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Muscled Hunk Alejandro Plows Miles’ Eager Ass Hard & Deep

by on Oct.07, 2015, under Dirty Tony

Alejandro and Miles have been outside and running for several hours. They’re back inside and Alejandro’s feet are already feeling the pain. Miles feels the need to help his buddy by massaging his feet, but as soon as he starts doing that his cock grows hard within seconds! Meanwhile, Miles must have been having the same kind of feelings toward his buddy and is already checking out and massaging Alejandro’s hard muscles. Miles likes to look of men’s strong thighs and legs, and he admires these in Alejandro. He then continues to admire Alejandro’s cock which soon starts getting seriously hard in his mouth. Miles seems to be especially cock hungry for Alejandro’s tool, and swallows the whole fucking thing into his throat until he begins to gag.

Miles uses his tongue around Alejandro’s balls and then focuses on his tight manhole. Alejandro can’t hide the level of excitement and his toes curl. Miles is relentless with his tongue exploring Miles’ hole. Miles is now ready to get a pounding from his buddy and slides down onto Alejandro’s hard cock. Only when Alejandro’s balls are touching his ass does he feel he’s achieved the goal.

Miles obviously knows how to fuck and to use Alejandro’s cock to drill and stretch his own ass. Next, the guys change the position and now Alejandro positions Miles on his back and fucks him in that position for a while. It also enable him to fuck Miles’ ass deeper. Miles’ legs are thrown into the air and with his ass fully spread before the relentless invader, he eagerly awaits the beginning of the long-awaited ass-pounding. Miles can’t hide his ecstasy – again just look at his toes curling and legs shivering all over. One can feel that both guys are very close to cumming now, and then Alejandro turns Miles over again, onto his stomach. He feels he can drill his ass better in that position, and he continues to fuck him. Alejandro’s thrusts are increasingly more aggressive, and finally he pulls out and shoots a really massive load all over Miles’ back, and even reaching to Miles’ ass crack.

I’m sure both guys went home very happy and feeling refreshed & invigorated!


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