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Pervy Boss Jimmy Fingers His Job Applicant’s Ass

by on Nov.07, 2013, under CMNM

Jimmy is a pervy boss who has a habit of stripping his prospective employees naked and inspecting their assholes before they are considered for a job. It has just dawned upon the new applicant Russell that he is not going to get this job unless he cooperates with his future pervy boss.

Russell has no other choice but to straddle the big clothed man and allow his manly hands to touch and probe the sensitive parts of his body. The lad is nervous as hell, but that doesn’t even concern the pervy boss. The pervy boss puts a finger up Russell’s ass and fucks him that way for a while. The poor straight lad is now bouncing on his future boss’ lap, impaling himself on the boss’ straight fingers. Not long after this the naïve lad realizes that he can’t help getting excited cause of this and he grows an erection.

Once the two of them get into the rhythm, Russell realizes that he just can’t turn down any of his future boss’ offers, if he is to get that job. 


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