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Best Real-Life Friends Cole & Kalin Play Gay Chicken

by on Mar.10, 2017, under Straight Fraternity

Now here’s another good blast from the past, in this case from 2008. Cole and Kalin are real-life best buddies. They have known each other their whole lives and it’s really nice to see them fooling around and playing Gay Chicken for the first time ever!

First they kiss each other and try to get all sentimental and romantic. Their cocks respond by getting hard and the next logical step is a helping hand from your buddy. It didn’t seem they were shy about touching each other’s cocks! It’s always hot to watch two friends stroking each other’s big erect cocks. Cole’s dick is really long and big, and Kalin’s uncut cock is pretty solid as well.

Then the next step in this Gay Chicken game is to do a blowjob for your buddy. Cole swallows Kalin’s dick and Kalin begins to face-fuck his friend. Then Cole wants to return the favor and sucks Kalin’s dick. Cole’s dick is definitely not so easy to swallow, and Kalin can only get some of it in his mouth. The result of this match is more or less a tie, but Cole wants to fuck Kalin and thus win the game! After some time Cole is near the point of no return, and moans, “I’m cumming!” He pulls out and shoots a nice big load all over Kalin’s back.

Preview video:

Click here to watch his entire video in perfect HD quality at Straight Fraternity!

Straight Fraternity is a great site that features hot and horny straight amateur guys. The guys here are funny, cool, and entertaining… and of course hot as hell… I’m sure you’ll enjoy watching their antics! The site authors really love to show cumshots and if you’re a cum lover, you will like this site.


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Handsome Bearded Straight Lad Gale Jacks Off His Big Thick Cock

by on Feb.27, 2017, under Like-Em-Straight

Meet Gale! He’s a handsome straight lad who already has some experience with modeling and acting, so being in front of the camera doesn’t make him nervous. This was his very first nude or porn appearance, though, and we must say he looks a lot younger than his real age. His smile adds much to the overall impression and definitely makes him look younger and more amiable.

With his short cropped hair, green eyes and nice beard he looks like an actor from some teen soap opera. Gale’s cock is big and fat! He has his very own style for jerking off, which we can understand because when you have such a big fat schlong you’re definitely allowed to invent your own jerkoff styles!

Gale watched some straight porn that Brendon put on the DVD and stroked his dick until he shot his load. And dang, that load was really big!

Preview video:

Click here to watch their entire video in HD quality at Like-Em-Straight!

Like-Em-Straight is a porn site that features real straight guys that come to jerk off for some cash. The farthest these men will go with another man is to let him suck his cock or get a handjob, but most guys just want to jerk off. The site is made by the same authors as Bait Buddies so you can be sure there’s some quality jerkoff material inside. Most of the men I’ve seen inside are really hot and manly, and I’d venture to say that most of them are really straight.


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Beefy Straight Italian Hunk Tony Gets Sucked Off By A Dude For The First Time

by on Aug.02, 2014, under SUCKoffGUYS

Meet Tony! He’s 21-years-old straight hunk who thought he had what it takes to come to our audition. Well, he was so right – as soon as we saw him we just knew that we had to have him in our video! Tony is Italian and he thinks that he could make some additional money by appearing on porn sites. He was very, very nervous when he appeared at our doorstep. He brought a gay friend of his to "check us out"… I guess he wasn’t sure what exactly we were up to. We just explained that the recording would involve him getting hard, a guy blows him and the guy swallows his load. And Tony said he was cool with that, although his nervousness didn’t leave him until some time later.

To break the ice we told Tony to take off his clothes so we could make some professional photos of his hot, beefy, muscular body. That must have stroked his ego in a good way and he immediately started to smile. Don’t get me wrong, he was totally charming all the time, just a bit nervous, but that’s nothing unusual for straight guys who come to their first porn auditions.

Tony starts fondling his cock and, sneakily Seth enters the scene, drops to his knees, and starts sucking on this young man’s big, thick rod. What could a gay guy ask more? A nice, big fat schlong in your mouth and you know you can easily make him cum. After a couple of seconds Tony tells Seth that he likes rough and aggressive blowjobs, and Seth immediately acknowledges the new instructions!

Seth enters into a more aggressive cocksucking mode and sucks on that straight cock for quite some time. Tony groaned and let out various inarticulate sounds while being professionally serviced by a man for the first time in his life. Little by little, it becomes obvious that Tony is approaching the orgasm, and Seth’s greediness for straight cum is at the all time high. Seth wants that cum and wants to swallow it all.

Soon enough Tony starts shooting his semen into Seth’s mouth. Seth swallows it all, and greedily licks any remaining drops of straight cum. After he’s collected all the stray drops of cum he puts Tony’s half-soft cock again into his mouth and sucks it clean.

After this Tony could hardly talk and he just commended Seth for an outstanding blowjob, probably the best he ever had. He added that he’s very happy that now when there are no girls around he knows he has a place where he is always welcome to come and empty his balls in a willing cocksucker. Tony also said that he was surprised that Seth actually swallowed all of his cum and that virtually nothing remained – no mess at all. Well, getting sucked off by a man has its perks, buddy!


Preview video:

Click here to watch their complete video in perfect HD quality at SUCKOffGUYS!

SUCKOffGUYS is a very interesting and hot amateur gay porn site that focuses on blowjobs, cum eating, cumshots, cum play and all things cum! The site owners are obviously total cum pigs and it shows. Be sure to check them out if you’re into beautiful hard cocks, blowing stiff rods and sperm in all varieties.

SPECIAL PROMOTION: As of Saturday March 8th, SUCKOffGUYS will be offering one full video from their archive totally free of charge every Saturday. The promotion is called Free Scene Saturdays – so watch out for new cum swallowing videos every Saturday, and also consider joining their site to watch all of their hot stuff!


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Handsome Straight Dude Jonas Barebacks & Breeds Jet’s Willing Ass

by on Jan.22, 2014, under Chaosmen

I think it’s safe to say that Jonas has finally seen the light at the end of the tunnel, as far as his sexual contacts with guys are concerned. He let loose of all the inhibitions due to social programming and fucked Jet like a crazyman.

Of course, Jet is very fond of having his pinky hole slammed by a nice straight cock, so he didn’t protest at all.

It seems to me that Jonas is particularly appreciative of having his cock properly serviced (again, I’ll have to ask whether his girlfriend does that job right, or maybe she could take a few lessons from the guys?). Anyhow, the worshipping didn’t end on just cocksucking. Jet proceeded to orally service Jonas’ asshole as well.

Jonas bent over Jet on the bed and fucked him doggy-style at first. It was great fun to watch Jet’s long and curved cock penetrating Jet’s tight hole. Jet likes to get fucked so much that he’s virtually always hard during sex. And this time, too, he didn’t disappoint. Jet’s cock remained at full mast and Jonas eventually fucked the cum out of Jet! Actually, Jet says that he struggled the whole time not to cum too soon!

Jonas is very good at breeding hot bottom boys, and he delivered a very nice copious cumshot straight onto Jet’s inviting hole, then rammed it inside again to properly breed him.


Preview video:

Click here to watch their entire bareback video in HD quality at Chaosmen!

Chaosmen is a great porn site that features hot straight and bi men getting serviced or fucking their mates bareback for some cash. This site is exceptional and very unique because almost every single fucking is bareback and ends with a gorgeous internal cumshot or creampie.


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Sexy Hung Fucker James Breeds Three Sexually Insatiable Boys

by on Jan.20, 2014, under Sketchy Sex

I’m glad to present you a brand new site called Sketchy Sex. It’s a site that is made by two hot roommates who have an insatiable sex drive and, if left alone, they tend to spend all their free time fucking with various hookups. When they are not fucking, they spend their time cruising the Internet for new hookups – on a daily basis. Not sure if I agree with that kind of lifestyle, but their videos certainly look quite amazing! Especially if you like internal cumshots, bareback fucking and hot young college studs.

The description we got from Kev:

Last night Landon, Eli and Josh had been fucking among themselves as if it were the end of the world and they wanted to use the rest of the time they’ve got the best way they could! However, it was not enough. There were a few random guys who dropped by and emptied their balls inside their asses, but it wasn’t really anything worth mentioning. The boys were getting desperate, when suddenly, the following morning Eli found this hot new dude who has one of the biggest, thickest cocks we’ve seen lately!

The guy’s name is James and I suspect that Eli found him on craigslist a few weeks ago, but he couldn’t come over right then. James has a fantastic, muscled body and a huge, stiff cock to die for! I couldn’t wait to let him impale my ass with that beautiful hard stick.

The whole orgy lasted quite some time and James shot multiple loads. Actually all three of us got his load inside our asses – yep, that’s three loads. This guy’s a keeper for sure. I can’t wait to see him next time.


Preview video:

Click here to watch their entire bareback breeding video in HD quality at SketchySex!

SketchySex is a brand new site that comes from the two boys who participated in the making of FraternityX. The site further expands on the theme of FraternityX, namely hot college guys fucking like horny rabbits. Of course, the action is bareback and there’s plenty of cumshots and breeding scenes. The guys are hot as ever, young hot muscled motherfuckers with huge stiff cocks.

The site showcases video movies that were shot by two roommates who have an insatiable sex drive. They spend almost all day long cruising the Internet in hopes of finding the next big cock that will fill their holes. Neither of them work anymore, however, they earn some money from their website these days. Their hookups are very hot, hung straight/curious or bisexual guys! The two roommates regularly post their videos on Sketchysex and, if you want, you can donate some pennies for their hard work by becoming a member of their website!

Click here to give them a try!



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Big-Dicked Studs Valentin Petrov & Tate Ryder Fuck Hard

by on Jul.02, 2013, under CockSureMen

Sometimes I just want to watch two hot masculine men fucking hard, and I don’t care if they’re straight or gay or bisexual. You know, just as long as they’re hot motherfuckers it’s all good.

So, I’m not really sure if Valentin Petrov and Tate Ryder are straight, but they sure seemed to know how to fuck passionately. These two big-dicked studs began their rendezvous with comparing their big dicks.

Valentin has an uncut one and he gets stroked by Tate. Tate kneels before Valentin’s rod and takes it into his mouth. Afterwards Valentin bends over Tate on the couch and tastes his ass. Valentin then shoves his big thick cock directly into Tate’s willing hole. They fuck like little rabbits and then they stop fucking for some time to enjoy each other’s poles. They both deepthroat each other.

Then Tate impales on Valentin’s dick and starts to ride it like a pro. He just goes up and down, up and down and enjoys every Valentin’s thrust from the below. Then Tate prostrates himself on the couch and Valentin Petrov pounds him from behind until he fucks the cum out of Tate. Tate came copiously on his chest. Valentin pulls out his fuck stick and sprays Tate all over his chest.

4 2
Preview video:

Click here to watch their entire video in HD quality at Cock Sure Men!  

Cock Sure Men is a great site with tons of hottest, manly and often straight guys which have insatiable sexual appetites. Watch them as they pound each other hard and raw with the explosive masculine energy.


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Carter & Trevor Force-Fucked & Seeded In A Nasty Gangbang

by on Apr.28, 2013, under FraternityX

Carter has been going on my nerves lately. He doesn’t want to stop playing the house heavy ever since he stepped into this frat house. Smart ass.

So we thought we might teach him a lesson or two, by sticking our hard dicks in his mouth and little tight ass. We tied him up and put a tape on his mouth so that the bitch couldn’t scream and yell while we’re working on his orifices.

Jackson was the first to nail his ass, and Trevor got horny from watching Carter’s cock jumping up and down from Jackson’s fierce thrusts. He felt that Carter would be cumming soon so he placed his mouth and opened it in the anticipation of the shooting load. And he was right – Carter shot his load while being fucked from behind. Nothing better than swallowing your buddy’s load while he shoots his wad while being force-fucked.

Then both guys took on fucking Trevor’s ass, fucked him real hard and seeded his ass. Twice, of course.


Preview video:

Click here to watch their entire video in HD quality at FraternityX!

FraternityX is an amazing new porn site that features a gang of young, bisexual college boys who are sexually insatiable, always horny and ready to fuck a hole. They record their orgies and put them up on their website (FraternityX) and charge a small membership fee so that you can help put them through college!

You can enjoy lots of 3-somes and wild orgies on this site, and the boys are truly handsome and hot!

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The Casting Room – Sexy Fighter Edward Shoots a Massive Load

by on Jul.09, 2012, under TheCastingRoom

Edward is a straight dude with handsome face and very nicely built body. He might look innocent at the first sight, but deep down he has a kinky side. Edward has been working as a fashion model for some time now, but he has never tried his luck as a porn actor.

Edward says that the money from fashion modeling isn’t so huge and that he has to work as a professional fighter to earn enough money. Unfortunately, he was injured recently in one of his fights and won’t be able to fight for several months.

Someone told Edward that porn will probably be a good substitute for professional fighting and here he is now, ready to give it a try.

Most of the guys who used to work as fashion models have a somewhat conceited attitude when they switch to porn business, but not Edward. He is truly a down to earth lad, always professional and was cooperative with the casting director. Whatever the casting director asked him to do he did.

Edward’s dick is beautiful and pretty big and hard, just the type of cock I love. He delivered an amazing cumshot and squirted his sperm very far. Very impressive indeed!


Short preview video:

Click here to watch his entire video in HD quality at The Casting Room!

The Casting Room (formerly known as First Auditions) is a great, original porn site that showcases young, cocky straight men who would like to become porn stars and make loads of cash. They think that they’ll be accepted right away and be able to fuck lots of girls, but they don’t know that our casting director is very strict and wants to fully inspect them during the audition. He orders them to get fully naked, show their ass, and jerk off so that we can clearly see the cumshot. Plus, we get to hear all their fetishes and what turns them on.


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Rate These Guys – Young Inked Karate Fighter Fulfills Fan’s Wishes

by on Jun.24, 2012, under Rate These Guys

We’ve already seen Darren James (when he was auditioning for another site) and I’m happy to see this masculine stud again. Darren is a 24-year-old inked and well-built karate master. He also loves to wield his swords and watch porn films. Not surprising for a horny straight dude of his age, but Darren excels in everything he does.

Darren also likes to fulfill as many wishes of his fans, so today we will see him sinking his cock into a bowl of ice – as requested by one of his fans!

Be kind to him, he is still a beginner in the world of porn. But I am sure you’ll notice that this guy aims to please. I can almost vouch that he’ll do just about anything sensible to fulfill his fans’ wishes.

By now RateTheseGuys has over 300 exclusive videos of hot straight lads that are willing to do anything that’s asked of them. Lots of epic cumshots and cock wielding across the entire screen. Not to mention their cocky attitude and willingness to show off every asset they’ve got.


Short preview video:

Click here to watch or beat off to his entire videos at Rate These Guys!

All these hot straight boys on
RateTheseGuys are desperate to earn high ratings on their videos, and YOU have CONTROL over how much cash they make and what they do in the future. Create CHALLENGES for them, leave explicit comments and interact with your favourites.

Rate These Guys is a brand new porn site for lovers of cocky, hot straight guys. The principles and rules are simple:


The guys make videos.
You comment on their videos, as explicitly as possible.
You offer to give them a high rating.
The more they satisfy you, the higher the rating they get from you!


They shoot themselves on video.
They send the videos in.
They read your comments.
They try hard to please.

…And the guy who receives the highest rating…. WINS!


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Manavenue – Hairy Masculine Trevor Gambino Plays With His Huge Fat Dick

by on Jun.02, 2012, under Manavenue

Today’s super hot straight man is Trevor Gambino and he’s just about as perfect as they get. I mean just take a look at those muscled hairy legs. Trevor says some of his ladies advise him to shave them off as well as the bush around his private parts, but all I can say to this is that those ladies are officially insane! Whoever cannot appreciate the full masculinity of a hairy man should not be allowed to give any advice on the matter so lightly.

Trevor’s legs are very sexy and strong, and covered with man fur. I can cum just by looking at his legs, seriously. But let’s move on. He says his feet are about size 10. His torso is also muscled and very well-built. He says he has little hair there anyway so he shaved it off. Pity but nevermind. His chest looks gorgeous this way too. Trevor’s dick is probably one of his best assets. It is long, thick and hard as iron. He says it’s about 7,5 inches long which would be about 19 cm. When I asked him how long will it take to make it hard he said something like a minute. But as soon as he whipped it out of his camo pants it was already at full mast. His dick is always stiff and points to the ceiling. This stud can fuck whatever comes his way, any time any place.

Trevor also likes to talk dirty, he kept asking the cameraman “Like my dick? Wanna have it in your mouth? Or in your ass?” etc. Love this dirty talk.

Trevor also does some muscle flexing, and I challenge you not to get hard when he does that and walks around the room with his hard and pulsating cock pointing straight towards the sky.

Somewhere in the middle of the shoot he asked for some lube and I told him where to find it. He lubed it up and continued to show off and walk around the room with his cock fully erect. Damn sexy motherfucker.

So, if you have a beer I suggest you open it, sit back, join Manavenue and beat off to Trevor Gambino, it’s a perfect inspirational video for jacking off.


Short preview video:

Click here to watch his entire video in perfect HD quality at Manavenue!

Manavenue is an exceptionally good porn website that features masculine, cocky, muscled, powerful straight men, the type of guys that grab your attention while you’re secretly ogling them in the street or in a supermarket. These tough motherfuckers are aware of their sexual appeal and want to show you everything they’ve got.

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