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Handsome Hottie Dustin Holloway Gets Lucky With Stranger In Middle Of Desert

by on Aug.30, 2017, under Falcon Studios

Cute and handsome Dustin Holloway first appeared on Randyblue several years ago (check out here and here), and I just knew this typical “next-door-type” heartthrob would go far in porn, if he wanted to. And lo and behold, he’s come a long way, starring in the series “Route 69” from Falcon.

Dustin is in the car which he pulled over on the side of the road and he’s waiting for Fane Roberts to come back from the gas station. Having nothing better to do all alone in that desert, Dustin whips out his cock and starts stroking it. Suddenly, he notices Skyy Knox who is fast approaching from a distance. Skyy gets intrigued by Dustin’s hardon and asks him if he needs some help with the situation. Dustin replies affirmatively and Sky comes to his rescue, but Skyy’s intentions go far beyond giving a casual helping hand. Soon enough Dustin’s cock is deep in Skyy’s hungry mouth where it gets the treatment it deserves.

Dustin is curious to find out what Sky is hiding in his pants and quickly gets on his knees to service this perfect stranger right then and there. It doesn’t take long for Skyy’s cock to get fully hard, and when it does Skyy bends Dustin over and inserts his big manmeat into Dustin’s all too willing ass. Sky talks dirty, and among other things says, “Take that power,” and then starts fucking Dustin real hard.

Dustin loves this aggressive fucking and now he wants to feel Skyy’s cock even deeper inside himself, so he lies back on the hood of the car and lets Skyy do his magic with his dick. Dustin rolls his eyes as Skyy is fucking his little tight ass, and at the same time Dustin strokes his dick. After some time Dustin can’t hold it any longer and shoots a big load all over his muscular body. Skyy soon follows suit, pulls out and Dustin quickly gets on his knees because he wants to feel this stranger’s hot seed on his smooth chest.

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