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Ripped Hung Stud Angelo Godshack Strokes His Huge Fat Dick

by on Dec.19, 2017, under Maskurbate

Angelo Godshack was browsing through his mail and stumbled across a mail that seemed to be his neighbor’s, which apparently got in his mailbox by mistake. While Angelo’s wife was waiting for him in their car, Angelo decided to bring the lost letter to his neighbor.

What Angelo didn’t know, however, was that his neighbor had a secret obsession about him – and has watched all of his porn videos that he ever made! Thinking how to approach him best and perhaps secure a private show, Angelo’s neighbor offered Angelo to mow his lawn till the rest of the summer, for free. Angelo has a really big garden so that was an offer he couldn’t refuse… but Angelo’s garden is not the only BIG thing he’s got – dang, check out that huge thick cock, and all those perfectly sculpted muscles…

Preview video:

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Maskurbate features a huge collection of very masculine and mostly straight men that are very well-built, well-endowed and just fucking too hot to handle. The cumshots are usually very well shot and you can enjoy the sperm flying through the air as these studs empty their big nuts.

It’s the Holiday Season! Maskurbate offers a significant discount on their memberships during this time – Take advantage of the discount!


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Hot Stud In The Shower

by on Jul.30, 2013, under Uncategorized

Unfortunately, there’s no backstrory for this hot man. I just stumbled upon him while browsing some other blogs. From the top to bottom this man looks perfect. Just perfect.

I wouldn’t mind a bit less tattoos on those strong arms but this is hot as well. And take a look at that delicious soft cock (imagine how big it can get when it gets hard). Damn.


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StagHomme – Bulgarian Macho Top Goran Deflowers Young Adrian’s Ass (Holding Sand)

by on Mar.13, 2011, under StagHomme

Hot Bulgarian stud Goran is jerking off in his shower, feasting on the sexual scene where he gets to fuck the 24 year old masculine god Adrian Toledo.

You see, Goran saw Adrian somewhere in the downtown and now he just can’t get him out of his head. The sight of Adrian is enough to make Goran supercharged with horniness. He is thinking of all the amazing things that he could do to the attractive and seductive young demigod of a man Adrian.

”Holding Sand” is one of the most artistic, yet very hot, features on StagHomme, where we can actually feel and almost taste the fantastically sensual all-male sex, both in the aesthetic sense and regarding the pure animal fucking energy. The chemistry is super hot and strong.

Head straight to Staghomme and enjoy every taste and bit of pleasure that Goran experiences while he’s eating that gorgeous ass that he is soon about to deflower with his big, veiny hard cock with a beautiful big shiny head. Experience every drop of their semen that shoots from their cocks while you shoot your own load.


Short preview video:

Click here to watch their whole video in HD quality at StagHomme!

Consider joining StagHomme, it’s a beautiful gay porn site with fresh and imaginative hardcore porn and hot, very masculine European men which you won’t find anywhere else.


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Chaosmen – Vander And Taylor Fucking Bareback In The Shower

by on Jan.04, 2011, under Chaosmen

You probably already know that Vander is one of my favorite new porn stars. He’s masculine, muscled, hairy and straight acting. And he has a big, thick, gorgeous cock that makes me salivate and drool as soon as it appears on the screen.

Until now Vander has been mostly the top (the one who fucks), but in this unusual video we see him receiving Taylor’s sizeable dick in his ass. All bareback of course.

The video actually includes some great pissing scenes, and both guys got very into it, but sadly some powers that be don’t allow this to be shown outside the Chaosmen members area, so you have to take my word for it. These guys got dirty and pissed on each other while in the shower.

They start off by kissing each other, but then the main course of the day is of course blowjobs and fucking.

First Vander takes Taylor’s cock in his mouth and sucks it good and deep. Then, when it was Taylor’s turn to reciprocate the favor, he was just totally mesmerized by Vander’s HUGE cock. He didn’t expect it to be so fucking big and gorgeous. Being a straight dude, Taylor probably wasn’t too obsessed with Vander’s cock, but nevertheless, you know it’s a guy thing. We like to compare. Perhaps he felt a bit of envy? Who knows. I actually think that he wanted, more than anything else, to be able to deepthroat that monster. To take it all and feel Vander’s balls tickling his chin. In any case, he was defo enthusiastic about and loved Vander’s cock!

Taylor then sticks his rock-hard dick up Vander’s ass and fucks him for some time. Then he takes it out and pisses all over Vander’s erect cock. Vander uses the clear liquid to jack his always hard and ready cock. But Taylor is relentless, he just pounds Vander in the ass, he just keeps shoving it inside. The pissing is probably not for everyone, but I think that most people will find these pissing scenes and Taylor’s obvious dominance hot as hell.

Then Vander felt it was his time to cum. It seems Vander wanted to get to the top, to fuck, but Taylor thought that he actually needed to be pissed on a bit, and, of course, that made Vander bust his nut.

Next, Taylor breeds Vander, cums inside his ass and fucks him with his cum, and finally pisses on all that spremy mess.





Short preview video:

Click here to watch their entire video in perfect HD picture quality at Chaosmen!

Chaosmen is a great porn site that features hot straight and bi men getting serviced or fucking their mates bareback for some cash!


WARNING: This post contains descriptions and footage of bareback (unprotected) sex. Please be advised that this site does NOT encourage or condone bareback sex unless the participants are tested, live in a monogamous relationship and/or are fully aware of the dangers of acquiring HIV and other sexually transmited diseases through practicing sex without condoms.

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Engaged & Very Masculine Straight Basketball Player Ty Gets Serviced

by on Nov.25, 2010, under BaitBuddies

”Put a ring on it.”

No. we’re not talking about a cock ring… this  week’s extremely hot and masculine straight guy, Ty, is engaged to be married  and wears his ring proudly. But, that doesn’t stop him from taking our offer of stripping and showering for $200 just five minutes after meeting Caruso for the first time…in a park! Ty is 23 years old, with a beautful, muscular body  covered in tattoos. He’s 5’10”, 175, has brown hair, brown eyes, and a whopping  9.5 inch cut dick.

So we take Ty back to the studio where he strips down and shows off a body and dick that nobody ever says no to. Sitting just outside camera range in the shadows is our bait boy, Val. Val is 28, 5’9”, 145, with  brown hair, brown eyes and a 7” uncut cock and sports a slender but totally ripped body. Caruso quiety tells Val to strip down and get ready to walk into the shower with Ty. Ty is a bit flustered when Val enters the scene, but says nothing when asked to pose with our bait boy. Step by step, Val is directed into  poses which eventually have his hand on Ty’s dick. Ty makes his discomfort with the gay stuff known, but that doesn’t stop Caruso from making a quick offer of cash if Ty let’s Val blow him. Val just moves in for the kill before Ty can  change his mind and once his mouth is wrapped around that nine inch piece of  meat, Ty throws his head back and his resistance melts away. When we ask them to  kiss, again Val moves in, twice, but only gets a peck each time. Ty says ”it’s  too inimate” to which Caruso follows up with ”how about giving him head?” and  with a sigh of relief that he doesn’t have to kiss, he just answers ”I guess  so.” After the straight guy’s awkward cocksucking job, we try to move him to fucking – but Ty finally draws a line in the sand and says ”NO”. So, we finish the scene with a very hot bj and Ty blowing a huge load on Val’s face and mouth. Val finishes himself off while fucking a huge dildo.

Ty is a classic straight dude – he looks EXACTLY like some of my straight buddies from high school. It just doesn’t get any better if you are into younger, manly straight motherfuckers who are obsessed with sport and pussy.


Short preview video:

Click here to watch and beat off to their entire video at BaitBuddies!


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Sexy Straight Motherfucker Kain

by on Aug.24, 2010, under BaitBuddies

Like Baseball?

Well then you’ll love Corey, our new Bait guy, who carries around a Louisville Slugger and two big balls…between his legs that is. Wow, we’re not kidding, his package is thick, meaty and succulent! He’s a masculine dude with a nice toned body and an ass that just begs for attention. He joins us for this Guy Quest episode in an effort to have hot sex with another masculine straight guy.

Just as we were interviewing him in the studio lobby, a good looking, young dude could be seen through the front window just roaming around our parking lot. So, we figured it was now or never and we all took off to see what he was up to and if he fit into our straight guy seduction plans. It turns out his name is Kain who works close by and was looking for the dumpster. He was quite surprised by our presence and our camera, so before he could figure things out, we gave him the bum’s rush. We offered him some cash and before you know it we broke his resistance down and our Bait guy, Corey was on his knees sucking the dude off right next to the dumpster he started out looking for. Kain has the face of a cover model with deep hazel eyes that draw you in and mesmerize you. With a beautifully toned body, nice smattering of body hair and several interesting tattoos, this hot straight man is the total package. Speaking of package…he sports a nice 8" of hot man meat! Well, we didn’t want Kain to cum at the dumpster and leave without us getting to push him even further, so we moved the action inside. The rest of this episode is just what we all like to see, a perfectly straight guy who’s used to having sex with his girlfriend, instead kissing, jacking, blowing and fucking our hot Bait boy, Corey!


Make sure to watch this preview video:


Wow! There are some movies which I particularly recommend to my blog readers because the men and/or the action is scorching hot. This is defo one of them. Both of these guys are unbeliveably hot and manly. I already blew two big loads while watching their full video over at Bait Buddies.

Click here to be taken to Bait Buddies where you can watch this whole movie AND many other hot straight dudes tricked into gay sex!

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Smoking Hot Frat Boy

by on Jun.17, 2010, under Fratmen

Tatum is drop dead smoking hot from head to toe. He was a little shy during his school. He said it was the closest another guy had ever been to him while he was naked with a hardon…

Click here to watch Tatum’s entire Jerk Off movie AND hundreds of other superbly and perfectly masculine frat boys!

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Dripping Wet with Alexander

by on Feb.06, 2010, under Manavenue

After a Long Hot Day of Soaking up sun on the balcony, apparently Alexander was Hot and

Before we knew it he was stroked his huge cock for us in the shower. He was teasing us with his rock hard boner before settling down to business.

Fuck. Bet you wish you were the soap in that shower..


Click here to watch his entire movie!

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Horny Coach Fucks Team’s Best Wide Receiver

by on Jan.30, 2010, under Hot Jocks Nice Cocks, Suite 703

Coach Stevens enters the locker room after the victorious football season has come to a close. He praises, Tristan, the team’s best wide receiver, and Drew, the star quarterback, for a job well done. He takes Bobby, one of the seniors aside for a private meeting, and leaves Drew and Tristan in the hands of the assistant coach, Ari, who has a reward for their performance. Coach Stevens takes Bobby into the shower room, where he gets his own reward for a job well done.

04_large 07_large


Ok, not sure if either of these two studs are straight, but who cares? The sex is hot, and it could have happened in a real life situation ;-)

Click here to check HOT JOCKS NICE COCKS where coach Rusty fucks the shit out of Bobby the wide receiver. It’s a great collection of really hot gay sites with superb actors and high quality content production. Check them out!

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