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Martin is One Horny Fucker

by on Aug.29, 2009, under Manavenue


Ever meet one of those guys that you know is gonna be nasty behind closed doors?  Martin certainly came out of his shell once that door closed, lol.

He plays with his hairy bubble butt on the sofa, floor, chair, shower … licking his finger before … and after … poking it in his tight hole.

Even after cumming, he is still fully boned up while taking his shower. Martin is one horny fucker. Good for us !!!



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That Fucking Hot Jay Returns

by on Aug.27, 2009, under Manavenue

20 59

We recently spent several days updating and moving our on-line files around and lookie what we
found: THAT FUCKING HOT JAY…lots of hot photos (80+) that will get your dick hard, just like he did the first time around.


Check out Jay and hundreds of other strictly manly men on Manavenue!

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HUGE stud Chris Naslund

by on Aug.26, 2009, under MarkWolff

002 006

Hot 22 yr old from Prague. Chris is a true athlete he enjoys cycling, football and plays semi-pro hockey. 6’0 195 lbs.
We’ve thoroughly enjoyed his showing off for us, and are looking forward to seeing him again!


Check out his entire video here, along with many other HOT straight MEN!


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Jeremy – Post Vacation Blowjob

by on Aug.25, 2009, under New York Straight Men

001 024

Our hot, tan stud Jeremy returns after spending 2 weeks in St. Barths with his new Girlfriend and her Parents. He was extra horny because they were assigned separate bedrooms.

He called in wanting to know if we had a cocksucker available. Since Ben had never blown Jeremy we offered him the chance. Ben was so excited, he arrived before Jeremy did!

This is a classic BJ movie with lots of slurping, deep-throating and Jeremy …

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Hot Tony Robo Rubs One Out

by on Aug.24, 2009, under Men Over 30

Tony2__04 Tony2__55

We are in a New York state of mind today as we welcome Tony Robo, a freshly 30 former college jock and full time ladies man to the fold. Ink on his pecs, girth to his arms, solid abs and juicy, hairy untouched white ass start the charms of this adventurous stud. “It’s all good in my hood” he grins which he confessed even includes eating his ass if that’s what she wants to do. He pulls his tee back over…

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Alain Below the Deck

by on Aug.23, 2009, under Manavenue


As many of you know, Alain Llamas was first featured on ManAvenue almost one year ago (September 8, 2008).  After that, there was a
great deal of talk in Cyberland about his tree-trunk legs, massive biceps, nasty attitude and rock hard dick.

At that time, his own site was beginning to take off and he has since been featured on many additional muscle sites.

In what may be his “finale” on ManAvenue, we bring…

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Thiago Shoots a Buttload of Cum

by on Aug.22, 2009, under SpunkWorthy

thiago_hr03 Thiago_04

Thiago (pron. Chee-AH-go) is a 24y/o Brazilian exchange student soaking up the So Cal lifestyle. For him, this mostly involves two main things: getting ripped at the gym and chasing girls.

I met him one night out at a bar down by the beach where all the str8 dudes like to party and hang out. His sexuality and confidence made him stand out in the crowd, so I gave him my “How’d you like to do porn?” line. He was…

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Navy Dude Scott Busts a Nut

by on Aug.22, 2009, under SpunkWorthy

Scott01 Scott05

Scott is a hot 20y/o Navy dude I met here in San Diego. This was his first time ever jerking off on camera so he was pretty nervous toward the beginning of this shoot, but as soon as he dropped his pants his dick was hard and ready to go. He didn’t even touch it before it springs into action!

What a killer body! He was an all-star wrestler and a football player through high school, from a small town in the Pacific northwest.…

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Marco Blaze is Amazingly Hot & Huge

by on Aug.20, 2009, under Manavenue

MarcoVega1Pre2 MarcoVega1Mem2

I had been communicating with Marco Vega-Blaze on-line for quite some time before actually meeting him. I was a little hesitant at first because he seemed a little reserved and his pictures I had seen really didn’t do him justice. FUCK…what a hottie!

Marco has very handsome features, turns out is a true exhibitionist…and in case you didn’t notice, has a huge fucking dick….fat, uncut,…

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Vin Nolan is Back

by on Aug.20, 2009, under New York Straight Men

001 022

Vin arrived from a day at Jones Beach. He heard about our newest Resident Cocksucker and wanted to try him out. Vin didn’t get a chance to shower after the beach so he wanted to get a tongue bath followed by a slow wet bj.

Sergio knows that he really doesn’t get much choice as NYSM RC, he just knows that he does what he is told, no questions asked.  Vin gave Sergio the “job order” to lick out his ass and

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