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These Frat Boys Have Had A Few Too Many Beers

by on Nov.16, 2015, under FraternityX

The text description we got from "Frat-boy Danny":

"The boys and I had a few too many beers last weekend at a party and after some time we all noticed that Tyler was trying to hide a big stiffy in his sports shorts! We started to tease him and he almost began to cry, like a little shy girl! You know that we don’t put up with such unbecoming behavior in our frat house, so it was obvious he had to be punished. Funny thing is, we all know that Tyler loves this sort of "punishment", and I must admit that the mere thought of it made my cock hard in seconds, too! We made Tyler ride our cocks, one by one, and fucked his little tight ass until we all blew our loads inside and bred him good. Then we made him stand on his feet and take more cocks in that position. Damn rookie, needs much more training!"

It seems these horny boys have never heard of the word "moderation"… they just keep on fucking no matter what! Well, this time round it looks pretty hot and nasty, so let’s see who participated in this orgy: Danny who is 20, straight, cock about 7,5 inches cut, likes to top; Tyler who is 23, bisexual, cock about 7 inches uncut, likes to bottom; Alex who is 22, no info about sexual orientation, dick about 8 inches cut, likes to top; and Tom Faulk who is 22, no info about sexual orientation, cock 8 inches cut, versatile.

It’s a standard FraternityX raw gangbang video, and all things considered, I’d say the boys have had a great fun time.


Preview video:

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