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Ryan Andrews Nails His Buddy Beaux After Working Out In Gym

by on May.27, 2013, under StraightMen

Beaux has advanced leaps and bounds since his first solo here at Straight Men. At first he was reluctant to do anything with another man, but he overcame that obstacle. Straight men usually find out that it’s not so terrible to be intimate with another guy, and what’s more that it can be fun and hot, even if you’re straight. Namely, men have this overpowering sexual energy that even straight guys appreciate, you just can’t remain unmoved when another man shoves his big dick in your face or fucks your ass.

Beaux has decided some time ago to try to specialize in bottoming and has been making his own website. Many of you have written us asking if we could feature more of Beaux to see how he receives big straight cocks up his ass.

Today Beaux and Ryan Andrews were working out in the gym, and got so horny in the process that Ryan just had to stick his 8 inches of pure hard cock up Beaux’s ass. Beaux enjoyed this hard fucking session and you can tell he is truly in the bottom’s heaven while being brutally nailed by his buddy Ryan.


Preview video:

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Straight Men is a new site from the makers of “Fraternity X” It features real amateur straight men that usually come to their auditions, jerk off and sometimes flirt with other guys. In my opinion most of them are truly straight and (more importantly) quite masculine so this site is cool!


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