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Cute Straight Military Dude Jared Gets His First Helping Hand

by on May.25, 2019, under SpunkWorthy

Jared was chilling and hanging out at the Oceanside Pier when he met the Spunkworthy director. That pier is a popular place for the marines who are trying to get off base and enjoy the sun. The two guys started to chat, and the director mentioned that he worked in porn and could be Jared’s green ticket to the porn business. When asked this question, Jared replied a little confusedly:

“I mean, yeah. What guy wouldn’t?”

He promised to come to the Spunkworthy headquarters and that he needed some more time to get prepared. That time period came just in handy for his body hair to grow naturally. When Jared finally showed up at the doorstep, one could feel a palpable tension in the air. It’s not really that he was concerned about getting naked for the camera, but the fact that he would be jerking off in front of another dude was something new for him.

When he got more comfortable with that thought, Jared got much more relaxed and, once the whole filming process was well under way, with all the camera angle changes etc, he got quite turned on by the fact that other people would be turning on while watching him jack off. That’s some definitely healthy reason for motivation!

A few times the director would just touch Jared’s balls here and there, and Jared’s cock seemed to get even harder as a result of this. So the director gave him a couple of strokes. Jared said that the feeling of another guy stroking his cock was quite unusual, but he didn’t say it was unpleasant so that was a green light for the director to continue with giving him a helping hand.

Jared was totally absorbed into the porn flick playing in the background on the TV screen. At least in the beginning. But as he was approaching the point of no return his breathing got heavier, and then he started to ejaculate cum which dripped down the director’s hand and splattered all over Jared’s pubes.

Preview video:

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