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Naked Marine – Private Aleco Services His Military Buddy Doyle

by on Jan.16, 2012, under Naked Marine

If you like to see two soldiers sucking each other off, then this will be a treat for you. We’ve invited our old friend Petty Officer Doyle, a navy vet of seven years and paired him with Private Aleco who has just joined the military.

Private Aleco keeps asking Doyle various questions regarding the military life and Doyle tells him about the time he spent together with his army buddies whom he considers to be his friends for life. There were some pretty wild stories about his leave in Hong Kong when they apparently had some hookers. Aleco’s attention markedly intensified after the word “hooker” and then they watched some straight porn I put especially for them.

Doyle starts to fondle his balls and cock through the pants. Doyle is obviously very attracted to the girl in the movie and says “She really likes it… Makes you wanna beat off!” Private Aleco, who has been staring into Doyle’s growing dick inside the pants, makes a sly remark, “Yeah, you should!”

Since Aleco obviously doesn’t mind if he jerks off, Doyle whips out his stiff cock from his uniform. He tugs it with strong jerking movements, while still emerged in the porn movie that plays on the screen.

Aleco is constantly drawn to Doyle’s cock. He tries to concentrate on the movie and rub one out himself, but his attention always slips to Doyle’s hard fuck stick. Doyle now notices that Aleco stares at his hard dick. He turns quickly and for a brief moment their eyes meet. In this instant they understood each other perfectly without anyone uttering a word.

Aleco takes Doyle’s already stiff cock and begins to squeeze it. Doyle utters a quiet moan and we can see that he thoroughly enjoys another man working on his dick. Aleco increases the speed and then takes Doyle’s hardened phallus into his mouth. Doyle is in ecstasy and mumbles “Faster” and “Oh shit! Oh fuck!”.

I love when two soldiers go down on each other, it’s always so full of masculine energy and explosive!

Aleco falls on his knees like every good cocksucker and continues to suck and slobber on Doyle’s beautiful hard cock. Aleco swallows entire Doyle’s cock and stuffs his nose into Doyle’s bush.

Suddenly Doyle realizes he’s on the verge of cumming and tries to pull back from Aleco’s passionate mouth but it was too late. He shoots his load and hits Aleco’s lips with his army semen.


Short preview video:

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Marines Exposed

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Dirty Tony – Hunky Navy Engine Man in Uniform Jerks Off His Fat Uncut Cock

by on May.07, 2011, under Dirty Tony

When I fantasize about hot guys in military uniform, the image of a guy like Mase Taylor usually pops into my mind immediately. Mase has classic good looks and I find him amazingly hot in his navy uniform. You know, those type of guys defend our country, and in their spare time fuck some hot chick’s brains out. In short, an army stud.

Apart from having a body to die for (very well built and proportional) he has a fine coat of light colored fur that covers his muscled chest and six pack abs. But wait to see his beautiful, fat, uncut dick. The tricks he can do with his foreskin are very hot indeed.

However, he doesn’t want to rush. First we see his bulge through the forest-like cammo pants. He takes off the pants and releases the big, raging hard-on. He strokes his shaft slowly with his manly hand and his cockhead glistens with the smeared precum that oozes from the slit.

He is now totally hard and then unexpectedly spits into his hand and mixes it with his precum so that he can jerk off easier.

Just before he goes for the last round of wanking, he gets down on all fours to give us a nice look at his ass cheeks that are covered with ginger fur.

Finaly Mase lays back on the bed and resolutely jerks his mighty weapon until it starts shooting the white ammunition from his balls into the air, which hits him over his treasure trail.


Short preview video:

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Horse Hung Officer Matthew Fucks Lifeguard Mark

by on Nov.17, 2010, under All American Heroes

Petty Officer Matthew returns this week and is extremely eager to rail our favorite lifeguard Mark with his 9 x 6 inch cock. And sexy ass Mark is here with his tanned skin and athletic build from saving lives on the beaches of California. But Mark has also been learning how to take a cock, and quite well for a straight guy at that! He doesn’t know that Matthew is packing and we shall see how good his skills are with this gigantic dick-wielding twink…

Matthew and Mark begin playing with themselves, when the officer decides to whip out his huge dick for his new buddy to see. Catching a glimpse of the horse hung meat, Mark decides to pull his own member out for some pleasure. Matthew gives him a hand and starts jerking him off, when Mark decides to oblige and leans over to start milking Matthew’s long pole. Wanting to suck a dick of his own, Matthew throws Mark on his back and gives the straight boy a dream blowjob!

Ready to try out Mark’s ass, Matthew spits on his puckered hole and plunges his massive penis inside. Drilling his ass relentlessly, making the lifeguard moan out in pain with each slam to his hole. Then getting him in doggie-style, Matthew pounds him even harder until he is ready to unleash his load. Pulling out, he explodes a huge load of warm cum all over Mark’s chest. Unable to hold back any longer himself, Mark’s raging boner blows out a river of jizz, mixing in with the Officer’s military juices.


Preview video:


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Navy Stud Chad & His Big Weapon

by on Jul.02, 2010, under SpunkWorthy

Chad is getting out of the Navy and heading home. When he called to let me know I thought as a final send off, he should come by to bust one more load. And it seems he saved the best one for last.

Looking back, you’ll remember his first video where he thought he might not have a big enough dick for porn, and swearing he’d never do anything with a guy. Flash forward and he’s now done four SW shoots, including a Helping Hand video!

Chad must have been really horny ‘cos his big 8-inch cock is already at half mast when he takes his pants off, and he he had to stop himself from busting a couple times during the shoot. This is his biggest cusmhot yet, leaving the coffee table covered in a pool of jizz.




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Navy Dude Scott Busts a Nut

by on Aug.22, 2009, under SpunkWorthy

Scott is a hot 20y/o Navy dude I met here in San Diego. This was his first time ever jerking off on camera so he was pretty nervous toward the beginning of this shoot, but as soon as he dropped his pants his dick was hard and ready to go. He didn’t even touch it before it springs into action!

What a killer body! He was an all-star wrestler and a football player through high school, from a small town in the Pacific northwest.

After watching some lesbian porn, Scott works his dick and shoots a nice load onto his stomach. Check out how flushed red his chest turns as he gets close to cumming!


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