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Hot Muscled Footballer Lee Towser Inspected & Milked By Pervy Clothed Men

by on Feb.09, 2015, under CMNM

Lee Towser is a hot muscular footballer, and a proud dad of two sons. It’s obvious that this handsome manly lad has a very fertile seed brewing in his balls and the board members of Mancastle United football would like to get a sample of his sperm in order to make sure that he is indeed the best of the  best they could find. There are several more candidates but the rumor is that nobody can match the potency of Lee’s sperm. Lee is supposed to sign a contract with this football club, but he also knows that this examination is a necessary part of it.

While the clothed men are touching and exploring his manly body, Lee’s cock wakes up and spontaneously begins to get hard. Only a few hand strokes on that beautiful man meat and Lee was about to cum. His warm jizz splatters all over the new club’s owner, who didn’t seem to mind this at all. Lee knows that men who decide about important things in this football club are pervy motherfuckers and that he would have to put up with even more elaborate naked inspections in the future.


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