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CMNM – Cruel Mechanics Fully Examine Married Monsieur Francois

by on Sep.30, 2012, under CMNM

We continue our story about the troubles of married and highly respected businessman Monsieur Francois. Namely, he got himself into trouble when he had his car repaired at these shady mechanics.

The mechanics proved to be extremely perverse. They’ve noticed that Francois is a very hot straight man and wanted to take advantage of him. They found a porn magazine in his car and blackmailed him with it, threatening that they would tell his wife about all his kinky fetishes.

Monsieur Francois remains stoic despite the obvious attempt of the mechanics to humiliate him. However he doesn’t dare to oppose them directly and finally gives in.

The perverse and cruel mechanics have plenty of experience with similar hot men in the past. Their main hobby is to find a hot married man and blackmail him with something, so that they can examine his body.

While they’re touching Francois he inadvertently gets an erection, which, of course, the nasty mechanics will take advantage of.

The mechanics stroke Francois’ cock until he shoots a beautiful stream of jizz.

The mechanics continue to sneer and jeer at the hot naked straight man, and he can’t do anything about it.


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