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by on Aug.13, 2010, under Chaosmen

Jack has been in front of a camera before doing cam shows and is pretty confident with his body. So there are no shy moments for him. I guess what I take away from my short time with him is he is really into nutrition, working out, and is also a full-time student.

He has a girlfriend in Paris, which he met online doing his cam shows- she does them too. Normally I would be a bit skeptical about a long-distance relationship, but they recently met in Costa Rica and it does sound rather romantic, if not overly optimistic. Those Long Term Relationships are hard to maintain.

Jack is used to all kinds of fetish requests, and I think he has done his fair share of nutty stuff to keep his audience happy. Jack is normally a very healthy-minded individual, but he did a smoking while jerking thing.
I would love to have him back to do at least a Serviced video, and frankly he is so good at showing off his ass I think he could even do full sex scenes. But for now, his girlfriend has put a Hold on him doing any interactive stuff, plus his ouchie needs to heal.

I hope you guys really get off on him. I like his shaved head, and his cock is amazing, and actually, despite all the tatt work, his body is that ideal that I think many of us strive for.  Muscley but not too muscely!


Short preview video:

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