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Masculine Hung Straight Man Geo Serviced By Bitch Boy

by on May.28, 2014, under StraightRentBoys

Geo is a hot masculine straight dude who wants to make some easy cash by making porn videos. In other words, he’s a gay for pay and, judging by the looks of it, he’s liking it in more ways than one. I mean, you can’t go wrong with a male cockcucker. Geo is just about to get another great blowjob, and Jimmy is already salivating for that big stiff straight Geo’s pole.

Jimmy is surprised at the size of Geo’s dick, and just utters "Wow!" while trying to deepthroat it. Of course, this gay dude has sucked many a cock in his lifetime, but a big cock is a big cock and it’s not easy to deepthroat it even if you have lots of years worth of experience. However, Geo thinks that Jimmy is doing a great job and encourages him to go on. The only thing he apparently didn’t like so much was the "nut crunch" – but Jimmy didn’t do it again.

Jimmy draws on his considerable experience – he’s been sucked off by many guys, but now he must show his own skills on another guy. Jimmy uses his hand and mouth at the same time and Geo seems to like this idea.

Jimmy is now really trying to make Geo blow his load, and judging by the groans and moans that he’s uttering, Geo seems to be approaching the inevitable outcome. A few seconds before he would blast his load, Geo takes his cock in his own hand and jerks it off so that the cum gets splattered all over Jimmy’s face.

Well, that was pretty hot. The next obvious and logical step for Geo is to fuck some gay man ass. But Geo says he’s not going there, for now. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if he changes his mind.


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