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Army Daydreams – Hot Ripped Soldier Ty Roderick Takes Care Of His Captor’s Willing Ass

by on Apr.18, 2016, under Icon Male

Here’s a nice military story that can transport us into the world of wild imagination. Trent Ferris is keeping an eye on his prisoner Ty Roderick while lieutenant Alexander is questioning the other prisoner. Since the general mood seems to be low, Ty proposes that Trent and him should play a little game. He tells Trent to close his eyes and imagine himself at some other place, doing something completely different. Ty has pretty wild imagination and soon enough he constructs a virtual reality for Trent in which Trent is able to take advantage of him as a prisoner owing to his position of the main guard.

Well, Trent accepts the fantasy and goes near Ty and crouches down to be on the same eye-level with him. Little by little, their lips come closer and the guys kiss each other passionately. Trent wants to feel this prisoner’s cock fully, but in order to get there he knows he has to unlock Ty. Finally free, Ty takes hold of Trent’s head and kisses him even more passionately. Piece by piece their military clothes are gone and Trent gets down on his knees to suck Ty’s magnificent big cock. He wants that cock deep in his ass, and he works with his mouth and throat to make it nice and hard.

Ty also plays with Trent’s ass while getting blown, and tries to loosen it up a bit before shoving his cock inside. Soon after that, Ty penetrates the young captor and starts fucking that ass without mercy. Now Ty is in control and wants to get even with Trent for all the days and hours of humiliation. He doesn’t spare that ass much but pounds it hard and deep. He then flips Trent on his back and lifts his legs up in the air so he can fuck him in that position deeper.

After some time Ty can’t hold it any longer and pulls out. He sits next to his captor and the two men stroke their hard dicks. Ty is the first to shoot his load, then Trent follows suit and shoots his jizz all over himself.

Back to reality, and Ty is still handcuffed, it was all just a daydream. Or, was it? Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish reality from fiction, especially when horny men are involved.


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Icon Male is a hot new porn site from Next Door Studios which focuses on the fantasy that involves sex between a younger man and a more mature man. Lovers of sugar daddies should be quite pleased with this website. The men are really very hot, and both mature and younger guys are well cast. I can also say that the production quality is very high.


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Masculine Football Coach Ty Roderick Takes Care Of Asa Shaw’s Eager Ass

by on Sep.29, 2015, under Icon Male

Now here’s a cute and horny autumn story to get your juices flowing. Ty Roderick plays a football coach and he’s training Asa Shaw who claims that he’d like to become a football player and perhaps even make it to the national football team one day. Truth be told, Asa Shaw doesn’t really care much about the football itself, he has some other things on his mind… such as, how to find some good-looking straight men in the team, and how to seduce them into his bed.

Now, although Ty easily turns all the wheels for Asa, the problem remains that Ty seems to be truly straight and had probably never fooled around with other guys (well, at least in this story haha). Asa gathers his courage and asks Ty directly if he can suck his cock. Ty has heard about guys allegedly being better cocksuckers than girls and would like to give it a try, but he’s not sure he can keep his erection let alone cum while getting head from a dude.

Ty and Asa find the middle ground – Ty is going to stand there with his eyes closed and Asa will demonstrate his cocksucking skills. Asa doesn’t waste time and reaches for the main prize in Ty’s pants. At first it seems as if Asa’s attempts leave Ty’s cock unimpressed, but investing some more effort, Asa is finally rewarded by Ty’s fully erect dick which now stands so damn close to his face. Ty tries to keep his eyes closed, but the little bugger does it so well that Ty simply has to peek at how he’s doing it.

Ty wants to fuck his football player and positions him on the bed with Asa’s ass fully exposed for his hard cock. The young lad quickly loses his underwear while Ty’s hairy masculine hands almost tear the panties to shreds. Asa is not experienced in taking big straight cocks (well, in this episode, at least) but decides to take it all like a man. And Ty does provide a good pounding. Ty is an aggressive fucker and likes to nail it sometimes. There’s a hot part where both guys are looking at each other’s eyes, check that out.

Asa goes back to providing a blowjob for Ty’s stiff dick and Ty grabs the back of his head and face fucks him. He makes the boy swallow his entire cock, balls deep. Soon enough Asa can’t take it any longer and shoots his load, which splatters all over his stomach. Ty follows suit and shoots his wad all over Asa’s load.


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Icon Male is a hot new porn site from Next Door Studios which focuses on the fantasy that involves sex between a younger man and a more mature man. Lovers of sugar daddies should be quite pleased with this website. The men are really very hot, and both mature and younger guys are well cast. I can also say that the production quality is very high.


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Manly Hairy Student Ty Roderick Fucks His Hot College Professor Adam Russo

by on Sep.08, 2015, under Icon Male

Adam Russo plays a hot mature college professor. Ty Roderick is one of his students, and unfortunately not the best among them. However, Ty’s got many other things going for him, not least of them his great masculine looks. Ty’s plan is to seduce his hot professor and hopefully when the two men make out, Adam will improve his marks. Things don’t go smoothly, though, and Adam is not impressed. When Ty resorts to desperate measures, such as aggressively threatening and choking his mature professor, it turns out that Adam actually gets turned on by this choking and gets a spontaneous hardon!

Having used all his trump cards, Ty decides to use his mightiest weapon – big hard cock that he’s hiding in his pants. He whips it out and shows it in its full glory to Adam. Soon enough, that big stiff rod finds its way to Adam’s throat. Curiously enough, Adam is not fighting, it’s actually something he’s been wanting to try for quite a few years. Adam swallows Ty’s entire big dick and deepthroats it like a pro!

Soon after this amazing blowjob, Ty forcefully removes Adam’s clothes and shoves his dick deep into the professor’s tight ass. Ty is angry at his professor for giving him such a hard time with his grades. He slams Adam’s butt aggressively and fucks it real hard. And all that feels amazingly good and Ty just can’t stop. The two men change the position and Ty now forces Adam to receive his dick from behind. Ty keeps playing and squeezing Adam’s nipples and pecs. The two men then exchange blowjobs. Adam now wants to return the favor and slams his big dick deep into Ty’s throat, making his student gasp for air.

Then the guys stand next to each other while their cocks are rubbing against each other. Ty kisses Adam in the beard, and Adam reaches for Ty’s big balls with his lips and mouth. They smell and taste like you’d expect from a real man. That was what brought both Ty and Adam over the edge and within seconds Ty pulls out and shoots his load all over Adam’s face.


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Icon Male is a hot new porn site from Next Door Studios which focuses on the fantasy that involves sex between a younger man and a more mature man. Lovers of sugar daddies should be quite pleased with this website. The men are really very hot, and both mature and younger guys are well cast. I can also say that the production quality is very high.


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Hung Hairy Stud Ty Roderick Makes Love To Hot Mature Man Dirk Gaber

by on Aug.25, 2015, under Icon Male

Dirk Caber meets handsome straight dude Ty Roderick in his small apartment. Ty’s home looks very nice, warm and pleasant as if it’s imbued with some kind of cozy, friendly atmosphere, although one can sense that Dirk is a little nervous as well. This is Dirk’s first time to meet with a much younger man. Dirk tries to reassure Ty that his intentions are honest. Dirk has been lusting over Ty ever since he found him on a social hookup network and is eager to make love to him. Dirk is also a little concerned about his wife, whether she might find out about this little secret rendezvous between the two men, but he hopes everything will work out according to plan.

Ty is very laid back and calm, and slowly Dirk makes himself comfortable at Ty’s place and adopts Ty’s cool attitude. Ty reminds Dirk that as long as his needs are taken care of, Dirk has nothing to worry about. Dirk approaches Ty and starts rubbing his knee. Dirk still feels a little awkward, but Ty reassures him that everything will be fine and moves Dirk’s hand onto his crotch. There’s a lot going on in Ty’s pants, his gorgeous big curved dick is growing fast and making a huge tent. Ty pulls Dirk closer to himself by pulling his necktie and starts kissing Dirk. Dirk finally lets go of his emotional worries and begins to think that things might actually work out with this young man. Dirk has been dreaming about getting intimate with a younger masculine dude for quite a while and Ty is like a dream cum true.

Dirk gets horny like a bull while checking out and touching Ty’s hard, muscular body. Ty unbuttons his shirt to reveal a gorgeous hairy chest. Ty takes off Dirk’s shirt as well and starts playing with Dirk’s nipples, which was a really pleasant surprise for Dirk. Ty releases his cock from his pants and you can tell that Dirk is literally stunned by its beauty. It seems as if Ty has been reading Dirk’s mind and knows all the little secret things that rock his boat. Finally, Ty finds his way to Dirk’s asshole and penetrates it with his great cock. He fucks Dirk slowly, but gradually increases the pace. Ty keeps kissing the mature man’s face and lips while plowing his ass deeper and deeper. Dirk is already near the verge of the point of no return and Ty knows it. Ty starts pounding Dirk faster and very aggressively. That was more than enough to cause Dirk to shoot his load, hands free, while being plowed by Ty’s relentless cock. Dirk’s great cumshot splatters all over Dirk’s chest. Ty soon follows suit, pulls out and shoots his wad all over Dirk’s cumshot. What a great cummy mess! 


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Icon Male is a hot new porn site from Next Door Studios which focuses on the fantasy that involves sex between a younger man and a more mature man. Lovers of sugar daddies should be quite pleased with this website. The men are really very hot, and both mature and younger guys are well cast. I can also say that the production quality is very high.


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Masculine Dude Ty Roderick Fucks His High School Mate Johnny Rapid

by on Jan.21, 2014, under Drill My Hole

Well, well, well… who would’ve thought? Johnny Rapid and Ty Roderick went to the same high school. And do you know what’s Ty’s biggest regret from that period? Well, of course – his biggest regret is that he didn’t fuck Johnny, despite Johnny’s multiple advances and secret "signs" that he kept giving off.

It’s high time to put an end to this outrageous injustice and let Johnny feel the full length, girth and hardness of Ty’s hard cock! After their brief encounter outside, Johnny goes alone to the bathroom in his flat to jerk off, thinking about Johnny. He spunks himself straight in the face and just at that moment Johnny rings at the door! Ty is at a loss of words when he needs to explain what’s the sticky white substance on his face.

Anyway, since the high school time Johnny has become more picky and now demands to see Ty’s manhood first before proceeding to the next level. Ty has no problem with this and whips out his already rock-hard cock. (I wonder if they use viagra routinely for these shoots, or he can get it hard so fast any time he wants?)

Just take a good look at that funny pic (the fifth from above here) where Ty shows his pride to Johnny and Johhny stares at it spellbound…  it’s not like that in the video and I’m kinda sorry they missed on the great opportunity to make things funnier.

Of course, after cocksucking the two men start fucking and Ty drills Johnny’s willing ass in more than one position. I liked the chemistry between these two, and I must say I’m totally in love with Ty.. he’s such a hot masculine straight guy and he’s obviously grown accustomed and comfortable with his new "gay for pay" roles…

So there it is, ladies and gentlemen, Ty fucks Johnny… If they only could make some half-decent dialogue and encourage the guys to act naturally, but oh well, this is porn.

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0020 (1)

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Drill My Hole is a brand new porn site from the owners of MEN.COM and it features rough men who like to fuck their bottoms hard and very aggressively. These usually straight bad ass dudes can really drill holes in a virgin man ass. Lots of high quality HD videos inside!


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GuysInSweatpants – Ty Roderick Fucks His Buddy Brandon Moore

by on Nov.04, 2013, under Guys In Sweatpants

Whenever someone has to move to a new place there is the issue of who’s going to help with the furniture. Sure, you can call the moving men and enjoy the view (usually there are a few good-looking moving men!) or, if you’re on a budget, you will probably consider calling a buddy to help you out.

Now, Ty wants to move his furniture and luckily his buddy Brandon Moore said he could help him. Ty and Brandon come to the conclusion that they would need to do the heavy lifting first, then proceed with the moving out. However, Ty has been horny for days, there wasn’t a single day when he could jerk off and cool down, and when his buddy Brandon appeared on the door Ty got an idea: In order to function properly Brandon will need some manscaping before he takes up a challenge of moving the furniture.

Ty prepares Brandon’s asshole by shaving it first, then there’s some blowjob exchange and finally Ty starts to fuck Brandon hard and deep with his nice big stiff dick. This was some decent hot sweaty fucking and I do recommend it.


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Guys in Sweatpants is a brand new porn site that features hot, sporty guys who wear sweatpants and are perpetually horny. If you’re like me you love watching hot guys in sweatpants, love seeing their bulge and how they occasionally adjust their cock while playing sports. Lots of very hot fucking action in this fresh innovative site!


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Men On Edge – Edging Tied-Up Ty Roderick In Forest

by on Sep.13, 2012, under MenOnEdge

Straight hunk Ty Roderick found himself tied up among the trees in some god-forgotten forest. He tries to call for help but nobody can hear him here.

First we just touch his body to let him know we are here (he is blindfolded and can’t see us). Roderick gets a huge erection from this touching of his perfect body. He doesn’t want it but his dick knows better. His dick is absolutely gorgeous – long, thick and hard.

We stroke his dick slowly but don’t let him cum. As soon as we sense he’s about to cum we stop stroking him. Nope, this hot straight stud must not be allowed to cum so easily. We want to edge him all day long. Roderick begs us to allow him to cum but we remain unmoved.

We beat him on the chest to make him shut up. These straight men are sometimes so vocal and loud, you just have to silence them from time to time!

Then we shove a big dildo up his ass. This makes Roderick even closer to cumming, but he’s still not there yet. We position him in a vertical hogtie and edge him a bit more there.

More than anything else Roderick wants to spill his seed on the forest ground but we don’t let him. We completely suspend him in the air and after that fuck him in the ass, then continue with the edging.

We put him on the ground and spread his arms and legs, so he can’t touch himself. Finally we let him shoot his load, and after so much of slow torments he is utterly exhausted,


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Men on Edge is a new porn site that showcases hot, often straight men being tortured, tied up, and their cocks being stroked – all against their will. The tormentors don’t let their captives cum too soon. Oh, no, they keep stroking them and then stopping abruptly, so that these poor captured men remain on the edge of cumming for quite a long time. Some men are forced to suck some very large dicks indeed.


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Next Door Buddies – Hot Kickboxing Lessons With Ty Roderick & Aaron Blake

by on Nov.17, 2011, under NextDoorBuddies

Ty Roderick is a professional kickboxer and he’s trying to teach his buddy Aaron Blake some basics regarding self defense techniques.

At first it seems they are doing fine, and Aaron seems to have a natural ability to grasp the concepts easily. But Aaron really needs to improve his skills when it comes to tighter hand to hand struggles. It doesn’t take a long time for him to discover that certain positions are best avoided. One of those positions is when you lie flat on your back while another guy straddles your face with his crotch.

Well, it’s not easy to avoid being turned on by your mate when he looks so damn hot like Ty Roderick. Of course, boys will be boys and they just need to let off some steam. So let’s see what these two studs have come up with in that “awkward” position!


Short preview video:

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Next Door Buddies!

NextDoorBuddies is a very hot and interesting site that features thousands of hot next-door type guys fucking and giving blowjobs!

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Next Door Hookups – Masculine Dude Ty Roderick Bangs Lucky Girl

by on Oct.27, 2011, under Next Door Hookups

Ty Roderick is one hot and very masculine straight hunk – as you can clearly see on the pics and video here. He’s married but likes to bang a new chick from time to time and do a porno. Lucky for us, because we can admire his beautiful dick, handsome face and hot body!
Darcy Tyler likes to play games.

She has this game with blindfolding their boyfriends and letting them explore her body that way. Darcy slobbers and sucks on his big, fat cock while Ty gets horniner by the minute. It’s obvious that she wants to be banged – and by gods, Ty is going to give it to her!

The blindfold comes off and Ty starts fucking the shit out of this imaginative hot slut. Darcy didn’t know that Ty is one nasty motherfucker: He likes a rough game –  wants to dominate in sex and fuck chicks like a wild animal.


Preview video:

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Next Door Hookups!

Next Door Hookups is a site that features truly straight guys who like to fuck their girlfriends hard and raw. These motherfuckers are really manly and the action is hot!

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