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Ripped Masculine Dude Joey Doves Gets His Cherry Popped By Sexy Newcummer Alex

by on May.10, 2017, under BaitBuddies

Hot masculine dude Joey Doves makes a comeback to try bottoming for the first time in his life. This handsome, ripped and always horny man works out a lot to maintain his good shape and stay strong. I think you’ll agree that it’s definitely paid off!

Alex is a newcummer at Baitbuddies, and he’s also a hot and handsome specimen! He’s not as tall as Joey but his ass is guaranteed to attract looks from all directions. He’s only 20 years old, single at the moment and it’s not hard to conclude that, being at that age, he’s pretty much perpetually horny as well.

After the usual interview with both guys, the promised female talent mysteriously doesn’t show up (as usual), and the guys are left with two possibilities: to leave the studio without having earned any money, or to earn double the amount of money if they agree to fuck each other. Alex’s boner quickly goes down after the talk of gay sex, but Joey was more persistent and managed to persuade his new buddy to try something new. Alex eventually agrees and takes good care of Joey’s ass!

Preview video:

Click here to watch their complete video in HD quality at Bait Buddies!

Bait Buddies is a pretty hot straight guy site with plenty of updates and some very hot guys indeed. There is always a “bait” dude who is bi or gay, and a straight (or sometimes “straight”) dude who needs to be seduced into gay sex.


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Cute Handsome Hetero Boy Fred Wants To Be A Porn Star

by on Feb.18, 2017, under TheCastingRoom

Fred belongs to the newest, so-called “heteroflexible” generation – although he considers himself straight, he wants to try it all while he’s young and perpetually horny!

Although his most daring experience with another man never went beyond kissing or getting a blowjob from a dude, Fred quickly realized that he is perhaps more heterosexual than he thought, and that he’s actually attracted only to women. However, Fred is very much in love with porn and he really wants to try his luck in it, so he thinks that his personal sexuality doesn’t have to be of the highest priority when he’s in front of the camera.

After some deliberation Fred decided that he wanted to have his first real sexual experience with another guy. Dave showed him how to rim a guy’s arsehole, how to fuck a guy and how to get fucked! Fred’s gag reflex is still very strong and Dave’s sizeable stiff cock definitely provoked it from time to time, but Fred’s determination to succeed in porn was stronger than any occasional unpleasantness.

Fred’s cock is really nice and big and actually reminds me of Dave’s! This hetero boy definitely doesn’t have to worry about the size of his cock, and it’s perfectly acceptable for his future porn career.

So we get to see Fred fucking Dave, his big balls slapping against Dave’s ass. And also we get to watch him taking Dave’s big rod up his arse! I can tell that this boy does have a future in porn!

Preview video:

Click here to watch his entire casting video in HD quality at The Casting Room.

The Casting Room (formerly known as First Auditions) is a great, original porn site that showcases young, cocky straight men who would like to become porn stars and make loads of cash. They think that they’ll be accepted right away and be able to fuck lots of girls, but they don’t know that our casting director is very strict and wants to fully inspect them during the audition. He orders them to get fully naked, show their ass, and jerk off so that we can clearly see the cumshot. Plus, we get to hear all their fetishes and what turns them on.



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Aggressive Top Liev Barebacks Randy’s Tight Straight Ass In The Woods

by on Apr.16, 2016, under SeanCody

Liev has been pestering us to come and fuck some man ass, so we knew we had to fulfill his wish. He’s a somewhat aggressive top and likes to get down and dirty when he fucks another dude. We thought we should select somebody pretty strong, who would be a match for Liev’s aggressive attitude, and Randy was an obvious choice.

Even Liev was a little surprised at how big Randy is. "Holy fuck he’s a big dude!" said Liev in utter astonishment when he saw Randy in person. But then added quickly, "This is gonna be fun!".

Well, as you can see on the pics, we packed our bags and went into the woods to enjoy the nice weather and nature there. Of course, these boys wouldn’t be boys if they didn’t already plan to play naughty and cause some mischief in the woods. While they were working out in the forest, and fooled around with each other, Liev suddenly got a boner. What’s a man to do with a boner in the middle of nowhere with his half-naked buddy? Hmm…

Back in the studio, the guys went for it and Liev was ready to break in Randy’s ass. It was a pretty passionate and aggressive bareback scene, as you will see in the preview video. Lots of cum flying everywhere, too. Liev shot an impressive load straight into Randy’s ass… it’s a real creampie, and creampie lovers are gonna love it. 


Liev & Randy Bareback - The Movie Sean Cody10
Liev & Randy Bareback - The Movie Sean Cody16
Liev & Randy Bareback - The Movie Sean Cody18
Liev & Randy Bareback - The Movie Sean Cody22
Liev & Randy Bareback - The Movie Sean Cody26
Liev & Randy Bareback - The Movie Sean Cody32
Liev & Randy Bareback - The Movie Sean Cody40
Liev & Randy Bareback - The Movie Sean Cody48
Liev & Randy Bareback - The Movie Sean Cody62
Liev & Randy Bareback - The Movie Sean Cody74
Liev & Randy Bareback - The Movie Sean Cody88
Liev & Randy Bareback - The Movie Sean Cody92
Liev & Randy Bareback - The Movie Sean Cody103
Liev & Randy Bareback - The Movie Sean Cody110
Liev & Randy Bareback - The Movie Sean Cody114
Liev & Randy Bareback - The Movie Sean Cody118
Liev & Randy Bareback - The Movie Sean Cody122
Liev & Randy Bareback - The Movie Sean Cody128
Liev & Randy Bareback - The Movie Sean Cody134
Liev & Randy Bareback - The Movie Sean Cody140
Liev & Randy Bareback - The Movie Sean Cody148
Liev & Randy Bareback - The Movie Sean Cody160

Preview video:

Click here to watch their entire video in perfect HD quality at Sean Cody!

Sean Cody is probably the most well-known gay porn site on the planet. They have impeccable taste in hot college men – check them out! All their guys are perfectly built, very masculine, and straight for the most part. However they will fuck a dude for some cash yay!


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Sexy & Manly Straight Man Lionel Gets Fucked At His First Porn Audition

by on Apr.01, 2016, under TheCastingRoom

Scruffy, manly and stunningly good-looking – those are the attributes that immediately come to mind when one thinks of this sexy motherfucker. Lionel had never had sex with other men before this casting interview, but he was curious to try something like that. He had no idea how it might feel like to get fucked in the ass so he asked his girlfriend to put a strap on and fuck his ass, just so he could test the waters, so to speak.

We must admit, this hetero dude has a very vivid and filthy imagination when it comes to his favorite type of action for porno movies. He told us some things that we would have never expected from a straight guy. Anyhow, the whole thing with Lionel looked very promising and we just knew it would be a lot of fun. We decided to put him in the soccer kit so that he looks like an Argentinian footballer who is like a fucking fuck machine, always ready to fuck a hole.

Funny thing is, those silky football shorts proved to be a great inspiration and Lionel grew a big boner as soon as Adrian stroked his body while Lionel wore them. Adrian can’t pass a good blowjob, and quickly gets on his knees and starts servicing this hot footballer’s cock and balls. The two guys fucked each other, with Lionel taking the final round and plowing Adrian’s ass pretty hard. Adrian told us that Lionel has a very strong manly manscent that drove him totally crazy with desire.

In the end, Lionel stands above Adrian and dumps his seed straight into Adrian’s open mouth. Then Adrian does the same to Lionel. Two facial cumshots, can there be anything better than that?


Click here to watch his entire casting video in HD quality at
The Casting Room!

The Casting Room (formerly known as First Auditions) is a great, original porn site that showcases young, cocky straight men who would like to become porn stars and make loads of cash. They think that they’ll be accepted right away and be able to fuck lots of girls, but they don’t know that our casting director is very strict and wants to fully inspect them during the audition. He orders them to get fully naked, show their ass, and jerk off so that we can clearly see the cumshot. Plus, we get to hear all their fetishes and what turns them on.


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Father Markie More Takes Care Of Derrick Dime’s Troubled Sexual Thoughts & Tight Eager Ass

by on Jan.04, 2016, under Next Door World

Father Gabriel has been experimenting with ordinary straight guys for a while, but by now those games have lost their initial allure and charm. He wants to try something new, so he sets out to find straight men with particular needs. Derrick Dime belongs to such a group of straight men – he is in a boring marriage with his capricious wife, so he decided to try to search for some spiritual guidance in the Church!

Luckily for Derrick, Father Markie More took interest in his case, and encourages Derrick to confess his sins and dirty thoughts. Derrick’s mind is restless and he’s nervous because he’s not sure how to formulate verbally all the things that bother him day in, day out. As Derrick starts to open his soul to Markie in the confessional, Markie tells Derrick to take off his clothes. Derrick thinks it’s quite a weird thing to be asked to do in the confessional, but agrees nevertheless. Markie tells Derrick to put his finger into his own ass, while he’s carefully watching him from the other side.

Derrick pushes his feet upwards and spreads his legs so that he can have an easier access to his ass crack. Derrick thinks that this is utterly weird, but at the same time so hot that he’s never felt so horny in all his life. You can tell that Markie likes what he sees, too, and is also willing to try more. Markie whips out his cock and pushes it into the glory hole, then gives Derrick the order "Suck my cock and keep fingering your ass!" Derrick obeys the commands and starts wrapping his lips around Derrick’s hard man meat. Derrick sucks Markie’s cock without using his hands, which is really nice and hot to see. Markie thinks it’s time to offer Derrick what he needs the most, namely a hard ass fucking. Derrick agrees and bends over so that Markie can penetrate him from the glory hole.

Derrick’s ass is tight and Markie pushes relentlessly, so it does hurt in the beginning a little. But soon enough, the sensations of pain turn into pleasure and Derrick is already on the Seventh Heaven! That glory hole is, however, quite unnecessary, so the guys switch to normal fucking. Markie fucks Derrick hard and deep, thrusting his entire shaft into Derrick’s willing, eager hole. Markie can’t help but keep noticing that Derrick’s got quite a nice, huge cock, which he already craves in his ass. After a few minutes, the guys switch positions and Markie finally gets to taste Derrick’s gorgeous dick in his own ass. Not long after that, Markie can’t hold it any longer and shoots a nice big load all over Derrick’s chest. Markie gets off Derrick’s cock and Derrick shoots his wad all over Markie’s face. Derrick’s long time fantasy to shoot his seed all over another guy’s face is finally fulfilled!

The guys then head towards the confessional to clean up the mess they made. I’d say this confession proved to be very useful for both guys!


Preview video:

Click here to watch or download their entire video in full HD quality at Next Door World!

Next Door World is a great way to access all the sites from NextDoorStudios by purchasing only one membership. You get access to 12 sites (NextDoorMale, NextDoorHookups, Nextdoortwink, Nextdoorebony, Nextdoorbuddies, Codycummings, Austinwilde, Marcusmojo, Roddaily, Samuelotoole, Trystanbull, Tommydxxx, Strokethatdick, and of course NextdoorWorld). Nextdoorworld has some exclusive content in its own right so you really get a lot of porn for a small price. These guys produce tons of good porn and have been doing it for years.


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Handsome Straight Top Bentley Gets Fucked For The First Time

by on Nov.25, 2015, under Chaosmen

Bentley is a well-known top from Chaosmen, but we have rarely seen him taking a cock in his ass. Well, there’s a first time for everything.

He recently graduated from his engineering college and is now in search of a suitable job. This year’s summer he wanted to do some work for us, and he did participate in a few videos. A couple of times he reacted really well to rimming and getting ass-fucked was the next logical step for sure. Bentley himself said he wanted to broaden his horizons so this was a great opportunity to do just that.

Armani seemed like a pretty good choice. His cock is of regular size and that meant Bentley probably wouldn’t have to experience a lot of pain his first time. Curiously, Bentley remained totally hard throughout most of this video (even while he was getting fucked).

Armani delivered a great job while he was servicing Bentley’s big, thick cock. Armani then used a little toy to get Bentley’s hole ready for his cock. Even Armani jumped onto Bentley’s stiff rod, albeit for a quite short time.

Both men delivered very nice cumshots, and Armani breeds Bentley’s hairy hole. He then focuses on Bentley’s thick dick and strokes it until he makes him cum. Nice cumshot there, too.


Preview video:

Click here to watch their entire video in HD quality at Chaosmen!

Chaosmen is a great porn site that features hot straight and bi men getting serviced or fucking their mates bareback for some cash. This site is exceptional and very unique because almost every single fucking is bareback and ends with a gorgeous internal cumshot or creampie.


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Straight Muscle Hunk Jeff Niels’ First Time Bottoming

by on Sep.29, 2015, under GayHoopla

Jeff Niels is in low spirits because of the recent loss against AllStars. His buddy Christian Borski would like to cheer him up a little and tries to talk to him in order to blow away those blues. Christian starts to rub Jeff’s stiff muscles, trying to relax him and lose up those tense muscles.

Some unplanned things start happening, though, such as both men suddenly feel horny as hell! Who would have expected that? But here it is, and they’d better do something about it. The men’s cocks are an easy giveaway and the guys start sucking each other’s dick. Now, this video was filmed back in 2013, and at that time Jeff was still a total straight man virgin, his ass hadn’t received anything bigger than a little finger. So you can imagine how this thing went for Jeff… from feeling depressed about a lost game, to losing his straight-ass virginity!

Christian wanted to make this a memorable event for Jeff, and he took his ass nice and slow, at first. It’s important that the first bottoming experience be a good one, and Christian seems to know that. Incidentally, when this was filmed Jeff hadn’t even topped any other guy, so you could say he was brand new and inexperienced.

Things went pretty well, though, and soon enough both guys are shooting their loads in all directions. After the whole thing was over, we asked Jeff what he thought about everything and he said "It was different, but it felt great and was a lot of fun!" Since you know that Jeff made a comeback many times, there’s no doubt that he really liked the fun part of it!


Preview video:

Click here to watch or download their entire video in HD quality at Gayhoopla.

Gayhoopla is a relatively new site and it has an interesting history. Several of the guys from well-known site Fratpad decided to establish their own amateur site, and so USA Cam Guys was born. But the members of this site complained that there was very little concrete action going on. So, the "naughty" and more hardcore sister site was created – Gayhoopla – which contains much more hardcore action among the participants. Despite its name (Gayhoopla) this site actually has more straight guys than some other allegedly straight boy sites out there. It is really reminiscent of Fratmen and Fratpad, so if you’re into hot American straight jocks and amateur guys this website is a must and you should check it out. The site contains over 200 streaming videos, daily scheduled live shows etc, so it definitely stands out when compared to other porn sites.



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Ripped Lieutenant Zach Gets His Ass Plowed By Hung EMT Kayden

by on May.21, 2015, under All American Heroes

As you may imagine, being in the Army for so long has had a very positive impact on Lieutenant Zach’s physical prowess. He often works out and whenever there’s some newbie he is quick to show him the ropes. For instance, today we put him together with EMT Kayden who asked Zach about some pointers regarding his workout regime. Zach was all too happy to be of help to his buddy, and began demonstrating pushups. One thing leads to another and before you know it EMT Kayden is already checking out Lieutenant Zach’s body with his lips, worshipping his bulging muscles.

Kayden swiftly gets rid of Zach’s clothes and as soon as it is released, Zach’s cock stands upright and proud, ready to get serviced. Kayden swallows it right away and deepthroats it like a pro. After some time Zach thinks it’s time for him to return the favor, and now he sucks Kayden’s cock. Kayden’s tool is pretty nice and big, and swallowing all of it can be tricky. But Zach is persistent and wants to do it properly. A bit later Zach pushes his buddy’s legs upwards and starts licking the EMT’s asshole. Then, the tables are turned yet again and now Kayden takes initiative, bends Zach over and shoves his cock into his ass. Zach hasn’t been fucked before so his hole is still intact and it takes a while for Kayden to stretch it a little. But after some time Kayden’s cock is able to slide normally into Zach’s ass and the fucking can begin. Kayden isn’t very gentle now, and Zach can feel the full force of his buddy’s cock. It seems that Kayden pushed all the right buttons in Zach’s ass because Zach was almost at the verge of cumming. Kayden pulls out and shoots his load all over Zach’s magnificent muscular abs and chest. Zach has also just passed the point of no return and shoots his giant epic load that flies all over his shoulder, and splatters all over his face. Spunked in his own cum! If this is not a good workout I don’t know what is!


Preview video:

Click here to watch their entire videos in HD quality at All American Heroes!

All American Heroes is a very cool military site with all kinds of uniformed men (firefighters, military men, lifeguards etc.). It’s an unmatched and unavoidable destination for all lovers of hunky, hot uniformed guys who like to blow their loads and fool around with their buddies.


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Handsome Straight Jock Tory Gets His Cherry Popped By Hugh’s Big Raw Cock

by on May.20, 2015, under SpunkWorthy

Tory experimented with dildos during his solo jerkoff scene and it seems he liked the sensations in his ass, so he is now interested to try it with the real thing, i.e. real cock! Since I really like to watch inexperienced straight guys getting plowed for the first time by a rather big and thick cock, I immediately knew who would be Tory’s best match – Hugh. Hugh’s cock is pretty thick and of imposing size overall, so I knew that things would be hot and steamy with this pairing.

Hugh was a little nervous, and you can see he’s having second thoughts about trying it for real, but Hugh was so enthusiastic about doing it. His eagerness quickly "infected" Tory and the guys were in for a ride. As soon as Tory released Hugh’s cock from the shorts, it was already ready and standing at attention. Tory got down to work and started sucking Hugh’s hard manmeat. At times he would swallow the whole damn thing, balls deep. But the main dish hadn’t been served yet, and now Tory was getting ready to penetrate that virgin ass for the first time.

Tory quickly got "attuned" to the new sensations and started to enjoy the ride. Hugh noticed this and began to jerk off Tory’s cock while he fucked him. Soon enough Tory shot his load while Hugh was still inside his ass. After some moments, Hugh pulls out and stands over Tory getting ready to shoot one of his epic loads. And epic it was, damn! Just check out those big squirts that totally drenched Tory’s whole chest and stomach.

By the way, this was Spunkworthy’s first ever bareback scene, which makes it even more interesting.


Preview video:

Click here to watch and download his entire video in HD quality at SpunkWorthy!

SpunkWorthy is a great porn site that features younger straight amateur dudes. Lots of truly straight military guys doing gay for pay only once or a few times! This site is usually the first and only place where you’ll see these bad boys, so don’t miss out!



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Cory Finally Gets Boned By His Ripped Straight Buddy Javy

by on Mar.01, 2015, under Straight Fraternity

Javy and Cory are two buddies and they’ve known each other for years. Although both say they’re straight, Cory has thought about getting fucked by his muscular friend from time to time. After all, who wouldn’t at least think about it sometimes?

Anyway, Cory will have his wish fulfilled pretty soon because his buddy Javy is finally going to pop that cherry. I think it’s best when a buddy of yours does it, don’t you think?

They first take off their excess clothes and remain almost naked, wearing only their underwear. We fool around a little and then Javy ears his buddy’s ass a little, to prepare it for the upcoming onslaught. At long last (that itchiness to swallow your buddy’s cock must have been almost unbearable!), Cory is face to face with Javy’s hard cock and is finally able to get a taste of it. Cory returns the favor and his dick responds by getting fully hard in seconds. The guys sword fight a little, then Javy starts fucking his buddy, bareback style. Cory wants to feel that cock deep inside his ass, so he mounts Javy and starts riding his buddy’s cock. He’s pretty successful at it and certainly very enthusiastic about it. Javy must have liked the feeling of his hard dick deep in his buddy’s ass, too, because he shot such a big, epic load.

Javy tries to help Cory to cum by playing with his nips, and stroking his cock. But Cory was pretty much exhausted by the mere shock of things that happened so fast that he just couldn’t cum yet. The director shouted that Cory will be paddled if he doesn’t do it right (yea, right) and so Javy takes the paddle and takes care of his buddy’s naughty butt cheeks as well. What the boys didn’t know was that we planned that Javy gets his ass spanked as well…

One thing is for sure – patience does pay off eventually.


Preview video:

Click here to watch their entire video in perfect HD quality at Straight Fraternity!

Straight Fraternity is a great site that features hot and horny straight amateur guys. The guys here are funny, cool, and entertaining… and of course hot as hell… I’m sure you’ll enjoy watching their antics! The site authors really love to show cumshots and if you’re a cum lover, you will like this site.

SF-250x250c SF-250x250d


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