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Mike Roberts Shows Off

by on Dec.30, 2009, under SG4GE

Does Mike Roberts look more like a Greek statue or a Roman one? It’s hard to say, but it’s clear that his perfectly proportioned body would make any sculptor happy. This living work of art really likes to be on display, especially when he jacks off. So do the guy a favor – watch!


Good Heavens, this stud is just amazing! I remember him from his Randyblue days, but as you can clearly see here he has become even more sexy.

If you want to enjoy real straight men, consider joining Straight Guys For Gay Eyes. It’s a gay porn website but with a twist. On the face of it, it looks like a regular straight porn site. It’s not. Although you will see men fucking girls here (and yea that means pussy is shown as well!), the focus is on the man, not on the girl! 

Why? Well, there are some of us older gay guys who grew up when gay porn was not available as it is today. However, straight porn was. I would buy straight porn magazines and oh boy, all those hung hunks fucking the shit out of their female partners… I would just focus on the men and jack off like mad lol. Good times. SG4GE is partly devoted to refreshing these memories.

But, it’s also about the men themselves. Today there are a lot of male porn stars that identify themselves as ‘gay for pay’. Meaning, they are straight but do gay stuff for money. I’m not sure if all of them speak the truth. However, at SG4GE (Straight Guys For Gay Eyes) we get to see men that are defo straight because they bang their chick!

Click here to join SG4GE and watch his whole video.


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