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Young Fit Lad Billy Gets Robbed & Walks Into The Urinals Totally Naked

by on Apr.18, 2014, under CMNM

Young fit lad Billy likes to go out at night, relax and let all his worries evaporate so he can finally feel alive and energized. However, he usually becomes a bit reckless and people of dubious character tend to abuse his good nature. This night, for instance, the guy whom Billy fully trusted stole all his money and even clothes and left him totally naked.

Billy didn’t allow this misfortunate event to spoil his fun and, as if nothing special has happened, he goes inside the urinals trying to take a leak when he stumbles across a guy whom he met some time ago. The two lads have a warm pleasant chit-chat session when Billy realizes all of a sudden that his cock is spontaneously getting hard. The fact that his cock is free from the shackles of the underwear and able to dangle and flop around as Billy moves about the urinals is probably the main cause of its spontaneous, unwanted erection.

Billy is still feeling happy and full of life and people around him start noticing this contagious enthusiasm and good-spiritedness. Billy’s invigorating eagerness to enjoy life makes everyone feel at least slightly better about themselves and it’s no secret that many enjoy seeing his hot fit young masculine body either. The other lads gather around him and check out his body, scrutinizing it from all possible angles.


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Staghomme – Big Cocks & Sex In Public Restroom (Madhunter’s Stalls)

by on May.26, 2011, under StagHomme

Madhunter is one of the best known hotspots of Madrid nightlife for real masculine men (

We tried to recreate the typical situation and action that ensues when two horny guys meet in a bathroom stall of this club. What exactly happens? See the answer in the tiniest detail. Starring a hunky fresh newcomer Valentino and Damien Crosse.



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