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Beefy Bearded Hunk Bobby Clark Pounds Logan Vaughn’s Hot Ass

by on Jan.08, 2014, under BaitBuddies

The surfer’s interest in "All Star Buddies" series seems to have been quite big so far, so the expectations from this particular pairing were not small. As we’ve already explained in one of our previous updates, the "All Star Buddies" is a limited series of videos in which the casting director of Baitbuddies (Caruso) brings some of his old buddies in order to shoot the scenes that for one reason or another haven’t been made when they were supposed to be.

One of the boys that Caruso was particularly eager to bring back to his studio was bearded, muscular stud Bobby Clark. Bobby says that he has virtually abandoned the porn biz and instead found his peace at a satisfying regular job. He doesn’t mind the fact that he has to be at his work from 9 to 5, since he has the opportunity to play video games almost all day long anyway (what kind of a job is that?!). So, basically, he went from having sex all day long to playing video games all day long – not too bad hehe. In any case, we’re happy for Bobby since he’s such a kind and good dude.

However, playing computer games all day long hasn’t negatively affected his body in any way. Bobby is still a muscled dude and all those rock hard muscles still look amazingly well. Caruso wanted to ask the guys about their current sexual preferences, but Bobby wasn’t in the mood for philosophizing so he just said, "Give me a break – let’s have some sex!".

Actually, both guys are reluctant to define themselves in gay, straight or bisexual terms because these definitions just don’t seem to do justice to their sexuality which is ever fluid and free.

Caruso didn’t interfere with the scene in any way, and basically just left to the guys to do whatever they wanted. Bobby’s partner Logan Vaughn was more than happy to be on the receiving end and get his ass pummeled by the bearded stud.

There was a lot of kissing, cocksucking (including deepthroating), some serious rimming action, and of course lots of fucking. Both guys shoot quite huge loads. Bobby’s cumshot was particularly epic, check it out.


Preview video:

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