional by now, gets his dick sucked by Hagan to start with, and he does get hard for it, but you can catch this little moment where he is like, "Enough of this, let’s get down to some serious dick sucking!!" He tosses Hagan over and goes after his cock with gusto.

A little bit of face fucking too. When you see Hagan’s cock flop out and lay against Ransom’s face, you can see just how big it is. It’s almost as long and big as Ransom’s face!
Anyway, Ransom totally gets off to Hagan’s body and was truly enjoying the cock up inside him.

Ransom rode Hagan’s cock, and his dick just got harder and harder, and I figured why not have him cum that way? Hagan stays hard for the moment, and after Ransom nuts, he pulls out and strokes for a minute then unloads, the cum oozing down his cock.

Not one to let his load be wasted, he plunges it in to Ransom, who by then was ready for a post-cum nap and eager to de-cramp his legs!






Short preview video:

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WARNING: This post contains descriptions and footage of bareback (unprotected) sex. Please be advised that this site does NOT encourage or condone bareback sex unless the participants are tested, live in a monogamous relationship and/or are fully aware of the dangers of acquiring HIV and other sexually transmited diseases through practicing sex without condoms.

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Hot Construction Worker Andriy

by on Oct.02, 2010, under TheCastingRoom

Hot construction worker Andriy has a conservative nature, but he’s tired of low paid hard labour. Since he loves sex he’s taking the plunge and trying out for the porn business at FirstAuditions.

This naïve lad has no idea the casting director gets off on filming horny masculine straight guys like him fully naked and wanking on camera for the first time. Normally the bodies of hot hard workers like Andriy are exclusively for their wives, but here we get to see every detail of his cock, balls and arsehole to save forever.


Short preview video:

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Kyle’s Favorite Hobby – Blowjobs

by on Sep.10, 2010, under New York Straight Men

Meet Kyle! He is in his late 20’s has a few different girlfriends but has no problem "hanging with another dude" aka letting a guy suck his cock.

He is a bartender so he has a naturally open mind although he doesn’t go around bragging that he will let a guy blow him, especially to his girlfriends!
Ralph had no problem hanging out with Kyle even if it meant that he would be doing the cocksucking. Actually, Ralph got right down to business, he pulled down Kyle’s shorts and revealed a nice cut cock with a full bush.

As Ralph worked his mouth on Kyle’s cock it grew and grew and got rock hard. It had been been a few days since he dumped his load and Kyle’s balls were full!

Blow jobs are his favorite he told us before the session started and Kyle was enjoying every moment of this blow job session. Kyle sat down on the table with Ralph between his legs  sucking and slurping on Kyle’s hard cock. The suction was driving him wild! Finally he lost control and blew that built up load all over!


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Sexy & Horny Young Lad Cums Twice

by on Aug.22, 2010, under Straight Fraternity

Godrick is a cute 23-year-old with a nice big seven inch cock. He tells me about being sexual very early in life – and his Dad’s dick.  He’s a bit nervous at first, but soon that seven-incher is standing at attention and ready to salute. He plays with himself and then I get him lubed up and start to jack him. I admit I was a bit surprised when he tells me he is about to cum WAYYY early – and then he blows his first load. I give him a few minutes to recover before I go down on him and get him hard again. This time he gives me ample warning that he’s about to shoot and I get another nice load out of him.


Short preview video:


Straight Fraternity is a great site that features amateur straight guys. Most of the guys here are funny, cool, and entertaining… and of course hot as hell… I’m sure you’ll enjoy watching their antics! The site authors really love to show cumshots and if you’re a cum lover, you will like this site.

Click here to watch Godrick’s entire video and enjoy his two cumshots!

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Young Boxer Joey’s Audition

by on Jul.10, 2010, under TheCastingRoom

Joey gets erections easily. It’s always been a problem for this smooth-bodied young boxer. He often gets a stiffy when travelling on the bus, running on the treadmill at the gym or when sunbathing on the beach. Finally he decides to put his wood to good use and apply to be in porn. This straight jock also loves women and getting rim jobs: a combination that doesn’t always work. But filming him bending over and spreading that fine looking arse, the First Auditions casting director would love to dive in and pleasure his tight sphincter.


Short preview video:

Click here to see what happened with this unsuspecting hot straight boy!

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