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CMNM – Helping Hand For Mature Rugby Player Ian

by on Sep.27, 2013, under CMNM

We’ve seen the beginning of this scene in a previous update. Ian has been showing off and boasting about allegedly always winnning all the bets, but after a few glasses of beer things become interesting. His mates have always suspected that Ian’s boasting is not founded in reality so they proposed a little betting game. Ian has now lost all his bets, which, according to the rules of the game means he has to lose all his clothes.

Two of his buddies are eager to find out what’s the real size of his cock, so they tease and tug it until it’s rock hard. His mates’ hands are all over his cock now; even though he is straight, the sensations are so pleasurable that Ian doesn’t have the will power to stop it. Alcohol has made all the usual inhibitions disappear and he just doesn’t feel like playing the card of the arrogant hetero bastard that he usually identifies with. His mates also finger his tight, virgin hetero ass, which makes him reach the orgasm even faster.

His buddies continue to stroke his dick until they manage to milk it. Ian shoots his load all over the bar’s floor and his friends’ hand.


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