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Hot, Muscular & Hairy Daddy Gets A Cold Shower In Jail

by on Dec.23, 2018, under StripSearchHell

Prison officers always have to make an assessment whether a new inmate will cause trouble in the prison ward. Admittedly, most of the convicts come with the intention of behaving well, but then something happens and the whole hell breaks loose.

Inmates can get into arguments with other inmates, become jealous, or become irritable and violent for many reasons. Then they can spread trouble and wreck havoc throughout the other inmates. For that reason, among others, the prison officers consider personal hygiene to be of top importance. And in order to save on electricity bills, the water from the hose is always ice cold!

This hot muscular and hairy daddy thought that the prison officers would ask him some questions, but instead he’s greeted with a stream of icy cold water that splashes onto his body. Mr. Hose (as the inmates jokingly call the hose that is used for cold showering) diligently showers the hot hairy daddy with plenty of freezing cold water and easily penetrates even his tight ass cheeks to wash away any dirt from his bubble arse, as well as his nice cock and balls.

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