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Handsome Blue-Collar Worker Gary Strokes His Big Fat Cock

by on Feb.14, 2018, under WorkingMenXXX

Gary is a hot young blue-collar man who showed up for this jerkoff video just a few hours after he had got out of jail. We won’t get into that because it’s irrelevant for our video, but our impression about Gary is that he is a nice guy with a good heart and that he gives his best to do the right things in life.

Gary is very fond of music and he was actually into DJing some time ago, but his main profession is his job as a roofer. In this video he strokes his beautiful big cock for the camera and, by the look of it, he thoroughly enjoys doing that. We hope to see more of this sexy dude in the near future.

Preview video:

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WorkingMenXXX is a very hot amateur site that features real, totally genuine working men from all walks of life. These guys love to jerk off for a buck or two and we really appreciate their rugged, masculine demeanor and looks!

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Manavenue Christian – Cute & Sexy As Hell

by on Nov.27, 2010, under Manavenue

Holy Shit. This guy is fucking cute as hell.

Look at those damn blue eyes.
Look at those wide shoulders.
Look at that huge dick.
Look at that young bubble butt.
Look at that load of cum.
Uh oh…Look at that sticky stuff that just erupted from your own cock.


Short preview video:

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Charlie & Taylor Brooks – Young And Hung

by on Nov.11, 2010, under You Love Jack

I’m in the mood for hung straight boys today, so I’m gonna show ya some totally hot and unbelievably hung young studs that will make you hard and salivating in no time! When I first discovered YouLoveJack, I thought I was in Heaven. I mean, just look at those fuckingly beautiful cocks!

First off, let’s start with our old friend Charlie, who has one of the most perfect cocks I’ve ever seen. He whips out his superhard 7-incher (18 cm) and shows off the big thick shaft and swollen cockhead. He stares at the camere with his magically blue eyes and this is enough to make you feel you’re in Heaven. This hottie had a very dirty mind, though – don’t be fooled. Charlie like sex and he likes to pound pussy more than anything else. Although straight, he likes to play with his asshole by putting fingers inside. He says his girlfriends love to give him the assplay whenever he asks. In the end he shoots his load all over his hairy young belly.


Short preview video:


Next, we have Taylor Brooks! Taylor says he’s straight but has had some gay encounters and he was a top then. Who are we to argue with such a hot guy anyway? Just take a look at that incredible six-pack and 8-inch (20 cm) monster cock and all I can think is “He better be a top!” Taylor shoots like a real porn star.. this time around he shot himself in the chin, mouth and all over the chest with his hot cum!


Short preview video:


YouLoveJack is a great porn site that features young straight (and bisexual) dudes that are usually extremely hung!

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HardBritLads Josh Ryan – Straight Muscular Boxer

by on Aug.29, 2010, under HardBritLads

Fit, Welsh straight lad, Josh Ryan, shows off his stunning, beefy, muscular body in this hot solo. After a short interview, his cock is rock solid in his shorts, and when he gets it out, its a real treat. Nice and thick, and uncut. He jerks off slow for us, giving us plenty of great shots of his horny body, before shooting a very nice creamy load. 


Short preview video:

Click here to watch the entire video with Josh Ryan. This young man is one sexy straight fucker!

Hard Brit Lads is a very promising hardcore gay site with exclusive content and hot British lads engaging in seriously aggressive and hot fucking. Check it out.

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Young Horny Muscle Fucker Pierce

by on Aug.27, 2010, under Manavenue

Pierce is a tall, fair-skinned muscle guy who is a referral from a friend of our’s.  When we first met him and he dropped his jeans, we weren’t sure whether to film him or suck his dick. Being the professionals that we are, we opted for the former and will let you fantasize about the latter.

This fucker was all about his big arms.  Barely fitting into his t-shirt, we were quite happy when it was removed. Same with the jeans. Fuck that. Just take your clothes off, get your dick hard, smile for the camera, pose, flex, cum. And Pierce does just that.

NOW. It’s time for you to get naked, stroke your dick looking at Pierce and spew a huge load like he does at the end of this vid.


Short preview video:

Click here to watch this horny motherfucker’s entire video on Manavenue!

Manavenue is a gay porn site that features straight men which one might encounter while walking down the street. You know, the usual hot straight men we ogle all the time. However, I’ve found the men on Manavenue to be usually much hotter than the men I see while walking down the street.
Pay them a visit and see for yourself.

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Young Horny Muscled Hunk Shows Off

by on Aug.12, 2010, under MarkWolff

Far and away my most popular new model last year was Alex Price. Who i actually discovered by chance, when he showed up with one of the models we had scheduled for that days shoot in Bucharest Romania. Since his video Debut in Nubreed 9 i have been getting tons of requests to shoot Alex again. Well your wish is my command and with visa in hand boarded a 9hr overnight train ride from Budapest just to shoot him. Alex has packed on a bit more muscle in the past year. I think you’ll agree my journey was worth it.

MarkWolff features muscled straight men and fitness trainers with gorgeous rock-hard bodies that look like works of art, and of course huge hard cocks!

Watch Alex Price and many other hard muscled studs at MarkWolff!

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Dexter Is A Huge Slab Of Hottest Man Meat

by on Aug.11, 2010, under Dirty Tony

The bigger they are, the harder they cum. Dexter is the biggest slab of man meat to grace my lucky sheets in quite a while. He starts off strong and silent until we start talking about women. This beefy latin lover has an eye for the exotic and is a self-proclaimed ass man that likes nothing more than to bend over a nice piece of tail, and dominate doggy-style. When we got to talking, I was surprised to find out all the things Dexter has not had a chance to try yet. Believe me, I have a laundry list of things I would like to have him try. He loves his big butt and seventeen inch pythons, I can’t wait to see what else Dexter will let me measure.

He has a huge dick and no problem popping a thick veiny hard-on as soon as I asked him. Hips start rocking and his six-pack tenses up into a perfect tan canvas to catch his thick white load. Panting and laughing Dexter crosses one more thing off of his "To-Do List".


Short preview video:

WOW, I enjoyed watching Dexter a lot, and I hope you will enjoy too! I watched the whole movie and Dexter easily shoots all over his chest, almost to his neck. Load after load, lots of cum! Be sure not to miss out this one.

Click here to watch his entire video PLUS access hundreds of other straight dudes over at Dirty Tony!

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Powerful Mature Straight Hunk

by on Aug.09, 2010, under Chaosmen

I do get a fair amount of requests for more mature guys, and I DO try. But as I have always said, guys in that age bracket tend to be more financially stable or concerned about careers, and just less likely to get into porn. They are set on their Path.

Whereas the younger guys tend to throw caution to the wind, and their culture seems more open about being filmed so intimately and publicly.

So I was real happy to have Earl come in to do a solo. He is a bit nervous but his cock never falters and he shows it off quite nicely, with a little a direction from me. His tattoos are kind of funny but his body is great. Earl has slimmed down about 10 pounds to do this shoot. It was his motivating factor for doing the video for you!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this blond, mature guy!  I can’t believe I am counting 30 as ‘Mature!’


Short preview video:

Chaosmen is a great gay porn site that gives us a chance to watch many über hot straight and bisexual studs showing off their superb bodies and wanking their big hard dicks for us! From time to time they get paid quite a lot of money to fuck raw among themselves. It has to be some of the hottest gay porn action on the internet, so do check it out!

Click here to visit Chaosmen and watch Earl’s entire video!!

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Playing With His Ass and Dick Until He Cums

by on Jul.21, 2010, under Straight Fraternity

Brock says it takes a lot to freak him out, so I asked him if I could play with his ass. I think I freaked him out – but he agreed to try it.

He starts out getting his nice big cock all plumped up and hard for me. Then I had him get on his knees so we could check out that awesome bubble butt. I started playing with his taint and hole, and he said it wouldn’t take him any time to cum. But only because he was horny when he got there. Riiiiight. I knew that he was loving it – but he didn’t expect that it would feel that good. I think he was a bit embarrassed. I had him turn over so I could get his cum shot on camera. This guy knows how to cum big and loud.


Short preview video:

I love this guy. There’s something boyishly funny and beautiful about him, but at the same time he’s one hot man. As in all previous movies Brock gives a great performance which will leave you wanting more!

Click here to watch the latest Brock’s video online!

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Girth Brooks In Your Face

by on Jul.14, 2010, under Extra Big Dicks

Besides sporting the biggest schlong in porn, Girth Brooks is one of my favourite porn stars for other reasons as well. He’s handsome, masculine and – most importantly of all – he’s got  a charming and lively personality. Have you noticed he’s pretty much always smiling? Yeah, he is happy and he wants you to be happy in his presence too,

It’s been almost a year since I introduced Girth Brooks on this blog. He took the gay porn biz by storm and is still going strong. This time around he’s showing off all of his manly assets at Extrabigdicks! 

Originally from Massachusetts Girth more than lives up to his name. Girth starts to stretch as he gets comfortable. He keeps his chest trimmed short but long enough to form a faint happy trail down the middle of his defined abs. He has a natural 5 o’clock shadow that just adds to his sex appeal. He takes his shorts off and, as he does, we can already make out the beginnings of a pop tent growing in his boxer briefs. Those briefs look like they’re hiding an anaconda. He strokes that aching meat with both hands as he starts to give his cock the attention it requires. Even with both fists wrapped around his monster cock there’s room for more. He puts his left hand behind his head showcasing his sexy pits. He slowly runs his tongue along his bicep and pit which just! makes his dick throb harder. He stands to give us a better view as the cam goes in from below giving us a spectacular view of those smooth balls and that thick cock. Girth knows just how to show off what he’s packing. He then gets on the couch and assumes a more revealing position as he gets on all four. He arches his back a bit as his beautiful ass gets put on display. Look all you want boys, that’s as close as you’re gonna get to that ass. He strokes that cock underhand as he shows off that sweet ass that’s framed by sexy tan lines. Girth’s cock is getting close so he flips over and lies back to give that cock the release it’s now begging for. He grabs that thick cock by the base as he jacks off faster. His smooth nuts pull in tight as he prepared to unload. His abs contract as he starts to moan and groan aloud as his rock hard explodes coating his furry happy trail with his thick load. Oh yes, someone was up for the challenge of taking this cock in every hole and tune i! n next week to see if it all fit!


Short preview video:

See Girth Brooks in Complete XXX video now!

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