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Handsome Blue-Collar Worker Gary Strokes His Big Fat Cock

by on Feb.14, 2018, under WorkingMenXXX

Gary is a hot young blue-collar man who showed up for this jerkoff video just a few hours after he had got out of jail. We won’t get into that because it’s irrelevant for our video, but our impression about Gary is that he is a nice guy with a good heart and that he gives his best to do the right things in life.

Gary is very fond of music and he was actually into DJing some time ago, but his main profession is his job as a roofer. In this video he strokes his beautiful big cock for the camera and, by the look of it, he thoroughly enjoys doing that. We hope to see more of this sexy dude in the near future.

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WorkingMenXXX is a very hot amateur site that features real, totally genuine working men from all walks of life. These guys love to jerk off for a buck or two and we really appreciate their rugged, masculine demeanor and looks!

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Handsome Hung Daddy Ettore Plows Newcummer Robbie’s Ass Hard & Deep

by on Jan.14, 2016, under LucasKazan

Who wouldn’t love to spend some quality time with such a hot, masculine young daddy like Ettore? Well, newcummer Robbie and Ettore clicked right from the get go, and you can tell there was plenty of genuine chemistry between these guys. Robbie is young, hung and likes sex. Ettore is a very hung and handsome muscle daddy who definitely knows how to treat his "young apprentices".

After some initial blowjob exchange, Ettore bends Robbie over and plows his ass in several positions using his delicious, huge stiff cock. Robbie couldn’t wait to receive Ettore’s big manhood and took the pounding like a champ!


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Lukaskazan is a hot porn site that brings you some very special Italian studs that you won’t find anywhere else! These men are masculine and hung, and built like a mountain!


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Braggy & Hung Rugby Player Ian Loses The Bet

by on Sep.02, 2013, under CMNM

Ian is a rough, masculine rugby player and he’s in their rugby bar at CMNM with his buddies. Ian boasts about always winning on gambling, but his buddies think he’s just showing off to impress them. So they decided to play a little game. It’s called "cups and balls" and the gist of it goes something like this: You drink lots of beer with the boys and then you bet with them. Every bet you lose must be followed by removing one piece of clothing from yourself.

His friends are eager to see their boastful friend naked and, judging by that big bulge in his pants, there’s something Ian should really be proud of – his large stiff cock! The beer does away with all the inhibitions and the boys can finally prove Ian wrong, as he has lost all his bets. It’s a sweet loss, though, because Ian’s boasting has just been switched from empty words to his hardened cock.


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Clothed Male / Naked Male (CMNM) is a superhot porn site where Nervous straight guys get stripped naked, groped and violated by fully clothed men.

There’s nothing better than stripping straight lads completely nude, putting their bodies on display, and teaching them exactly how to submit! When they are in such a submissive position, one would be crazy not to use the opportunity and jerk them off!


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Hunk du Jour – Hairy Muscular Hunk With Big Stiff Dick

by on May.31, 2013, under Hunk Du Jour

Just wanted to share this hot hairy man and his beautiful hard dick with you. It’s early morning here in Europe and the weather looks a bit better than during previous days.

I used this hunk as the jerkoff material because he reminds me of one of my former buddies. Great muscular body, hairy and a big stiff penis that is sure to break in any hole. Absolutely desirable in every way.


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Cum Swallowing On Snowy Thunder Mountain

by on Mar.10, 2013, under SUCKoffGUYS

In this video we revisit the "Thunder Mountain" which is famous for its beautiful scenery and also by the fact that blowjob videos look absolutely fantastic in a snowy natural landscape backdrop.

Anyhow, we follow Aaron French and Seth Chase in which there is a multiple winter 4×4 adventure. Seth and Aaron seem to have some difficulties, because they got stuck in two feet of snow and then they crashed into a tree. Damn, that’s some bad luck.

Then there was another tree crashing in front of them, so the two men decide to look for a more safe place.

As soon as they settled on a lonely mountain path, and found it safe, Seth goes out and whips out his dick. Aaron picks up the signal and quickly comes to service the hard cock. Seth figures that it’s the right time he gave this mouth a proper fucking, so he starts to fuck Aaron’s face.

Suddenly Seth shoots his load, which was quite massive, and the entire amount of his sperm ends up in Aaron’s open mouth. Truth be told, there was a lot of cum all over Aaron’s face, but the biggest splash ended up in his throat. There is now another wad of Seth’s cum in Aaron’s mouth and he keeps it there for a while before swallowing it.

This was a very nice outdoor video with some great scenery and two hot mature guys having blowjobs in the nature! Cum lovers will especially appreciate this video because there is real cum swallowing scene.


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SUCKOffGUYS is a very interesting and hot amateur gay porn site that focuses on blowjobs, cum eating, cumshots, cum play and all things cum! The site owners are obviously total cum pigs and it shows. Be sure to check them out if you’re into beautiful hard cocks, blowing stiff rods and sperm in all varieties.


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Hairy Logan’s Afternoon Blowjob & The Ensuing Afterglow

by on Feb.23, 2013, under New York Straight Men

Logan was passing near our headquarters yesterday and was feeling rather horny. He gave me a call on the cell phone and asked if we had a free cocksucker by any chance.

We always have a free cocksucker, so he was in luck. Trey was more than happy to have the opportunity to suck Logan’s dick once again. He remembers it quite well and says he likes to suck this man’s dick again and again.

Logan is definitely a hairy man. And Trey’s little secret is that he adores hairy men. So this was a match made in heaven and I couldn’t do anything else but keep the camera rolling because these two guys did everything by themselves.

After Trey’s expert service, Logan shot his wad straight onto his belly. Logan told me after that that he had a definite "afterglow" after this blowjob experience and that it went on for the entire day. Good job, Trey – we won’t be searching for a new cocksucker any time soon!


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New York Straight Men is the world’s biggest collection of straight men getting their blowjobs from gay dudes! These men are usually truly straight but they love getting head from a gay guy because it feels so much better than whatever their girlfriends can do. These men are not the Hollywood type cuties, they are Real Men!


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Hot Rough Hairy Dad Adam Herst Spunks His Load

by on Jan.12, 2013, under HardBritLads

Adam Herst is a hot, bearded rugby player. This mature and rough dad is the epitome of a strong and manly man in his best years.

He came to our studio wearing sportswear and jockstrap. He takes off all the clothes eventually, puts some oil onto his skin and shows off his muscled chest which has plenty of beautiful fur.

His legs are strong and muscled, his butt is firm and bubbly. Adam’s cock is thick and impressive when it gets fully hard. He wanked it from several positions and finally dumped his load. Gotta love these hot mature daddies.


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Hard Brit Lads!

Hard Brit Lads is a relatively new porn site that features only the most masculine and well-built straight and bisexual guys showing off and fucking the shit out of each other. The videos are well-made and shot in HD. Don’t miss out lots of amazing, manly men!


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Maskurbate – Hot, Hairy & Mature Raven Shows Off

by on Dec.16, 2012, under Maskurbate

Beautiful, mature and muscle Raven shows off for the first time in front of our cameras.

I really like his beautiful, masculine hairy chest and strong muscles. He comes across as a real, strong straight man and I got horny as soon as I sat my eyes upon him.


Preview video:

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Maskurbate features a huge collection of very masculine and mostly straight men that are very well-built, well-endowed and just fucking too hot to handle. The cumshots are usually very well shot and you can enjoy the sperm flying through the air as these studs empty their big nuts.

Hot Straight Men Getting Dirty

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NYSM – Hairy Muscled Architect Logan Serviced

by on Jun.19, 2012, under New York Straight Men

Say hello again to Logan! We filmed him some six years ago when he did a solo blowjob scene for us, and now he’s back. Many things have happened since that time. He has got divorced from his former wife and I’d say he’s got even more sexy and handsome. There’s nothing better than having a naked hairy mature man in his prime years in front of yourself.

Logan is now in his mid 40s, he is about 6’2’’ (187 cm) tall, has blond hair, blue eyes, VERY hairy and has just the right amount of natural muscles.

I love Logan’s face, it’s definitely masculine and has that elusive hypnotizing effect, especially when he stares at you with his intense light-blue eyes, you just want to say “Yes Sir! I will obey!”

Logan can’t even remember when he was blown by a guy last time. It was certainly a long time ago. Well, we are here to rectify that mistake. Every straight dude deserves to be blown regularly by experienced male cocksuckers. We were happy to find him on a Sunday afternoon. It was late Spring and the weather was already getting pleasantly hot. Logan was extremely horny and couldn’t say no to our offer to get a good blowjob from our resident cocksucker.

Cocksucker Trey got on his knees, opened Logan’s jeans and let the beast get out by itself. Logan’s big dick just fell out and was already half-hard. Trey put it into his mouth and began to suck it with gusto. Trey says he especially liked the hairiness of Logan’s body, especially the blond bush around his balls.

After some time Logan sat on the sofa and let Trey continue his work on his dick. The cocksucking was sensual and sublime and I think it’s safe to say that Trey did an outstanding job. There was even deepthroating because Trey just couldn’t resist putting that entire beast into his throat. Logan shot his load rather suddenly and just filled Trey’s mouth with his seed.

004 (1)

Preview video:

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New York Straight Men!

New York Straight Men is the world’s biggest collection of straight men getting their blowjobs from gay dudes! These men are usually truly straight but they love getting head from a gay guy because it feels so much better than whatever their girlfriends can do. These men are not the Hollywood type cuties, they are Real Men!


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New York Straight Men – Horny Daddy Joseph Uses Trey’s Mouth & Throat

by on Sep.22, 2011, under New York Straight Men

Sexy daddy Joseph told us he hadn’t busted his nut in over a week, and asked if we could provide a good and obedient cocksucker for him. Of course we said yes!

Joseph arrived on a lazy Sunday afternoon, and was impatient to get blown ASAP. Trey was already on his knees with his mouth open, eagerly waiting for Joseph’s hard cock.

Joseph enjoyed Trey’s cocksucking skills a lot. He behaved quite arrogantly and used Trey’s mouth as if it were some little pussy. He stuffed his thick cock in there and all the way to Trey’s throat. Trey certainly had full mouth of cock!

Trey didn’t mind the fact that Joseph treated his mouth like a pussy. He likes to be taken advantage of and used in this way. Eventually Joseph shot a rather huge squirt of his white cum which splattered on Trey’s neck and his back!


Short preview video:

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New York Straight Men is the world’s largest and best collection of hot and horny straight men getting their blowjobs from gay dudes!


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