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Bathroom Fun With Jimmy

by on Jun.05, 2010, under New York Straight Men

Our Friend Jimmy is quickly becoming addicted to BlowJobs. He has always loved them from girls but he is learning that having a guy suck his cock is not too awful and actually better than what most girls can give.We asked Jimmy what has always been his fantasy. He told us that he has always wanted his girlfriend to give him a bj in a men’s room stall, however that can be dangerous in good and bad ways. When we suggested Ben blow him in the bathroom he got really excited by that idea! Jimmy arrived this time with a bit of a blackeye.

He told us that he got into a bar room fight. When we asked about the other guy, he told us we didn’t want to know what happened to him. Jimmy is such a pleasant and easy going guy, but cross him in any way and he will take pleasure in giving a punch to the face as he said with a gleam in his slightly blackeye.

Ben wasn’t there to fight, but to service. Jimmy sat down on the toilet and Ben knelt down right between Jimmy’s muscular legs and started to suck Jimmy’s hard cock. Jimmy closed his eyes for a bit because he wanted to fantasize it was his gf blowing him in the men’s room.
Ben was doing such a great job that Jimmy abandoned his fantasy and focused on Ben pushing his head down on that hard cock, really enjoying the warm mouth. Next they moved to the shower where Ben continued to blow Jimmy while the warm water wet both of them.
The blowjob was completed as Jimmy sat on the side of the bathtub. Ben did his job and sucked Jimmy’s cock as if his life depended on it, hehe. Jimmy, true to form blew another huge wad of spunk all over Ben’s face and back, giving Ben another reason to get into the shower again.


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