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Hot Ripped Construction Worker Chace Lachance

by on Jan.11, 2014, under TheGuySite

Chace Lachance is a big, muscled and bearded construction worker. He described his profession in a vivid way by saying that he "gets dirty all day breaking rocks". And, since it’s a hard manual job, day in day out, it’s no wonder that his muscles have grown so big and strong!

Chace is also a wrestler in his spare time, and during recent several months he began to compete at pro muscle model competitions. This year he won his first show there, and he’s very proud because of this.

It can get quite interesting and funny while you’re watching these very powerful men taking their clothes off. Most of the time they undress by themselves and you don’t need to tell them anything. But, some men don’t want to make any mistakes (since they know they’re being filmed) and they wait for you to tell them every step along the way. So, for instance, Chace asks "both jeans and underwear?" – as if that would make much difference heheh. But, make no mistake, Chace is a man of action and he likes to get down to work as soon as possible. He takes his rather big cock in his hands and works on it until he shoots a nice load – handsfree!

TGS362_016   TGS362_030

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The Guy Site is a great destination for all lovers of amateur, “next-door” type of guys. These guys are not always ripped and perfect, they look more average, but just because of that they are more authentic and hence more realistic!

When you go and walk around your neighborhood you’re more likely to  meet one of these hot “next-door” dudes than some perfect bodybuilder. That’s not to say that there are no bodybuilders on The Guy Site, but even they are amateur types. That’s why I really like The Guy Site. Certainly worth checking out.


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