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Cory Finally Gets Boned By His Ripped Straight Buddy Javy

by on Mar.01, 2015, under Straight Fraternity

Javy and Cory are two buddies and they’ve known each other for years. Although both say they’re straight, Cory has thought about getting fucked by his muscular friend from time to time. After all, who wouldn’t at least think about it sometimes?

Anyway, Cory will have his wish fulfilled pretty soon because his buddy Javy is finally going to pop that cherry. I think it’s best when a buddy of yours does it, don’t you think?

They first take off their excess clothes and remain almost naked, wearing only their underwear. We fool around a little and then Javy ears his buddy’s ass a little, to prepare it for the upcoming onslaught. At long last (that itchiness to swallow your buddy’s cock must have been almost unbearable!), Cory is face to face with Javy’s hard cock and is finally able to get a taste of it. Cory returns the favor and his dick responds by getting fully hard in seconds. The guys sword fight a little, then Javy starts fucking his buddy, bareback style. Cory wants to feel that cock deep inside his ass, so he mounts Javy and starts riding his buddy’s cock. He’s pretty successful at it and certainly very enthusiastic about it. Javy must have liked the feeling of his hard dick deep in his buddy’s ass, too, because he shot such a big, epic load.

Javy tries to help Cory to cum by playing with his nips, and stroking his cock. But Cory was pretty much exhausted by the mere shock of things that happened so fast that he just couldn’t cum yet. The director shouted that Cory will be paddled if he doesn’t do it right (yea, right) and so Javy takes the paddle and takes care of his buddy’s naughty butt cheeks as well. What the boys didn’t know was that we planned that Javy gets his ass spanked as well…

One thing is for sure – patience does pay off eventually.


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  • Javy’s damn sexy and his boy Cory ain’t bad to look at either, I think this is the beginning of a budding friendship for life. Butt buddies forever!

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