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Handsome Beefy Truck Driver Matt Brooks Strokes His Big Thick Uncut Cock

by on Dec.30, 2015, under HardBritLads

Matt Brooks is a hot and manly straight lad. Both his personality and strong masculine body attest to this. His accent and way of talking is typical of a real East London straight lad. He works as a truck driver, and you know how horny truck drivers can get over time!

We remarked that he has a lot of similarities with Danny Dyer and Matt confirmed that a lot of people tell him that, although we are sure he’s much hotter than him. This confident, easy-going boy certainly knows how to charm you with his manly swagger and cheeky smile. He frequents the gym quite often, which probably explains how he got such a hot, rock-solid body. His chest is just about perfect, with a small piercing in his nip, and his legs are also quite hot, manly, muscular and somewhat hairy. The sports clothes suit him perfectly and accentuate his laddish character well.

Matt’s cock is quite stunning – big, thick and all-around gorgeous piece of man meat! It’s a little over 7 inches long and really fat at the base. Matt plays with it nonchalantly, allowing the cameraman to capture his manhood from different angles. Yum, yum!

Little by little, as Matt rubs his dick, there’s some precum forming on the tip of his cockhead, which a bit later starts to ooze. Eventually, Matt gets on his knees and strokes his cock hard until he shoots a nice big and thick load, which was also pretty copious. Damn!


Preview video:

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Hard Brit Lads is a relatively new porn site that features only the most masculine and well-built straight and bisexual guys showing off and fucking the shit out of each other. Videos are well-made and shot in HD. Don’t miss out lots of amazing, manly men!


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Big Ripped Straight Daddy Kevin Gets Fucked At His Audition

by on Dec.04, 2015, under TheCastingRoom

Straight dude Kevin had never had any intimate contacts with another guy prior to this casting video, but he knows full well that he’s now a professional porn star and should do anything that’s asked of him; his personal likes and dislikes in sex have little importance in this. He knows very well that if he manages to get into gay porn, he’s going to earn lots of money quickly, as opposed to the already saturated straight porn business. He thinks that all this won’t be such a big issue because his experience with his girlfriends is pretty extensive and they also had sex where the girl had an active role… so he figures it won’t be much different here.

The (pervy) casting director agrees with this reasoning, but would like to make sure that Kevin actually has all the perseverance that’s required of such a role. Needless to say, Kevin shines in this role, and goes even a little beyond of what was planned. Even before the casting director started to suck Kevin’s cock, it was already almost fully erect. Kevin is a quintessential daddy, complete with manly face, big bulging muscles and huge cock and balls… what could one wish more than that? We also liked the fact that Kevin didn’t have to act really, he comes across as totally natural and we are pretty sure he did enjoy the whole thing!

While the pervy casting director fucks Kevin, he grabs his cock and strokes it. His tight straight hole had never been stretched so much, but he seems to enjoy it, and gets pretty vocal. As the pervy casting director pounds his ass, we can notice a drop of precum forming on Kevin’s cockhead – nice!

After this, Kevin bends over the casting director and returns the favor by fucking his ass for a change. Of course, Kevin will say he did this only for the money, but a man’s dick never lies… he did enjoy it, at least a little bit!


Click here to watch his entire casting video in HD quality at
The Casting Room!

The Casting Room (formerly known as First Auditions) is a great, original porn site that showcases young, cocky straight men who would like to become porn stars and make loads of cash. They think that they’ll be accepted right away and be able to fuck lots of girls, but they don’t know that our casting director is very strict and wants to fully inspect them during the audition. He orders them to get fully naked, show their ass, and jerk off so that we can clearly see the cumshot. Plus, we get to hear all their fetishes and what turns them on.


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Gorgeous Extra-Hung Military Dude Allen Lucas Strokes His Huge Fat Cock

by on Oct.27, 2015, under ActiveDuty

Meet Allen Lucas! This brand new trooper decided to join the select squad of hot manly men that we’re building here at Active Duty. He’s about 6’2” (188 cm) tall and weighs about 180 lbs (81 kg). One immediately notices that Allen is built like a rock – big solid muscles from head to toes. But even more importantly, Allen is a very handsome dude with a great smile and cool, laid-back and easy-going personality. And how could we forget to mention his epically huge dick – check out that beauty!

Allen takes off some of his clothes and starts stroking his manmeat slowly at first. He’s still wearing his shorts, but eventually they go away as well. He stands up and now we can realize just how huge that dick really is – damn! His balls are smooth and sizeable, and the whole cock is totally straight and smooth as well. I can only imagine how great it would feel in one’s mouth.

When Allen stands up, Claude manages to take some of the best shots from the underneath. We get to peek at Allen’s cock from the bottom side, and it looks quite impressive. Then Allen goes back to the couch and continues to stroke it. At one point he almost shot his wad a bit too prematurely, but then abstained. You can notice quite a bit of precum leaking from his cockhead and falling on his belly. At first we thought he might have cum, but then we saw it was precum.

In the manner of a real soldier, Allen abstains from cumming for some more time, so we can enjoy it better. I’m quite sure there will be a queue of guys who would want to work with Allen after this solo shoot of his!


Preview video:

Click here to watch or download his entire video in HD quality at Active Duty!

Active Duty is a great porn site that specializes in younger military men and uniformed studs in general. These men are usually real amateurs and you will see them only here. Ripped, muscled studs in the army and their insatiable sex drive!

Active Duty is one of the oldest gay porn sites – but it has been recently updated and overhauled and now it looks brand new! Also all the videos are from now on in 2000 bit HD quality – so you can watch them even on your big TV screen!


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Hairy Extra-Hung James Jameson Fucks His Buddy Lance Alexander

by on Apr.26, 2014, under Next Door World

James Jamesson and Lance Alexander are colleagues at work. They have had a rather exhausting week, with lots of difficult clients and stressful situations. Lance notices that his buddy James is stressed out and wants to help. And what better way to help your buddy relax a bit but offer him your ass? James is somewhat surprised by Lance’s open offer at first, but keeps his mind open to it. James knows that Lance is quite hung, he’s been noticing his bulge on several occasions and figures Lance must be at least as endowed as he himself is – which is a lot. Let’s not forget that James Jamesson has one of the biggest, thickest hard weapons among the currently active porn stars and I have to admit I have always had a weakness for him. Actually, I count James among my favorite porn stars of all times, not only because of his huge tool, but also because of his perfect hairy and thoroughly masculine body. Lance is also superhot in a slightly different way: his body is smooth; his cock always dangles because of its huge size even when it’s soft; he’s tall, has a great muscular torso and is just about as perfect as a college boy can be.

Lance notices that James is scrutinizing his bulge, and then James gives his buddy a signal to proceed and suck his cock. Lance gets on his knees, pushes James’ pants down and starts servicing his friend. James is an aggressive man and likes to be bossy, so he grabs Lance’s head from behind and starts pushing it onto his huge erect cock, basically fucking his friend’s face. Lance handles the job admirably, but his ass is aching to be demolished too. So James bends Lance over, James’ cock still fully erect and there’s some precum leaking from the cockhead – just what the doctor ordered for this situation because Lance’s ass needs some lubrication. James gives Lance a rimjob to further relax him and lube his ass with his spit. Then he shoves his huge cock deep inside that hole. At that moment we can see that Lance makes funny faces, his mouth opens when James penetrates his ass.

James fucks him on the bench in the beginning, then they stand up and James bends his buddy over the weight stand. Lance braces himself for a wild ride while James fucks his tight ass with such force and aggression. This hairy fucker knows how to nail an ass from behind and he fucks Lance really aggressively. James pulls out and shoots his load that has been brewing in his balls for over a week all over Lance’s body. Finally Lance’s long time dream has cum true, and his buddy James is free from all the accumulated aggression and stress.


Preview video:

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Next Door World is a great way to access all the sites from NextDoorStudios by purchasing only one membership. You get access to 12 sites (NextDoorMale, NextDoorHookups, Nextdoortwink, Nextdoorebony, Nextdoorbuddies, Codycummings, Austinwilde, Marcusmojo, Roddaily, Samuelotoole, Trystanbull, Tommydxxx, Strokethatdick, and of course NextdoorWorld). Nextdoorworld has some exclusive content in its own right so you really get a lot of porn for a small price. These guys produce tons of good porn and have been doing it for years.


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Cute, Handsome & Ever Horny Married Dad Byron Rubs One Out

by on Mar.26, 2014, under Chaosmen

Byron is a cute, handsome and charming straight dude. He is married and has already two children, and in a few months’ time he’s expecting the third one! To quote his own words "I love to cum inside here!"

Byron is employed and he describes his job as pretty satisfactory, however the new kid will require some extra money so he’s here to make some quick cash for just that particular purpose. Can’t blame him! The handsome dad will shoot his spunk to earn several hundred bucks for his baby – how cool is that!

Byron’s wife didn’t mind his decision, what’s more she encouraged him to seek some porn site – preferably a gay one – where he could make a quick buck. She told him she would be much more at ease with him doing gay than straight porn because she would be jealous of sharing him with other women, but other guys are totally OK as far as that is concerned. Smart lady!

He doesn’t like to shave his pubes, which is something we on this blog always encourage in men. Hairy men should remain hairy, period. He did shave them off a couple of times but his wife wasn’t pleased so since then he never shaved them again!

By the way, Byron is into sports – he likes to play with his buddies and his main profession is construction work. I have rarely seen a guy with such a mature mind who stands so firmly with both his legs on the ground in his age group. It’s very nice to hear what his main priorities are in life – kids come first, then somewhere towards the end of the list is his own needs and pleasure.

This sexy straight man is endowed with a very nice, big cock that perpetually leaks precum, so if you’re a lover of extremely hard and stiff cocks that constantly leak precum, you simply have to check him out. I must say that most of the precum leaked while we were making the photos, and during the video it’s much less pronounced. His cumshot was totally epic – big and strong and copious!

I think we can pretty much count on Byron getting blown by some of our cocksuckers because he said he wouldn’t mind trying that. He’s really eager to please his beautiful wife, and she thinks it’s totally hot for him to experiment with other guys. Again, I must say – smart lady!


Preview video:

Click here to watch their entire bareback video in HD quality at Chaosmen!

Chaosmen is a great porn site that features hot straight and bi men getting serviced or fucking their mates bareback for some cash. This site is exceptional and very unique because almost every single fucking is bareback and ends with a gorgeous internal cumshot or creampie.



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Cute Hung Straight Boy Dev Shoots A Massive Load

by on Dec.19, 2013, under Like-Em-Straight

When I first saw how much precum Dev makes as soon as he gets hard, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I mean his underwear can get wet just from all that delicious precum.

It seems we really pushed all the right buttons when we told Dev that this would be something like an interview for scientific purposes. This straight dude obviously enjoys being a part of any kind of scientific research, and as soon as we told him to whip it out it stood hard and at full attention.

Dev is only 21 years old and he gets horny quite easily. He confidently stroked his nice big brown cock. At one point my mature assistant Brendon gives Dev some lube and this straight boy doesn’t mind it at all.

I must warn you, though, that his cumshot will most likely surprise you and catch you offguard, because it’s damn big and he sprays his seed like from a fire hose!

And then, as if one huge squirt wasn’t enough, he shoots another big one – completely covering his chest and stomach with sticky jizz.


Preview video:

Click here to watch their entire video in HD quality at Like-Em-Straight!

Like-Em-Straight is a porn site that features real straight guys that come to jerk off for some cash. The farthest these men will go with another man is to let him suck his cock or get a handjob, but most guys just want to jerk off. The site is made by the same authors as Bait Buddies so you can be sure there’s some quality jerkoff material inside. Most of the men I’ve seen inside are really hot and manly, and I’d venture to say that most of them are really straight.

les-300-250-4 (1) les-300-250-3
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Mega Hung Kickboxer Daniel Fucks His Buddy Luke

by on Sep.17, 2013, under HardBritLads

Daniel is a kickboxer with a truly massive monster cock. His buddy Luke doesn’t have anything to be ashamed of in the cock department, either. Both guys are truly exceptionally hung. They were both very horny today and leaked precum as a sign of extreme arousal.

They are both quite fit lads, but not too muscular, which only makes their dicks stand out even more. Daniel first gets serviced by Luke, then he deepthroats Luke (he actually manages to swallow all 9 inches, which is really a feat worth mentioning). Then Daniel rims his buddy to prepare him for some nasty hard fucking. Daniel fucks Luke and does it really deep and hard. The boys change three positions and evenutally shoot their wad.


Preview video:

Click here to watch their entire video in perfect HD quality at Hard Brit Lads!

Hard Brit Lads is a relatively new porn site that features only the most masculine and well-built straight and bisexual guys showing off and fucking the shit out of each other. The videos are well-made and shot in HD. Don’t miss out lots of amazing, manly men!


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Seth Chase Fucks & Breeds Cute Bisexual Lad Evan Parks

by on Aug.28, 2013, under SethChase (Porn Actor)

This has to be one of the best fuck scenes from Seth Chase. Cute bisexual lad Evan Parks already had the chance to fuck Seth’s cock on the "thunder mountain" (this update will be published on this blog soon, too), but he had never been fucked bareback and bred by Seth, which is something that Evan had been longing for for quite some time.

Evan rarely bottoms, but the allure of Seth’s perfect, throbbing cock filling his hole with plenty of jizz was something he couldn’t pass so easily.

The scene starts with both guys standing and Evan Parks takes Seth’s cock out of his pants. He sucks him until Seth’s cock is totally hard and pulsating. Seth turns him over and starts fingering his tight man hole, to prepare him for the onslaught of his raging boner. Seth was so eager to stick his meat deep inside Park’s ass (he’d been lusting over that thought and Park for quite a while already) that his cock was fully erect, pulsating and ready to plow that hole. There is quite a bit of precum now appearing on Seth’s cockhead, which he uses as lube and smears it all over his cock. Some of Seth’s precum ends up on Evan’s hole, so Evan was fully lubed.

Seth starts to fuck Evan slowly at first. Evan’s hole was almost virgin-like, it was super-tight and Seth couldn’t break it in one go. Evan now feels the pain, but is resolved to accommodate Seth’s raging dick because he knows it would feel great afterwards.

Seth begins to fuck Evan somewhat harder, and while that was going on, Evan grows a huge erection and begins to drip a lot of precum from his dick. Seth is relentless and still fucks him hard in his ass, stretching it and pounding it like a madman. Seth always sticks his entire shaft up Evan’s pink hole, and Seth’s balls always touch Evan’s butt.

After some time Seth is ready to deliver his seed deep in Evan’s hole. When he was about to cum, Seth shoved his dick deep inside and started to shoot his jizz. Then Seth continues to fuck and push his dick into Evan’s hole because he wanted to insert as much of his seed into Evan’s ass, to breed him the correct way.

You can tell that Evan enjoyed it a lot by his cheeky grin and when Seth pulled out, quite a bit of his jizz slowly came out of Evan’s ass. Evan used his fingers to push as much of Seth’s semen back into his ass.

Great bareback fuck scene with proper breeding!


Preview video:

Click here to download their entire video in HD quality at Seth Chase!


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Big-Dicked Luke Desmond Nails Jamie’s Tight Asshole

by on Apr.17, 2013, under HardBritLads

Luke Desmond was determined to push little Jamie Mount to his limits. And with his cock that measures 9 inches, it wasn’t that hard to achieve this. Poor Jamie had his tight little hole stretched beyond its former limits when Luke shoved his massive dick inside and fucked that hole hard.

They start off sitting on the sofa, both of them wearing hot sports kits. They were horny from the get go and began rubbing their cocks through the shorts. Not long after that they reach for each other’s hard rod and also softly suck each other’s nipples.

Next, they lose their shorts and we now see them only in their white briefs, with massive bulges from their sizeable cocks. Those hard uncut cocks are aching to be released from the confines of tight undies. As soon as the undies are pulled down, their dicks spring out like determined soldiers ready for attack.

Jamie is awestruck by Luke’s one-eyed monster, it is really a huge cock. Never underestimate a huge cock, it can really wreck havoc in your asshole! Jamie has never been with a man with such a huge dick and he approaches it with reverence and awe. He takes it in his hand and begins to suck the cockhead.

Jamie is an excellent cocksucker, considering the fact that he’s not a huge lad. He can take quite a bit of Luke’s cock down his throat, but he just can’t swallow it completely. Luke reciprocates and starts shuffling Jamie’s cock around and playing with it. Jamie is so horny that his cock is oozing with precum. It begs to be sucked and jerked, and his asshole is getting ready to get plowed.

They first face-fuck for some time, then Jamie goes on all fours and Luke kneels near him. Luke spits on Jamie’s hole and pushes his finger inside. Jamie is already in heaven, and in anticipation of things to come.

Luke rubs his huge cock against Jamie’s ass, teasing him. Luke then slowly inserts his giant tool inside Jamie’s hole. Jamie groans when only one third of Luke’s cock is inside him, but soon enough he will get used to it. Jamie also jerks himself off and Luke advances more and pushes his entire cock in Jamie’s ass.

Now Jamie is leaning on the sofa with his legs fully apart and Luke sticks his dick in that tight hole. Luke is gentle and doesn’t push his entire monster yet, allowing Luke to get used to it. As they are fucking, Luke pushes his cock deeper and deeper and gets more aggressive.

The sight of Luke’s giant cock entering Jamie’s tight ass is priceless. You just can’t get a more horny and hot picture than that! Jamie also wanks his dick while the copious precum oozes out of his cockhead. Luke is now fucking Jamie with long strokes.

Luke must have hit the right spot in Jamie’s ass, because soon enough Jamie shoots his load. Luke pulls out, removes the rubber and goes to Jamie’s head so he can deliver a facial. Jamie is hungry for Luke’s hot cum and opens his mouth. Luke can’t withhold the upcoming cum eruption and the sight of his fuck buddy with an open mouth is too much to bear… so he starts cumming, big thick spurts of his jizz shooting from his cockhead. Luke puts some of his seed even on Jamie’s tongue. Great fuck scene!


Preview video:

Click here to watch their entire video in perfect HD quality at
Hard Brit Lads!

Hard Brit Lads is a relatively new porn site that features only the most masculine and well-built straight and bisexual guys showing off and fucking the shit out of each other. The videos are well-made and shot in HD. Don’t miss out lots of amazing, manly men!


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Cum-Drenched Gangbang Orgy With Hung Sweaty Frat Guys

by on Apr.15, 2013, under FraternityX

Me and my mates were fooling around with the ball outside in the backyard. We got all sweaty and wanted some refreshment, so we headed back to the house to get some beer.

Instead of going straight to the kitchen to get beer we came across Angelo taking a break from working out and sniffin on Jansen’s sweaty underwear. We immediately knew what he was up to and that he was horny.

Jensen took Angelo’s head and pushed it onto his sweaty crotch, so that the dirty motherfucker could sniff all the goodness there as much as he wanted.

We then surrounded him and started to face-fuck him with our hard dicks. Angelo is insatiable when it comes to blowing cocks, so we made sure to give him at least three at the same time.

Kevin got really aggressive and pushed his cock deep in Angelo’s throat. Kevin loves these types of insatiable cocksucker who will drop on their knees and treat your cock like a religious object and worship it.

Lucky thing that the bench-press was nearby, because it came just in handy to nail Angelo hard and raw. First we fingered his ass so as to prepare it for our big swollen dicks that were already dripping precum in anticipation of the upcoming fucking. Jensen and Kevin started to fuck Angelo like real animals, there was no hope for his tight asshole anymore.

We were so horny that all our cocks oozed precum all the time, and we stuffed Angelo with that precum first. The main seeding was to come afterwards.

Jensen also decided to offer his hole and Kevin fucked both him and Angelo, taking turns. Imagine having two hot dudes on the couch, with their legs raised up in the air and with their hairy assholes fully exposed, just awaiting your cock to penetrate them!

Eventually, Kevin and Angelo seeded Jensen’s hole and pushed all the cum deep inside to insure proper breeding.

This is one of the classic FraternityX gangbang orgies which will keep your cock hard and provide many jerkoff sessions. After all, these guys are truly the cream of the crop and their bareback fuck sessions are always awesome.

Preview video:

Click here to watch their entire video in HD quality at FraternityX!

FraternityX is an amazing new porn site that features a gang of young, bisexual college boys who are sexually insatiable, always horny and ready to fuck a hole. They record their orgies and put them up on their website (FraternityX) and charge a small membership fee so that you can help put them through college!

You can enjoy lots of 3-somes and wild orgies on this site, and the boys are truly handsome and hot!

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