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Two Hot Muscled Soccer Players Caught On Camera Naked In The Locker Room

by on Jan.02, 2018, under Sneakypeek

The pervy director who likes to record naked sportsmen with a hidden camera is busy again, especially since he found this handsome, masculine football player who was putting on his football kit before a match. His hairy ass is great to look at and his cock looks inviting and definitely it would be great to suck it. There are also other young naked players in the locker room walking around butt naked.

The other video shows also another hot muscular sportsman taking off his clothes. The pervy cameraman had been trying to catch that guy naked on his camera for a long time, and finally at that moment he got a chance. His ripped body, tattoos and dick are all great!

Footballer 1:


Footballer 2:

Preview videos:

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Hot Horny Footballers Caught Naked In The Locker Room

by on Sep.17, 2017, under Sneakypeek

It’s always great fun to watch these naked sportsmen in locker room while they’re changing clothes, walking around naked, fooling around and talking shit…. and thinking that nobody is watching them.

Well, this pervy cameraman never misses the opportunity to record these sportsmen when they wander into the changing room. The guy who is in focus takes off his clothes and exposes his muscular hairy body, pubes and hairy arse! That ass is definitely a winner!

In the second video the hidden camera focuses on this young footballer who just walks into the locker room which is chock full of other naked guys, and he proceeds to take off his clothes and walk around naked with his soft cock. Now that cock just begs to be sucked! The cameraman’s pulse got high and his breathing heavy, as you might notice in the video… the young footballer has no clue how hot he is.


Preview videos:

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Hot Masculine Footballer Caught On Film In The Locker Room

by on Apr.19, 2014, under Sneakypeek

The cameraman that shoots "secret" videos for Sneakypeek has captured some really astonishing pics and a video of a hunky, extra-hot, inked footballer. This hunky sportsman doesn’t appear to notice that he’s being watched and recorded through the keyhole, and we can feast our eyes on his perfect, chiseled body – from the handsome face and perfect chest, to those rock hard abs and nice looking limp uncut cock. Let’s not forget the super nice butt and the how his cock flops around while the footballer is trying to find his clothes on the bench.

I must admit I’m a complete sucker for these mean-looking straight sportsmen, they’re really the cream of the crop as far as I’m concerned, not so much because they’re straight but because of this raw masculine energy that they seem to emanate unconsciously and spontaneously.

Although I’m not entirely convinced that these men were not really aware of being filmed, the whole Sneakypeek site certainly has an interesting theme and is chock-full of hot straight men. Of course, in most cases there is no hardcore action, but sometimes things can get hotter when erotica only subtly hints at things without revealing everything.


Preview video:

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Pervy Men Inspect Virile Footballer Miguel & Finger His Arse

by on Jan.24, 2014, under CMNM

We continue our story of hot virile footballer Miguel and his unannounced physical exam. His team managers do not like to take their chances with this stud and risk losing lots of money to buy him for their team if he’s not adequate for their needs. Therefore, he has to be tested and properly measured in advance.

Although the doctor himself would be quite sufficient to perform this test, the team managers want to have a hands-on approach and really touch and feel their prospective footballer. Needless to say, the anal exam is of paramount importance for these pervy football managers and they can’t wait to insert their pervy fingers deep inside Miguel’s arse. The managers don’t care if the exam is unpleasant for Miguel, they are only interested in making sure that they’re going to get a prime male specimen and they want be certain that everything is at its proper place.

This hot and well-built athlete knows that there is nothing he can do to prevent this physical examination, and that, for the sake of his career, he will have to endure it like a man. He can’t hide his being ashamed and in complete state of awkwardness, so he grits his teeth and tries not to make it obvious to the managers what he really thinks about all this. Meanwhile, the managers continue to inspect his body and cock which is soft at the moment, but if they continue to touch it there’s no doubt it will start growing.


Preview video:

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Clothed Male / Naked Male (CMNM) is a superhot porn site where Nervous straight guys get stripped naked, groped and violated by fully clothed men.

There’s nothing better than stripping straight lads completely nude, putting their bodies on display, and teaching them exactly how to submit! When they are in such a submissive position, one would be crazy not to use the opportunity and jerk them off!


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Hot Male Assistant Strips Himself Naked For The Female Guests

by on May.20, 2013, under CFNM

British Ambassador Rose Edwards knows how to please her international guests. Today she’s having only ladies as guests so she had a fantastic idea how to spice things up a bit.

She called for her assistant James to entertain the ladies and show them his hot naked body.

At first he tried to attract their attention by speaking with them, but that didn’t work out that well. However, as soon as he listened to Rose’s suggestion – to strip himself naked and start showing off to the ladies, things changed a lot.

The ladies can’t believe they have the chance to see such a handsome young man in all his naked glory. Job well done, Ambassador.


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Clothed Female Naked Male (CFNM) is a very hot site for lovers of truly straight guys. It’s a little tongue in cheek but the men are fuckingly hot!

Clothed Females Naked Male

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Masculine Hairy Stud Terry Butcher Inspected By Imperious Women

by on Mar.30, 2013, under CFNM

Hunky Terry Butcher Inspected by Imperious Women

Terry Butcher works as a travelling sales rep. This straight stud has it pretty easy in his life, and he likes to get a lot of sex wherever his road takes him. When he can’t bang hot women, he watches porn.

This time, however, this is not his lucky day. The imperious women from Hotel Crystal demand an explanation from Terry for finding filthy porno videos on his laptop. They even blackmail him and threaten they’ll reveal it all to his fiancé.

The only way Terry can get out of this situation is that he allows these women to strip him naked and admire his masculine, hairy body. They can’t get their eyes from those perfectly sculpted muscles, chest, nipples… everything is in proportion. They seize his cock and inspect it while it gets hard and achieves a full erection. I think a milking service is in order…


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Clothed Female Naked Male (CFNM) is a very hot site for lovers of truly straight guys. It’s a little tongue in cheek but the men are fuckingly hot!

Clothed Females Naked Male

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SUCKOffGUYS – Aaron Blows Ethan Ever’s Magnificent Monster Cock

by on Sep.20, 2012, under SUCKoffGUYS

A couple of weeks ago Seth Chase was lucky enough to get hold of Ethan Ever’s amazing huge cock. Today Seth’s life partner Aaron French is the lucky bastard and he will blow Ethan’s big fuck stick until he squeezes all the cum out of Ethan’s balls.

The movie begins with Aaron and Ethan sitting on the sofa and cracking jokes. Not too long after that Aaron is searching for something in Ethan’s pants.

A few seconds after this Aaron takes off Ethan’s pants and boxers to reveal that utterly amazing big slab of man meat. I must confess, Ethan looks extremely sexy with this longer beard. His cheeky smile does it for me, always, but today it’s even hotter than usual.

Not only has Ethan grown a beard, he has also grown a nice bush on his pubes! Aaron is a well-known cum pig and self-confessed cocksucker. He never misses an opportunity to suck a nice big cock and drink some cum.

Aaron gets down to work and begins to suck Ethan’s fuck stick. Ethan’s cock grows even harder and suddenly Ethan grabs Aaron’s head and pushes it on his cock, essentially face-fucking Aaron.

Ethan kicks back on the sofa and lets Aaron do his cocksucking job, without interfering too much for some time. Aaron does a great job, as usual, not missing an inch of this big dick. Ethan is feeling like a king, while Aaron worships his cock.

Ethan now wants to get a bit more rough and places Aaron in such a position that he can easily face-fuck him. He shoves his dick deep inside Aaron’s throat until Aaron begins to gag and can’t take it anymore.

This is that precious moment when your dick becomes so hard and sensitive that every single touch, even the smallest one, can send waves of pleasure throughout your body. Ethan relishes this moment and lets Aaron slowly touch and play with his hardon.

Aaron can sense that Ethan is close to cumming and the men change the position so that Aaron can be fed with Aaron’s seed. Ethan shoots his load directly into Aaron’s open mouth, then squeezes the rest of it. He puts his cock in Aaron’s mouth again and waits till it gets soft there. All the while the fresh semen drips down Aaron’s throat while Ethan’s cock is still in his mouth.


Preview video:

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SUCKOffGUYS is a very interesting and hot amateur gay porn site that focuses on blowjobs, cum eating, cumshots, cum play and all things cum! The site owners are obviously total cum pigs and it shows. Be sure to check them out if you’re into beautiful hard cocks, blowing stiff rods and sperm in all varieties.


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