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Hot Cocky Marine Scott Walks Around Naked & Struts His Stuff

by on Jun.17, 2013, under My Straight Buddy

Scott is a hot, muscular, and very cocky marine. Actually, he’s not in the USMC anymore but he has served there for years, and is certainly a marine from top to bottom.

This video was made about a month ago and then Scott was still in the marines, he was counting the days until the end. My buddy Joe who filmed this invited Scott at his place and they were supposed to celebrate the end of Scott’s active service.

Scott didn’t mind that Joe filmed him, he only asked Joe not to release the video before his term was officially over. Fair enough.

Anyway, what to tell ya about Scott that you don’t already see for yourself on the pics and video? He has a fantastic personality, his body is hard and ripped from continual military drill and, well, he’s cocky – but we do love those cocky straight men, don’t we?

This is just the first in the series of videos with Scott, and I’ve heard that in the later parts we can hope for a full jerkoff scene. This time round, we get to watch him strut his stuff and walk around the house totally naked.


Preview video:

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