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The Full English – Handsome & Very Hung Hedonist Aston Shows Off

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Aston From The Full English

It is not hard to like this blue-eyed English boy. Aston is the epitome of the straight British lad. He is crazy about his fast cars, motorbikes and can never get enough of sun, sea and sex (preferably with a busty blond).

We first saw Aston on his own website while we were casually surfing the Internet for hot lads. There he listed his likes and dislikes and had a few of his amateur modeling shots, as well as some holiday pics of him and his mates which were made during their crazy travels in Thailand.

So we thought to ourselves, “Yes, this boy is definitely hot and would do nicely on our site… but does he have the courage to push his modeling a step further?” So we asked him.

I must confess that I somehow expected him to have the typical laddish way of speaking and behaviour, but, as it turned out, that was simply not the case. He told us many stories about his weekend trips to London and some crazy one night stands he had.

The night when we were supposed to meet him there was a fatal crash on the train line back to his town. We were worried about his safety but later we learned that there was nothing to worry about really. He had the chance to help a lady at a club whose husband was away and had gone back to hers for the night. Well, that’s what I’d call protective sex!

Aston is dependable and a hard worker. He really likes to invest himself in a work and later enjoy in a job that has been done well. Aston is certainly a hedonist and the perfect idea of fun for him includes things such as: an outdoor orgy, preferably on a beach with lots of handsome people. Damn!

Almost as soon as we started the shoot it became apparent that Aston looked like a real professional porn star – quite the opposite from the restrained lad who first appeared at our door, anxious if he’d be cut out for the job. “It’s quite fat…” he had assured us courteously.

Well, at least he shouldn’t have to worry about the length and girth, if you ask me. This chap is exceptionally hung for his new job. In fact his dick looks quite imposing when it gets fully erect that … um well, it gave me goose bumps all over when I saw it for the first time. It’s quite big and fat.

Aston looks so masculine, yet boyishly handsome. He can look at you with his big smile for some time, and the next moment the expression on his face turns somehow darker, meaner and a bit threatening. That’s the litmus test for masculinity in a guy, if you ask me.

All in all, this was a great shoot and the new lad Aston is smoking hot. I hope you’ll enjoy his shoot as much as I have.


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