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Hot Muscled Moving Man Mike Strokes His Huge Thick Dick

by on May.12, 2015, under Maskurbate

How can you not love hot moving men!? I, for one, will admit that I have a special soft spot for hot muscular moving men! Pascal from Maskurbate was pretty lucky to have found hot stud Mike, who said he would take care of some wood shelves that Pascal didn’t need anymore. Since Pascal trusts Mike, he left him the keys of his house and told him to disassemble the shelves while he was at work, and to leave the money on the table. Pascal also left Mike his mobile phone to call his office when he’s finished with the shelves.

Well, Mike was out of cash so he decided to leave something else instead of the money: Knowing that Pascal is always on the lookout for young muscular guys, he pushed the record button on the mobile phone’s camera and started to take off his scanty clothes and show off his gorgeous muscles. Within a few minutes his amazing huge cock was released from the jeans and Mike started to stroke it passionately. I guess Mike was also at least a wee bit turned on by the video of himself that played live on the phone, even though he’s straight. It’s hard to remain unexcited when you’re watching such a fantastic cock on your mobile, after all.

Stroke by stroke, Mike approaches the point of no return and soon enough he shoots a nice load all over himself. He puts on his clothes and, with a cheeky grin on his face, he takes the disassembled shelf in his hands – a job well done!

Wood For Wood XXX Video Maskurbate.com20
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