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Sadistic & Hung Master Stewart Trains His New Sub Boy Elliot

by on Oct.10, 2014, under Brutal Tops

Stewart is a hot new Master who works for BrutalTops. Submissive boy Elliot had heard many good stories about the strictness and brutality of his new Master and was ready to be of service to him, but didn’t realize what the new master’s training would entail. Master Stewart arrived dressed in his sports outfit, totally sweaty from having just finished a hard workout session.

Master Stewart makes it abundantly clear from the get go that Elliot must obey all his orders – he takes the sub’s head with his powerful hands and makes him lick clean his sweaty and smelly sneakers. While the sub is busy with his sneakers, Master Stewart takes a belt and starts whipping his new sub with it quite mercilessly. He spits into the sub’s mouth and removes his clothes altogether. Then the master makes his new sub worship his sweaty feet by pushing them into his mouth. The sub has no choice but to comply and suck and lick Master’s big smelly feet. Although Elliot tried his best, the Master wasn’t impressed with his performance and level of submission, so he starts to yell at him, warning him there would be dire consequences if he doesn’t improve.

Master Stewart takes a big dildo and starts using it as a teaching device for the disobedient sub. First the dildo is put into the sub’s mouth, then the sub is given the order to impale his ass on it. When the big dildo eventually disappears inside the sub’s ass, Master Stewart stands above him and starts peeing into the sub’s mouth. This was however only a preparation for the main thing for today – forced blowjob. Master Stewart orders the boy to swallow his entire huge erect dick. There would be more trials for this young inexperienced sub and Master Stewart is bent on completing his training after which he would learn respect for the powerful men who are more masculine than himself.


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