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Hot Muscled Missionary Jock Elder Peterson Gets A Little Too Intimate With His Companion

by on Mar.08, 2015, under MissionaryBoys

Elder Peterson looks just like a typical high school jock, only he’s actually a little older and is now in the Mormons. Despite his religious pursuits he never gave up on working out because he wants to maintain his impeccable muscled body. No wonder that his Mormon colleague and roommate Elder Butler can’t get his eyes off of him!

Things become especially awkward when they have nothing on themselves except those very transparent Mormon underwear where you can pretty much always see if a guy has a boner! As I said before, Elder Peterson has always been known as one of the most handsome and buffed-up boys in the school. All the girls wanted to date him, and some guys as well. Even now when he has devoted his life to religious and spiritual pursuits, his brethren frequently check him out, especially when he’s half naked. Although he doesn’t admit it openly, Elder Peterson loves being the center of attention.  Elder Butler, on the other hand, is a typical twink and has always dreamt about having hot sex with such a hot and muscular jock, but he could never imagine that he would get a roommate like that!

While he was in high school in Utah, Elder Butler often served as the main cocksucker for the guys whose girlfriends were too selfish to give their boyfriends a good blowjob. After having sucked dozens of cocks, Elder Butler was 100 percent sure that he could take Elder Peterson’s entire cock in his throat no matter what the size may be.

Curiously enough, although straight, Elder Peterson has sometimes fantasized about having sex with other guys, but not with the guys with his type of physique. Elder Peterson is actually attracted to twinks, just like Elder Butler. So when Elder Butler suggested he could blow his buddy’s cock, Elder Peterson wanted to play cool at first, so as not to reveal his attraction to Elder Butler. But Elder Butler couldn’t get his eyes off those beautiful bulging muscles that were outlined on Elder Peterson’s t-shirt while he was doing pushups… however, although both guys were playing dumb, their cocks revealed the hard truth quite quickly indeed!

Pretty soon Elder Butler can’t wait any longer and reaches for his companion’s cock and balls. He quickly swallows Elder Peterson’s entire dick and starts sucking it like a madman. Meanwhile Elder Peterson loves the feeling of warm man’s mouth around his hard cock so much that he often pushes Elder Butler’s head onto his cock quite forcefully…

Elder Butler has had this secret wish ever since he saw Elder Peterson for the first time – to worship his muscles from head to toes. But now he’s surprised at how Elder Peterson loves getting his asshole rimmed. It just could turn out that Elder Peterson might not be so strictly straight as he made it out to be…


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