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Manly Top David Hardy Barebacks Chandler Scott’s Tight Eager Ass

by on Feb.19, 2016, under Broke Straight Boys

One can’t imagine a scene with David Hardy and Chandler Scott to be anything other than pure hotness and horny perfection. Unsurprisingly, the boys got along with each other very nicely and there was some real chemistry going on. They start kissing each other, then David checks out the most interesting parts of Chandler’s body. The boys take each other’s clothes and Chandler is quick to swallow David’s cock, giving it a good blowjob action. David then returns the favor, and also strokes it from time to time.

David then tells Chandler to bend over so he can plow his ass, after giving it a little relaxing rimjob. David inserts his hard raw cock into Chandler’s inviting asshole and starts plundering it. David is quite aggressive and mercilessly plows that ass, with each stroke making Chandler that much closer to the inevitable balls draining. After Chandler has shot his load, he lets David shoot his wad into his wide open mouth. Chandler then makes sure that David can taste his own cum as well.


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Broke Straight Boys is one of the classic straight boy sites that features hot straight and bisexual guys who are ready to sacrifice their hetero reputation and straight virgin ass and engage in some hot and nasty hardcore fucking. New movies have totally new guys which look awesome!



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Servicing Travis – A Straight Boy Next Door

by on Aug.29, 2015, under StraightBoyz

Travis looks like your typical straight boy next door, complete with the sexy baseball cap and 4-day beard. He arrives at the chubby cocksucker’s place and demands to be serviced, pronto!

While the cocksucker is trying to get to Travis’ cock by unbuttoning his jeans, Travis keeps spouting obscenities and treats the chubby cocksucker like a lowly bottom. Travis keeps asking the chubby cocksucker how bad he wants his hard dick in his mouth. "Pretty bad" answers the cocksucker. While lying on the floor of a toilet, the chubby cocksucker takes Travis’ cock in his mouth and starts servicing the man.

After some time they go to the living room where the cocksucker continues the work on Travis’ hard straight dick while Travis is smoking a cig. What a cool job/hobby this boy has found!


Preview video:

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StraightBoyz is a brand new amateur site that features a very hungry cocksucker who gives head to numerous hot amateur straight guys.


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Broke Straight Boys – Big-Dicked Stud Jimmy Deflowers Rex’s Tight Ass

by on Jan.25, 2012, under Broke Straight Boys

Our broke straight boys for today are Jimmy and Rex. Jimmy is an already established top for us and he does it very well. Rex wanted to earn some easy money because someone stole his gunshot and he wants to buy a new one.

Both guys start taking their clothes off and playing with their dicks through the underpants. While they were fondling their dicks through the cotton material, they exchanged stories about their experiences at Broke Straight Boys.

Rex is a virgin boy when it comes to gay sex. He’s never had a man’s cock up his arse and this would be his very first real assfucking!  Jimmy ‘s cock got rock hard in no time, proving once again that his “insta-hardon” still works just fine.

Rex bent over and took Jimmy’s cock into his mouth. Jimmy loves getting head and this time it was no different. He was all smiles and you could tell he was loving every minute of it.

Jimmy loved the feeling of his cock being sucked so well that he had to return the favor and began to stroke Rex’s cock. Rex managed to deepthroat Jimmy and the entire Jimmy’s shaft went straight into his throat. That was amazing.

I asked the boys if they ever tried 69 and they were perplexed. So I suggested they tried it and they were all over it. Jimmy realized that Rex’s dick was even larger than his own. It was a real feat to get the entire Rex’s cock into his mouth. Jimmy wrapped his lips around Rex’s cock while he was fucking Rex in the face. Jimmy said he didn’t like to suck cock, but he obviously had to show his appreciation for Rex’s fantastic cocksucking skills.

Jimmy lay on his back holding his stiff rod in his hand and allowing Rex to sit on it and impale himself. Slowly, Rex managed to impale himself on this huge cock and then started to rise up and then go down, riding it. Rex moaned and groaned. I could tell it was very painful and a whole new kind of sensation for him. But in time he got used to the sensation of Jimmy’s big thick cock being inside his ass. He said later he felt filled up and that this new sensation of being drilled by another man started to overshadow the pain and that it felt pretty good.

Next, the boys switched positions and it was now time for Jimmy to start fucking Rex for real. Rex lay down on his stomach and allowed Jimmy to lay on top of him. Jimmy shoved his dick in one swift go and began to fuck Rex’s straight ass, getting it thoroughly deflowered.

Jimmy set a slow but steady pace and he fucked Rex for quite a long time, his balls slapping loudly against Rex’s ass cheeks. Rex grabbed the headboard and moaned ever more loud because with every thrust he felt every single inch of Jimmy’s big dick sliding in and out of his ass.

After some time both guys were completely drenched in sweat and soon enough Rex said he was about to shoot his load. Rex was holding onto the mattress for leverage, his teeth clenched while Jimmy relentlessly pounded away his tight ass. Suddenly Jimmy pulloed out and took away his condom. The boys jerked off hard and soon we could see Jimmy cumming first. Jimmy’s cum dripped down Rex’s hip and side. Rex came at the same time and his cum dribbled down his shaft and his pubes.



Preview video:

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Broke Straight Boys is one of the classic straight boy sites that features hot straight and bisexual guys who are ready to sacrifice their hetero reputation and straight virgin ass and engage in some hot and nasty hardcore fucking. New movies have totally new guys which look awesome!


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Active Duty – Military Dude Bric Gets His Cherry Popped By His Buddy Kaden

by on Oct.19, 2011, under ActiveDuty

Two new recruits, Bric and Kaden, said at first that they would “never” do anything with a guy. Now we see that they changed their opinion and priorities.

It was interesting to watch Bric’s progress from his debut in July this year to this new accomplishment. He didn’t refuse the great massage from Kai on July 31 (see Ready Reserves) and then didn’t chicken out when he was about to give his very first gay blowjob to Taylor (see Direct Fire).

Kaden was selected for this very special occasion because we wanted things to be just perfect for Bric’s first real gay sex. The two guys were a perfect match and got along very well. So I won’t be telling ya any more details about this, it’s best that you watch it yourself…


Short preview videos:

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Active Duty is a great porn site that specializes in younger military men and uniformed studs in general. These men are usually real amateurs and you will see them only here. It doesn’t get any hotter than this guys!

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Straight Fraternity – Manly Straight Guys Dax & Leon Playing Gay Chicken

by on Oct.01, 2011, under Straight Fraternity

Dax and Leon are two hot, young straight guys whom we already met a few weeks ago. Now they have the chance to earn some easy cash, but they will have to play Gay Chicken.

It turns out they were pretty nervous about this, especially Leon who was totally freaked out by the prospect of touching (or being touched by) another guy. But they wanted to try it nevertheless. Screw the fear!

So both of the guys were determined to win, and nobody was called “Chicken” during the jerkoff round. It was especially hot to watch them while they were sucking and licking each other’s nipples, as they are both sensitive in that part of the body.

During the Blow-Job round they were both very persistent in not calling the other “Chicken”. But one had to be the Chicken and get the other one off. So who was it? Who was the winner after all?


Short preview video:

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Straight Fraternity!

Straight Fraternity is a refreshing new site that features hot and always horny straight amateur guys. What sets this site apart from other similar sites is that the guys here are always funny, cool, and entertaining – and of course hot as hell. They’re also quite awkward when they do gay things so I’m sure you’ll enjoy watching their antics! The site authors really love to show cumshots and if you’re a cum lover, you will like this site.

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Rate These Guys – Two Cute Straight Dudes Ready To Do Anything

by on Jun.03, 2011, under Rate These Guys

John is from Ireland, and like most of his straight buddies he enjoys a beer, a game of cards and hanging out with his buddies. Unfortunately a lifestyle of party-going definitely costs money.

Luckily, John’s flatmate Rav coerced John to shoot himself while doing various sexual and kinky stuff so he could send videos for various categories on Rate These Guys. One of them is an huge wankoff blast, with lots of hot cum spraying everywhere.

The funny thing about this was that John thought that only girls would be watching his videos. Imagine his surprise when he later read all the filthy comments from other men!

What rating does his seductive strip video deserve? He is definitely cute, but is he up to the task for the first prize?

Please leave uncensored comments about him and his performance. What makes your dick go hard and what makes you cum.

Your votes = cash for John. Give him a helping hand ;)


Short preview video:

he newest RateTheseGuys hottie to put himself through humiliation for cash is Dan.

He admits to allowing his gambling addiction get out of hand, and now with escalating credit card debts to cover, poor Dan breaks down in front of the camera, shedding a tear from his watery eyes.

But like a real trooper, Dan gets to work on fulfilling the CHALLENGES set by the RateTheseGuys members. One member wanted to see a guy drink his own piss. Another member demanded a straight boy flex his virgin cunt hole with his butt muscles alone. Dan self-shoots both of these and more.

RateTheseGuys is the site where YOU set the guys CHALLENGES. The more they complete and the higher the ratings YOU give them, the more they earn.

These guys are desperate for cash, so help them get their lives back on track, in return for videos no one else will ever see!


Short preview video:

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Rate These Guys is a brand new porn site for lovers of cocky, hot straight guys. The principles and rules are simple:


The guys make videos.
You comment on their videos, as explicitly as possible.
You offer to give them a high rating.
The more they satisfy you, the higher the rating they get from you!


They shoot themselves on video.
They send the videos in.
They read your comments.
They try hard to please.

…And the guy who receives the highest rating…. WINS!


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Str8BoyzSeduced – Two Str8 Buddies Franco & Dino Blown and Given Full Service

by on Mar.22, 2011, under Str8boyzseduced

Franco and Dino came to my place and immediately asked for some porno to watch. They didn’t waste much time but switched to wanking right away. They just threw away their clothes and wanked naked with their super hard, long and big dicks in their hands.

I didn’t want them to wait for me, so I get to work right away and start sucking on these beautiful rods.

Franco is the first to cum ejecting a nice creamy load, and then Dino blasts a huge splattering cumshot.

Mission accomplished!


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Str8BoyzSeduced is an interesting and promising site that has hundreds (or even thousands) of amateur blowjob and jerkoff videos with hot, amateur straight dudes.


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Straight Hunks Scott and Zack Fucking Around with Each Other

by on Feb.02, 2011, under English Lads

Just two young straight boys having some fun and showing off their gorgeous bodies and flaunting their hard dicks into the camera. Bad bad boys!


Short preview video:

Click here to watch their entire video in HD quality at EnglishLads.

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CollegeDudes Rick McCoy & Jerry Ford – Two Straight Boys Fucking Like Wild Animals

by on Jan.14, 2011, under College Dudes

Who would have thought that Rick McCoy – a totally straight dude – would turn out to be a great, almost professional-grade cocksucker?! Well, we were quite surprised, as we believe you would be too, that this straight guy got into it so well. He takes Jerry’s big swollen cock and keeps swallowing the whole thing all the way down his throat, allowing Jerry’s balls to hit his chin. He’s doing it with a passion that is hard to find among straight men. Later when we asked him how he does it so well, he just said “I want to give my best at everything I do!”. Damn!

Jerry then slides his big throbbing cock inside Rick’s ass and pumps it hard and raw. But Rick takes it all like a man, and soon they get into the fucking frenzy and fuck like wild animals.

Next Jerry puts Rick onto a high bar stool and fucks the shit out of him. Very hot fucking scene indeed.


Short preview video:

Click here to watch their entire video in HD quality at College Dudes!

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Boyfriend Nudes – Three Gorgeous Straight Amateur Studs Jerk Off

by on Jan.07, 2011, under Boyfriend Nudes

Do you know that feeling of electrifying horniness that strikes you when you pass by totally hot straight dudes on the street? Then in the evening when you jerk off, you think about them. Or about some special boy that got your attention during the day and you can’t get him out of your mind!

Well, finally we can see what those rough, horny boys do when they come home! They switch on their webcams and jerk off like mad. And now many of them are sending their recordings to Boyfriend Nudes – a fantastic new site that publishes these videos and pictures of totally straight, totally amateur and totally hot hunks.

It is my pleasure to present you only a very few of the really hot and TRULY amateur straight studs. These are the pictures and videos that they themselves have made.

First we have a big-dicked, cocky boy who is obviously in love with his big dick. Nobody can blame him, he’s got a gorgeous stick.


Click here to watch his entire video and set of pictures at Boyfriend Nudes!

Next, we have another, very handsome and cute young stud – again with a big cock. He pleasures himself, slowly stroking that magnificent hard dick.

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And finally, for the lovers of rougher straight dudes, we have a bit more mature and rugged stud – again with a pretty big and thick cock that oozes with precum and yearns to fuck some tight hole.

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