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Cocky Young Businessman Ian Sprackling Finds Himself At The Mercy Of Hot Pervy Women

by on May.15, 2014, under CFNM TV

Ian Sprackling is a young ambitious salesman who thinks that he’s about to close the deal of his lifetime. But, as it usually happens, big plans often go to waste and something unexpected can always ruin pretty much everything you’ve worked on for so long. His car break down and he comes across a group of very sexy ladies who invite him to a very special, and very unusual party.

Being a hopeless womanizer, Sprackling can’t refuse the offer and soon enough he finds himself surrounded by the strangest gang of pervy women he’s ever seen.

The pervy women decide that Sprackling should be punished because he broke a vase and start putting ridiculous demands on him.

The women are delighted to have found such a hot manly guy whom they can use for their own pleasure and do with him whatever they want. They make him remove all his clothes and show them his hot young naked body. To make the embarrassment even more complete, the women put a pair of utterly silly-looking bunny ears on Ian’s head!

Suddenly this once proud and cocksure stud is turned into an object of entertainment and fun for the pervy ladies, and he’s incapable of mounting any kind of resistance against them. Namely, they promised him that he could make some serious money if he obeyed them, and now since his big expensive deal seems to be in big trouble, he has no other choice but to accept their offer. If he doesn’t acquire a lot of money quickly now, he could lose his big deal forever, not to mention his job and reputation among his peers. All this means so much to him that he just can’t afford not to stoop to these women’s demands no matter how utterly embarrassing they may be.

But that was not the end of his troubles. The women put the handcuffs on his hands and attached an electric device to his cock and balls. By the way, his cock has a habit of getting spontaneously hard without any wish or approval of his owner, and this has happened now, too. Sprackling’s got a pretty thick and big cock and it seems it has a will of its own – it wanted to get hard despite all the humiliation that his owner was going through. When the ladies start delivering small electric shocks to his balls and cock, the young businessman quickly forgot all about the business contract and started begging for mercy. That’s when Yasmin took a camera and began taking photos of Sprackling as he was being humiliated in the most ridiculous manner. The pervy women decide that Sprackling should be made to make up for the loss of the broken vase, so they force him to go out to a back alley where he can sell his male ass to the passing female whores.

It’s funny, isn’t it – such a twist of fate: only a few hours ago he was a respectable businessman who routinely used to close contracts worth several million pounds, was admired by both men and women… and now he’s been reduced to this shameful state where he must basically sell his body for some insignificant amount of money in a seedy alleyway full of tarts.

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