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SpunkWorthy – Manly Marine Mike Gets His Big Dick Serviced

by on Nov.11, 2012, under SpunkWorthy

We’ve already seen Mike – a straight marine who doesn’t mind getting blowjobs from guys if it pays good money. Well, as of today I think that this handsome marine is a total horn-dog and that he does all this not only for money but also because he likes it.

Just watch those facial expressions – they are priceless! I really got into the cocksucking mode and passionately sucked his big dick. There is a big difference between lukewarm sucking and passionate blowjob. We men just love cock, and when we suck it, it’s not just another boring job that we want to get over with. Cocksucking is an artform and you just gotta invest your entire self into it. And believe me, the man that you’re sucking off will notice the passion or lack thereof.

The physical details are just as important. When you have such a great specimen as I did today, you will certainly want to deepthroat it, and lick it from all sides. Also, never forget to give a special treatment to his cockhead which is his most sensitive part. Work on his cockhead for some time, give it a good slobbering. Then switch to the shaft and lick it from all sides, taking care not to neglect any part. Then you can try to do deepthroating if you can, so that he knows that you appreciate his entire cock. When his cock is in your mouth, let it stay there for several seconds – don’t move your mouth or tongue for several seconds, feel it throbbing and pulsating inside, and he will also know that you really love having his cock, the main symbol of his manliness, in yourself.

Occasionally, you can also suck his balls. When I put Mike’s balls in my mouth, Mike groaned and said, "Oh, fuck yeah. Suck those balls!". It was certainly more than he had expected. Never underestimate the passionate cocksucker who wants to give his best.

Last time I played with Mike’s dick (it was a handjob), I also played with his ass a bit. I did something more today, though. I pulled his legs a bit behind and licked his ass with my tongue. That unexpected move on my part sent shivers through Mike’s entire body, he closed his eyes and grabbed my head with his hands and began to push my head into his ass. Who would have expected such a move from a real hetero boy? Yep, straight guys do have their g-spot down there, just like everyone else. So, boys and girls, take notice – your man will be thankful to you if you massage his g-spot while you’re working on his cock.

I told Mike to go on all fours so I could rim his ass better. This was the very first time this hetero boy had such a great treatment of his ass, and I don’t think he’ll ever forget it.

Then we continued with the blowjob. Mike began to push my head on his cock, effectively fucking my face. He was really aggressive and I didn’t know if I could continue much longer with his huge fuck stick ramming into my throat so belligerently. Thankfully, this didn’t last long and suddenly Mike pulled out and began to shoot his cum all over my face. My whole face was completely spunked and covered with his cum, his sperm dripping down from my cheeks and mouth. Fantastic blowjob.


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