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Hot Manly Hung Stud Sergio Valen Fucks Vadim Black’s Very Tight Ass Hard & Deep

by on May.22, 2014, under Broke Straight Boys

If you follow this blog regularly, you probably already know I dig Sergio Valen since he’s such a hot, adorable and masculine young stud. We certainly love to feature men like him on this blog. Here’s another hot update with Sergio fucking some straight boy ass. This time it will be Vadim Black, a cute and always horny albeit somewhat shy straight guy.

Sergio was in good spirits, as usual, and he seemed quite eager to start fucking his buddy, perhaps he really started to like fucking guys although he’s straight, who knows? Anyway, the guys exchange blowjobs and even swap some spit. Sergio is the first to swallow Vadim’s cock and he seems to have mastered some new techniques – he defo doesn’t look like an amateurish cocksucker.  Vadim seems to be enjoying the experience and there’s a happy look on his face. Now Vadim has to return the favor and – damn – he even deepthroats Sergio’s nice big cock. How’s that for a beginner? Sergio gets hornier by the minute and we can sense he wants to fuck some ass and that’s going to happen pretty soon.

However, although in the interview at the beginning of the shoot Vadim said he was cool with gay sex, it seems he couldn’t have anticipated the ordeal that he would be going through once Sergio shoved his big, curved cock up his tight straight ass! Vadim is clearly in pain, braces himself and gives off loud cries and moans, especially while Sergio is still penetrating him in the very beginning and that hole is so damn tight! Sergio is a considerate fucker and goes slowly, but he does shove it balls deep with each thrust, and that was pretty challenging for young Vadim. Vadim’s ass is endeavoring to receive and accommodate Sergio’s massive manhood, but it seems his hole was far too tight and unworked so there were some issues throughout the shoot. However, Vadim took it like a champ and even though it was painful (especially when Sergio fucked him doggie style – that’s when he really nailed him hard and deep) Vadim took it like a man.

Sergio pounds him now really hard, because he wants to fuck the cum out of him, and then Sergio pulls out and shoots his big load all over Vadim’s back. We could only show you one little second of Sergio’s cumming, but I assure you it was a good copious load of cum. Next, Vadim also shoots his load all over his stomach. I hope next time Vadim’s ass will be more at ease for receiving a big prick… but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how it goes.


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