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Manly Straight Dude Jaime Gets Punished For Excessive Bragging

by on Mar.02, 2014, under CMNM

Jaime usually behaves like an arrogant prick. He works out every day and pumps his muscles so that nobody can fuck with him. Many guys are secretly envious of Jaime’s near perfect body.

However, today he’s out of luck. In the men’s restroom he was stupid enough to boast about his good looks and strength which terribly irritated some guys that were there. Since this wasn’t the first time they listened to his boastful monologues, they decided it was high time they taught him a lesson in humility.

The pervy men remove Jaime’s clothes and start inspecting his body, particularly focusing on his virgin asshole. I have an inkling that there are more things to come and I’m afraid Jaime’s ass is not going to be virginal for a very long time.


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