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SpunkWorthy – Married Dude Cody Gets A Helping Hand

by on Nov.19, 2012, under SpunkWorthy

Meet Cody! He is a 24-year-old straight dude who is going to get married soon. Cody is a bit short on cash these days so he thought he could earn some easy money by getting naked and jerking off for a porn site.

I have to give credits to Cody’s future wife, though, for putting him in touch with me. She was actually the one who persuaded him to apply for my little audition and give amateur porn a try. Ladies can be incredibly open-minded, forward-thinking and are a true boon for married straight guys.

I knew I had to have Cody on my site as soon as I saw his pictures which he sent me in an email. He is a pretty manly, hairy dude and his body is in great shape. Most men slack off with the physical exercises and stop playing sports after their high school, but not Cody.

Cody was quite nervous when he was about to get naked for the camera. However, he said he would overcome this fear and give his best. And so it was. He didn’t have sex with his future wife for several days and saved it up for a nice load.

Although we haven’t discussed it before, I decided to spice things up in the middle of the jerkoff video and offered to massage and grope his balls. At first he moved back as if he was trying to protect himself (no other guy had touched him there before), but then he thought it can’t be that bad after all and allowed me to take care of his nuts.

I offered to pay him more money if he let me finish him off. He made an uneasy smile but agreed to it anyway. I took about a couple of minutes of stroking his hard dick and then, almost without any prior warning, his entire body clenched and suddenly he began to shoot streams of hot cum which ended up on his torso.


Preview video:

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SpunkWorthy is a great porn site that features younger straight amateur dudes. Lots of truly straight military guys doing gay for pay only once or a few times! This site is usually the first and only place where you’ll see these bad boys, so don’t miss out!


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My Best Friend’s Dad – Working Out With Rough Straight Ex-Soldier Frank

by on Apr.22, 2012, under Uncategorized

Frank in Track Suit

We first featured Frank last August and he instantly became one of our most wanted rough straight men. Today we will do a follow-up with Frank in which we are going to take you with him to his local gym and then to a nearby forest where he showed us again his magnificent, massive uncut cock.

But first I must say that I’m really glad that Frank is reunited with his wife. They had some kind of nasty misunderstanding but luckily that’s all in the past now. Frank is certainly not self-conceited and likes to live his life in an unassuming way. He is happiest when he can be a house husband doing the school run and just being there for his kids.

Frank also listened to your pleas and he hasn’t shaved his crotch area as I’m sure you’ll notice. His wife applied some kind of fake suntan to his whole skin (which is rather common with all bodybuilders) and it looks pretty cool.

We follow Frank as he works out in a local gym. And boy has he grown even bigger since the last time we saw him! His muscles are now really huge and he seems stronger than ever. I bet a lot of guys now approach him and ask for advice on how to grow such big, manly and irresistible muscles.

After a good workout Frank drives to a nearby clearing, pulls over and begins to slowly tease us by showing his private parts bit by bit. First we see a glimpse of his huge soft dick which hangs like a sleepy snake between his nuts. Even when soft it looks absolutely huge, probably bigger than most men’s erect cock!

Then he shows us a bit of his bubble ass (delicious like everything else) and than brings our attention back to his dick. Someone called him on his mobile but that didn’t distract him much.

Frank also takes a nice long piss in the forest so that we can enjoy the sight of his big soft dick and clear piss coming out of it. The stream of piss is making lovely sounds while hitting the ground.

I won’t tell you much more about Frank’s jerkoff session, I think it’s best that you find out for yourself. But I’ll tell you this: His dick looks absolutely awesome when fully erect. I think he could give anybody the fuck of his (or her) life with that fuck stick!

Frank in the gym
Frank shows off his biceps
Lifting Weights in the gym
Frank Clayton shows his six pack abs 
Frank Clayton Shows Off His Bubble Ass
Frank Clayton shows his soft cock

Click here to watch Frank’s entire photoset and download his whole HD video at My Best Friend’s Dad!

My Best Friends Dad is a brand new site that features the truly hot and genuinely straight mature men from the UK. If you would like to see what these masculine straight next-door-type guys do in their spare time, have intimate insight into their private lives and even see their private photos, you will surely want to visit this site!

If you buy a membership to My Best Friends Dad you automatically get access to
The Full English as well.

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SpunkWorthy – Big Straight Married Stud David Fucks The FleshLight

by on Mar.05, 2011, under SpunkWorthy

When it comes to toys, most straight dudes are complete newbies, and David is no exception. The only inanimate object that got close to being fucked by him was one tiny plastic sleeve that his wife bought him at a “sexy party”. Sheesh! With such a beautiful, big cock that he has – 8 inches of hard man meat – it’s such a shame not to try some toys!

”Every time I’d move, I’d pop out of it,” he tried to explain the situation.

Once he told me this little story, I couldn’t stop thinking how it would be great he tried a Fleshlight… but I had to find a proper size for his big dick.

”Now that’s what I call a toy!” he said chuckling. “I think that should do the trick.”

But even with this king size fleshlight, his dick almost hits the end of it when he slides his monster tool all the way down. Damn! David works up a sweat putting it against some pillows to fuck the FleshLight up on his knees, then lies on his back and shoots an amazing load all over his stomach.


Short preview video:

Click here to watch his entire video at Spunk Worthy!

SpunkWorthy is a great porn site that features younger straight amateur dudes. This site is usually the first and only place where you’ll see these bad boys, so don’t miss out!


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Officer R – Married & Manly Cop Serviced By Lucas

by on Nov.26, 2010, under New York Straight Men

Meet Officer "R"! He is a Sicilian-American, Married Cop who lives on Staten Island. He is a macho 40 something Detective who is part of an elite force of NYC’s finest. When you think of a tough New York cop, Officer "R" will come to mind. This is a no-nonsense dominate man, who will neither confirm or deny that he has gotten blow jobs while on "the job". But we think that is telling in and of itself. He has admitted to us he discovered a few years back that guys really do give better blow jobs. Yep, no surprise there but we’re nevertheless happy that more and more straight men become aware of that fact!

Officer "R" likes to get head his way, the cocksucker needs to have an open, warm mouth ready to take his throbbing fat cock right down. The cocksucker’s nose should be in the cop’s hairy bush as the cock makes a tight fit in the sucker’s throat. Lucas was ready to submit to this hot, macho cop’s demands. Officer "R" was verbal and wasn’t shy about telling Lucas just how he liked his cock sucked. All that great cocksucking resulted in Officer "R" dropping a thick gooey load of macho cop seed!


Short preview video:

Click here to watch this entire scene at New York Straight Men!

NYSM is the biggest collection of blowjobs. Truly straight motherfuckers being blown by professional cocksuckers!

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Engaged & Very Masculine Straight Basketball Player Ty Gets Serviced

by on Nov.25, 2010, under BaitBuddies

”Put a ring on it.”

No. we’re not talking about a cock ring… this  week’s extremely hot and masculine straight guy, Ty, is engaged to be married  and wears his ring proudly. But, that doesn’t stop him from taking our offer of stripping and showering for $200 just five minutes after meeting Caruso for the first time…in a park! Ty is 23 years old, with a beautful, muscular body  covered in tattoos. He’s 5’10”, 175, has brown hair, brown eyes, and a whopping  9.5 inch cut dick.

So we take Ty back to the studio where he strips down and shows off a body and dick that nobody ever says no to. Sitting just outside camera range in the shadows is our bait boy, Val. Val is 28, 5’9”, 145, with  brown hair, brown eyes and a 7” uncut cock and sports a slender but totally ripped body. Caruso quiety tells Val to strip down and get ready to walk into the shower with Ty. Ty is a bit flustered when Val enters the scene, but says nothing when asked to pose with our bait boy. Step by step, Val is directed into  poses which eventually have his hand on Ty’s dick. Ty makes his discomfort with the gay stuff known, but that doesn’t stop Caruso from making a quick offer of cash if Ty let’s Val blow him. Val just moves in for the kill before Ty can  change his mind and once his mouth is wrapped around that nine inch piece of  meat, Ty throws his head back and his resistance melts away. When we ask them to  kiss, again Val moves in, twice, but only gets a peck each time. Ty says ”it’s  too inimate” to which Caruso follows up with ”how about giving him head?” and  with a sigh of relief that he doesn’t have to kiss, he just answers ”I guess  so.” After the straight guy’s awkward cocksucking job, we try to move him to fucking – but Ty finally draws a line in the sand and says ”NO”. So, we finish the scene with a very hot bj and Ty blowing a huge load on Val’s face and mouth. Val finishes himself off while fucking a huge dildo.

Ty is a classic straight dude – he looks EXACTLY like some of my straight buddies from high school. It just doesn’t get any better if you are into younger, manly straight motherfuckers who are obsessed with sport and pussy.


Short preview video:

Click here to watch and beat off to their entire video at BaitBuddies!


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Spunkworthy David Jacobs – Big, Handsome, Married Guy With 8-Inch Cock

by on Nov.19, 2010, under SpunkWorthy

David is an all-around big guy. He’s a towering 6′ 5" tall with a beefy build. He got in touch recently after his wife (yep, he’s married) suggested he take a shot at doing porn. Not a bad idea since he’s also got a thick 8-inch cock!

David admits that he’s turned on by people watching him. He says one his biggest fantasies is having sex in public. He opted out of having a porno playing during the shoot, and apparently was turned on enough to keep his dick at full mast just by being in front of the camera for the first time.

His cumshot is definitely not one to miss. David’s head rolls back as he concentrates and, with a big grunt, shoots all the up to his neck, covering his chest and stomach in cum. By the look on his face, I think it even surprised him a bit.



Short preview video:

Click here to watch and download his whole movie on SpunkWorthy now!

SpunkWorthy is a great porn site that features young amateur straight dudes who haven’t appeared anywhere else before. Real straight & always horny amateurs!


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Frankie Dumps His Load Onto Lucky Cocksucker

by on Nov.05, 2010, under New York Straight Men

We decided it would be fun to pair Mark with Frankie and see what would happen. Frankie is really open minded for a straight guy, he could be called "pan-sexual" cause he has very few limits and no hangups whether he is with a girl or a guy.

Frankie asked us to play some lesbian porn in the background. Then we just let the camera’s roll and had the guys pretend that they were alone. That turned out to be a really good decision, because they had such a HOT time and created a HOT movie and photoset. Frankie felt so indebted to Mark for his outstanding cocksucking talent, that he had to kiss him passionately several times. This was totally spontaneous and it really looks damn hot!

There was sucking, licking, kissing, slurping and cumming! It was much hotter than the chick porn playing off camera! In the end Frankie was really happy after dumping a MASSIVE load. He said that now his sexual energy was burned off he could spend the rest of the afternoon enjoying time with his daughters and being a real daddy.

Short preview video:

Click here to watch Frankie’s entire blowjob movie on NewYorkStraightMen!

NewYorkStraightMen is the biggest collection of blowjobs with genuinely straight men from NYC!

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