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Hot Manly Soccer Player Ben Rubs One Out

by on Aug.12, 2015, under SeanCody

Ben is a hot young straight dude. He started playing soccer about ten years ago and he’s still an avid soccer player. He plays the role of defender, because, Ben considers himself to be very physical. Which is exactly what we thought while we were watching this hot ripped and barechested hunk demonstrating some tricks with the soccer ball outside. Nothing better than watching a hot straight stud outside while he’s having fun with a ball.

A bit later Ben goes inside to jack off his nice big cock. All that physical activity has made him horny as hell and it’s high time he expelled the pent up energy from himself. Ben puts on a very nice show for us and strokes his beautiful large cock allowing the cameraman to shoot it from many angles. Eventually, Ben shoots his load all over himself.

This is a really nice summer update from SeanCody, which reminds me there is a very similar boy who likes to play soccer in my local park – time to go outside, open a bag of potato chips and watch my version of Ben!

02 (1)
Sean Cody06
Sean Cody17
Sean Cody26
Sean Cody48
Sean Cody66
Sean Cody77
Sean Cody89
Sean Cody106
Sean Cody122
Sean Cody123
Sean Cody125
Sean Cody131
Sean Cody132
Sean Cody143
Sean Cody144
Sean Cody161
Sean Cody171

Preview video:

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Handsome, Masculine Superman Henry Cavill

by on Jun.01, 2013, under Actors, Uncategorized

Some hot pictures of actor Henry Cavill who currently plays Superman in the latest movies. He is a very handsome man, but also very muscled, hairy and downright masculine.

He looks like a real beast on some of these photos, as you can clearly see for yourself. His big, muscular chest looks like on the Ancient Greek statues, and his beard gives him an almost intimidating look.

A little tidbit from his biography: Before he got into acting he wanted to join the Military because he thinks he owes something to his country.

Henry Cavill Face Shot
Henry CavillSexy Muscular Henry CavillWhat's upAngryHenry Cavill Walking BarechestedBearded Beast - Henry CavillHenry Cavill shirtlesshenry_cavill_beach

Which actor, sportsman or other public figure you’d like to see here? Please leave the suggestions in the comments section of this post. Thanks!

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Cruel Masters Dereck & Toby Abuse Their Bottom Boy

by on Jan.14, 2013, under Brutal Tops

Derek and Toby are two dominant aggressive gypsy lads that are heavily into bare-knuckle boxing. They take their favorite bottom boy to record their fights for some promo materials, and when they reckon he’s finished filming the most important parts, thet start abusing him, and push his tongue into their stinky, sweaty armpits.

They also use his mouth as a sex doll and fuck his mouth relentlessly. Derek and Toby have though about another humiliation that they haven’t served to their little submissive bottom boy yet – they use his mouth as a toilet and they piss into his mouth ordering him to swallow every last drop of their warm piss.


Preview video:

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Jizz Orgy – Orgy With Masked Men & Double Penetration

by on Oct.27, 2012, under Jizz Orgy


If you are a fan of big muscular stud Phenix Saint, you have probably wished to see him bottoming at least once. This sexy motherfucker is a great top, but can he also bottom?

In this sequel to Masked Men we get to see Dean Monroe being blindfolded and escorted into a secret basement where hot masked men make orgies. There are also Tommy Defendi, Colby Jansen and Spencer Fox. They first nail Dean Monroe then we are treated to a great double penetration scene in which Spencer and Tommy battle for the dominance inside one tight asshole. And finally we can enjoy in Phenix Saint getting fucked for the first time!

Hot stuff, especially if you’re like me and love seedy, mysterious orgies with masked, muscled studs.

MaskedMen2 (1)
MaskedMen2 (3)
MaskedMen2 (4)
MaskedMen2 (5)
MaskedMen2 (6)
MaskedMen2 (7)
MaskedMen2 (8)
MaskedMen2 (10)
MaskedMen2 (11)
MaskedMen2 (12)
MaskedMen2 (13)
MaskedMen2 (14)
MaskedMen2 (17)

Preview video:

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